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Bunions on feet photos

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Real Street Feet

Posted: 08/17/2012

Model: More funky toes...lots

Description: Gotta love the way these toes have developed...definitely from wearing heels to often. Love it...I hope you do too. Check out how her toes split with each step and that hammer is awesome.

Posted: 08/10/2012

Model: A couple of different looks today

Description: Lots to see...first we have a chick in line with cute red toes wearing flips, very nice close ups. Next...one of my favorites, a hot chick in jeans walking by. I love to see her toes gripping her flat sandals - what a sight!!!

Posted: 08/05/2012

Model: Hot chick in jeans - pink toes

Description: Love this chick...was lucky to catch up to our model today. She is hot sporting her pink long toes with a very nice step down. Her thong sandals are great to see!!!

Posted: 08/02/2012

Model: I need more!!! What can I say...I lo

Description: I need more!!! What can I say...I lol

Posted: 08/01/2012

Model: Just can't get enough of these toes

Description: I love her toes and can't keep my eyes off of them...

Posted: 07/23/2012

Model: More white pants?

Description: over 100 photos of our hot model as she walks by to show us her toes gripping to her sandals. I love to see these natural feet with all her blemishes although she does not have many...love her toes!!!

Posted: 07/20/2012

Model: White pants galore!

Description: Love this chicks toes...real hot pick with a really nice looking longer 2nd toe. We see her for a while in many angles...the view from the top is awesome and I also like to see her as she treks by...

Posted: 07/17/2012

Model: Great looking flats!!!

Description: Wonderful looking flats with purple toes...love seeing her feet grip her sandals as she walks by...

Posted: 07/15/2012

Model: A couple of looks today...

Description: Two models both strutting their stuff down the street. Nice sandal views to both...wider purple toes and flat wide feet to start with and we finish with more wide purple toes but with shorter toes.

Posted: 07/11/2012

Model: Wonderful feet coming at you!

Description: Look at these sexy toes walking towards you! How can you resist? I love her little bunion that's developing on both feet...real hot. Really really fair skin too on our hot little model...hope you like!

Posted: 10/70/2012

Model: Lots more sexy toes to see

Description: Love the different angles of our summer white sandaled chick...the shots from the front are really great and show close ups of her toes...hope you like!

Posted: 07/05/2012

Model: Lots more of white sandals

Description: Check out over 60 photos of our summer white sandal model. I love her little corns on her 3rd and 4th toes, you know that she's endured torture in heels for us to see. Love them!!!

Posted: 07/03/2012

Model: Over 80 photos in this update!

Description: Real cutie wearing her white summer sandals...what a sight to see. I love her summer wear too. Her toes are have really nice step-downs and I love her red polish...more of her to come.

Posted: 07/01/2012

Model: More and more peep toes!!!

Description: Over 50 hot photos of see today...pink toes with such nice looking skin.

Posted: 06/28/2012

Model: Not a whole lot of toe but HOT

Description: Check out our model today sitting and waiting for her destination to arrive. I love her peep toe heels, you can see her pink toes sticking out at the tip.

Posted: 06/25/2012

Model: Over 70 new Pics!

Description: More of the hot chick with the cool toes...very nice looking red nails with almost perfect toe stepdowns. I hope you like...

Posted: 06/20/2012

Model: Waiting to cross

Description: Over 80 photos of a really cute chick waiting to cross the street. Check out her even length toes with red polish. I think they're great! I especially like her crooked 4th toe that has a nice hitch to it...Love it!

Posted: 06/18/2012

Model: I Love her Toes!

Description: More, more, we want more....OK so here are some additional shot of the hot model who has sacrificed her feet and toes for us. Love how her 4th toe has that cute little corn on it. Come see her lift her toes as she walks around...love her hammered tips of her long toes.

Posted: 06/10/2012

Model: More the Hot Blonde

Description: Over 60 photos of the hot chick with the cool bunions and feet with lots of character. Gotta love it. See her crooked big toe and mallet toes while she shops around. Love to see them with her feet in flats which highlights her damaged feet....GREAT! You really have to check out the tips of her lesser toes as they have a severe hammered mallet to them.

Posted: 06/01/2012

Model: WOW, what a hottie today

Description: Over 70 photos of this really hot chick wiht really nice toes and bunions. she doesn't look like the type to be sporting bunions but she has some really nice ones. Must be a model enduring high high heels for her trade and we can all see the aftermath as they probably will continue to grow. Here we have a number of shots of her sexy feet from behind but just wait for the ext update where we get see them from the tops!!! I hope you like!

Posted: 05/30/2012

Model: Crazy Skinny Toes

Description: Over 60 photos of some really crazy looking toes...very long and skinny with lots of character. Check out her slender toes I love them. They're even funkier when she takes a step. Nice shots of her feet and toes in motion.

Posted: 05/25/2012

Model: Lovely white pants in flips

Description: Over 50 photos today of this fine chick in white pants in the Spring...I love her pink toes that she's sporting around. See the different angle of how her feet and toes look. I hope you like.

Posted: 05/22/2012

Model: Feet in motion

Description: Got over 70 photos of how toes walking by...check out her toes as they grip her flip flops. I especially like her 2nd toe gripping with each step.

Posted: 05/15/2012

Model: Orange you glad we have flats?

Description: Lot of shots of these orange flats today...blue toes and a perfect natural step down.

Posted: 05/11/2012

Model: Got Pump? Lots here!

Description: Over 60 wonderful photos of pumps today...check out this hot chick in her high heel peep toes to tease us. I love her deep red toes peeking out the front...hot, hot, hot!

Posted: 05/08/2012

Model: Great Flip flops to see today!!!

Description: Over 60 photos for our feature of the day...she got real hot red toenails with very nice looking toes. I especially love to see her 2nd toe as it has a funky bend at the tip...I think it's a nice example of a mallet toe - very cool!!! She even has a nice looking split between her 2nd and Big toe too....Hope you like!

Posted: 05/06/2012

Model: Very Hot set of really red toe nails

Description: Over 60 photos to see...Our model has really cute feet as her toes have a perfect step down pattern...just lovely. I also love to see her crooked little 4th toe, what a great bend in it to round out her sexy unique look in the city with real street feet - love it!

Posted: 05/03/2012

Model: Mixed bag of pics today

Description: Over 50 photos to see although a bit grainy (bad lighting) but I hope you can still appreciate the beauty of these toes.

Posted: 05/01/2012

Model: Gotta love the split!

Description: Over 60 photos today of some toes with a crazy split between the big and 2nd toes. I love how her 2nd toe almost overlaps her big toe...what a gap! I like. We also have a few preview shots of two girls sitting with nice looking toes.

Posted: 03/30/2012

Model: More and more Flips, natural step down

Description: Lots to see today...more of our hot model indoors. I love her even step downs.

Posted: 03/20/2012

Model: A few different looks today

Description: Wonderful set of hot chicks indoors. Love the black thongs and pink block type toes. As you can see her toes are mostly all the same length, interesting. Next we have more thongs but with a very different type of foot. She has real steep step down in her toes...I like her longer 2nd toes! Hot!!!

Posted: 03/15/2012

Model: Lots and lots to see - Hot Gray Sandal

Description: Over 90 photos of well manicured toes...gotta love these views of her feet. I love to see that her 4th toes seems to have experienced some pressure. Love the marks on her toes.

Posted: 03/13/2012

Model: Sorry for the low light update but...

Description: You gotta check her out! I noticed her having lunch and she had the most sexy 2nd to around...as you'll she has a mallet 2nd toe....I just love the way if folds in half at the joint near the tip. She must be a size too small shoe wearer as that long 2nd toe just gets squished in front and now has a permanent bend in it....how sexy it that! Also notice that her toes really spread out as she walks towards us, my my my what great toe spacing. Let me know if you want more!!!!

Posted: 03/12/2012

Model: Feet in Motion

Description: What I love the most...feet in motion...a classic! Check out this chick coming at us with her sexy red toes sporting her flip flops....love it! See her toes gripping and contorting to keep her flops on....hope you like!

Posted: 03/12/2012

Model: Feet in Motion

Description: What I love the most...feet in motion...a classic! Check out this chick coming at us with her sexy red toes sporting her flip flops....love it! See her toes gripping and contorting to keep her flops on....hope you like!

Posted: 03/09/2012

Model: We are all thumbs up on this one!

Description: Special Update ------------- Over 100 photos of the Thumbs up Chick...Hope you like. Man I love that gap!!!!

Posted: 03/07/2012

Model: Ultra hot update, Bottoms up!

Description: Huge update of this hot chick in a raincoat strutin' her stuff. I love this blond with her red nail polish - wow! Check out her big toes...she has a real big gap between her big and 2nd toes. It's so wide that it looks like her big toe is giving you the thumbs up!...lol! Love it! This is what I call Real Street Feet...I mean look at her ankles...kind of cankles, but a natural beauty...not a made up model.

Posted: 03/05/2012

Model: Bright Sunny Day Update

Description: Got a ton of pics (over 70) of some real cute pewep toes....a little more showing that a peep...like 3 toes. i like seeing them stick out the front, don't you?

Posted: 02/24/2012

Model: Loads to see today - Pink Toes in Jea

Description: Over 100 pics updated today and we have a really cute blond out and about wearing nice blue jeans and flat sandals. Love the color of her toes...really nice. I like these sort of shorter toes with her little 4th toes folding under her 3rd a bit. You can also notice that her 2nd toe is shorter than her 3rd...hope you like.

Posted: 02/22/2012

Model: Lots more Hot Pink Toes

Description: More and more of these lovely toes...you can see in this set her big toe go up and down, exposing her soles here and there. Love it hope you do too.

Posted: 02/21/2012

Model: Cutie in Jeans with Flats

Description: Great looking cutie for today's mega update! Love her little crooked 4th toes that kid of hide under her 3rd toe.. Looks like her 3rd toe is longer than her 2nd toe too! Wow! Love it!!! Tiny lieetl knubs starting to form like mini bunions but I'm sure more to come.

Posted: 02/19/2012

Model: More and more wedges!!!!

Description: I like over 90 photos of hot red toes in wedges. Here we go again with those skinny toes in them wedges. Love it. You can see see in these pics that her big toes are slightly turned in...oh oh, looks like the start of bunions - hot!!! Great skin tone!

Posted: 21/8/2010

Model: Lots and lots of pics today...

Description: Over 90 pics of this hot chick stepping off of a curb running errands in her wedges. Love her red toenail polish and toes that stick out past the front. Nice long big toe, kinda narrow...I like it. I also like the bottoms of her feet, real nice soles as she struts by...let me know!

Posted: 02/14/2012

Model: Very Quick Valentine Update

Description: Excuse the brevity and quality of these shots but a quick Valentines update...had to include this as she was running past me so fast but I had to get her toes!

Posted: 02/13/2012

Model: Can you say Action Shots???

Description: Got a great update for you today...we've got shots of our model while she walks right up to you. See her toes grip her sandals with each step...love those close ups of her toes bent, crooked and gripping!!! What a lovely sight to see her toes contorted then flatten out as she steps down. Do you like? Let me know!!!

Posted: 02/09/2012

Model: Huge Update for you Valentine!

Description: Over 100 pics for this day of a woman out and about town. See her somewhat large wide feet with white polish...I like! Love the close ups where you can see that her foot is quite wide and she has a nice sized bunion sticking out...well outlined by her sandal strap. Love it!

Posted: 02/07/2012

Model: More Pink toes in Flats

Description: Got more of her posing for us...standing around. Love that twisted 2nd toe!

Posted: 02/05/2012

Model: Toes in Jeans

Description: Over 50 lovely toes in jeans today...hothothot check out those pink toes all laid out in flats with a split toe. Really nice long toes especially her 2nd toe. You can notice that her 2nd toe on her left foot is starting to slightly turn inwards towards her big toe...like it trying to hide underneath!!! Love it, you can bet that's from wearing tight shoes and pumps...or maybe it's broken at the tip??? Her 2nd toe on her right foot seems to be pretty straight.

Posted: 02/01/2012

Model: Silver Slides and Pink Toes

Description: Over 100 photos in this update...check out this hot chick as she goes out to lunch on this sunny late January day. Love those silver slides with her scrumchy pink toes sticking out. Definitely a set of toes that wrinkle up while standing, talking and walking.

Posted: 01/27/2012

Model: Check out how her toes split out

Description: Gotta check her toes out! Love it when I catch toes in motion! especially her 2nd toe as it rises up before she takes a step....wow. Action shots are soooo hot!!!

Posted: 01/23/2012

Model: More Thongs with Pink toes

Description: over 80 pics today of toes that are feeling relief from tight office pumps. She is so happy to be on break...look at her 2nd toes that sort of overlap and that bunion starting to push her toes over. All for us from her tight pumps she likes too wear.

Posted: 01/21/2012

Model: Big thong sandal update

Description: over 60 pics for you today of a chick patiently waiting for her food at lunch. You can see that her toes have just come out of office pumps where they were under great pressure and now sporting flops. An interesting point is that if you check out her 4th toe...it can look different depending on how she is standing. There are shots of her 4th toe fairly crooked looking when she is not fully standing on it but when she shifts her weight on her toe it flattens out and looks straighter. Man, I can check out toes shifting looks like that all day...how about you?

Posted: 01/20/2012

Model: Perfect Step Down Toes

Description: Not a huge update but we have a nice looking girl with perfect toe step downs from her big toe to her little toe. She also has a slight bunion starting to grow...

Posted: 01/18/2012

Model: Even more Wedges!!!

Description: Wow what an update we have over 150 pics of the girl in red wearing wedges....I love her pink toes sticking out the end. She waiting on the curb to cross the street where we can see all of her great shots.

Posted: 01/15/2012

Model: More and more Wedges!!!

Description: Gotta love her....over 100 pics of the lovely model in jeans wearing her black sandaled wedges. In this set you see her strutting her stuff and walking by....

Posted: 01/10/2012

Model: Wonderful pink toes!!!

Description: Huge update.....over 80 pics of a hot chick with pink toes wearing cute black wedges.I love her toes sticking out the end of her sandals and just check her out as she passes by. Each step she takes is amazing...

Posted: 01/05/2012

Model: Gotta Cutie for you today

Description: Over 45 photos on a cloudy day of a nice mild mannered girl...I can't believe she's wearing sandals. I love the fact that she's toughing it out during winter...nice but plain looking toes, hope you like them.

Posted: 12/15/2011

Model: Gotta wonderful cutie today

Description: Over 60 photos to enjoy...our cutie is wearing pretty worn flat sandals on this cloudy day. Her toes have a spread look to them with her long 2nd and 3rd toes. Love that she's enduring the cold!!!

Posted: 12/14/2011

Model: 80 More of her Funky Toes!!!

Description: Great shots of her feet and toes...more of those funky toes that split and wander with each step. Wonderful big toe leading the way with her little toe rotated out....LOVE it

Posted: 12/11/2011

Model: Flat white sandals in motion!

Description: You're gonna love the over 75 photos for today of this hot chick walking though a construction zone. I love her red toenails and her crooked toes. I bet they are crooked from all the high heel shoe wearing she does. She doesn't have extreme bunions but her feet have obvious wear and tear in the city with real street feet.

Posted: 12/08/2011

Model: Lots more in store - over 90 photos

Description: More and more of the hot models today...really nice toes with flats...long 2nd as you can see. Magenta heeled sandal girl has some really cute toes don't you think?

Posted: 12/05/2011

Model: Cloudy Winter Day...80 Pics

Description: A couple of Honey today out shopping on a cloudy winter day. Brown flats show off her nice looking pink toes...i like that long 2nd toe - HOT. Her firend also has real interesting feet...see her 4th toe all scrunched in her heeled sandal? Live it. I bet it get crushed with every step to begin permanent deformity...the price for fashion, I love it.

Posted: 12/01/2011

Model: Narrow Naturals

Description: Check out these long natural, narrow toes...I love them. They probably don't bend much and are straight as an arrow. You can see that her sexy toes are a bit hammered at the first joint, sort of a mallet. When she takes a step, you can see a glimpse of her soles. Over 60 photos!!!

Posted: 11/18/2011

Model: Toes in sexy black Sandals

Description: Over 60 hot photos of sexy toes in black wedge sandals...gotta love her toes as she walk by showing us how she likes to grip her shoes. I love her 4th toe as it's completely rolled under and bent under pressure with each step.

Posted: 11/25/2011

Model: Sweet feet in thongs today!!!

Description: Over 70 photos of the cutest toes walkin' around in thongs! Love to see her toes in red with a walking motion...just dreamy are they?

Posted: 11/20/2011

Model: A bunch of new looks!!!

Description: Over 70 photos of three different models in the city. Thongs and Sandals this time of year is always great to see. Plump feet in red sandals but nice looking toes for us to enjoy. Thongs in jeans are always a treat and here we have a couple of looks. Love the red toenail polish and the action shots of her feet as she strolls by. Another view reveals a pretty nice looking bunion on her right foot. Love it!

Posted: 11/11/2011

Model: Not my usual but cute peep toes!

Description: Love her toes just peeking out of her pumps...you can see the angle of the toes twisted in her shoe, great to see those little toes

Posted: 11/07/2011

Model: Hottie in Sandals - Woo Hoo

Description: Over 75 photos of this hot one struttin down the street in her flips...love her nail color too. I love seeing the bumps on her toes from wearing her tight office pumps, don't forget that small bunionette starting to form on her feet - Love It!

Posted: 11/03/2011

Model: Hot toes on a cold day

Description: Fine toes in flat sandals on this sunny Fall day...gotta love those toes in the cold. You know that I love to see feet and toes on the go but she has an added bonus. check out her bunionette on the outside of her foot....love it!!!

Posted: 10/30/2011

Model: VERY cute toes - dark nails

Description: We have really really cute toes today...she's walking in and out of the winter sun in the city. Thongs are the best aren't they? Great short but loveable toes, especially her 4th toes are cute and a bit crooked.

Posted: 11/25/2011

Model: Got Fat ankle?

Description: More of our lovely plump model, feet and toes....turning all around in her black flip flops, I like her nail polish!!!

Posted: 10/20/2011

Model: Walking by and plump foot

Description: A couple of good ones today...we have a quick set of a hot chick in purple pants strutting by...love to see her toes gripping her sandals, I like how her 2nd toe rides high and overlaps her big toe - HOT.....................Plump set of feet and toes in black thongs, nice pink toe nail action while she spin

Posted: 10/10/2011

Model: More Sandals in the Winter, incredibl

Description: The Cage sandal look....love it. Check out her toes sliding thought the front of the wedge sandals. Look at her toes all squished through her cage, i bet they touch the ground...Next we have open flats with hot looking toes, really nice. We close today with light blue slides...purple toes are really nice and love her 4th toe a lot!

Posted: 10/05/2011

Model: 97 photos of 3 Different Tight Toes

Description: Yellow Sandals with toes tight and sticking out the front...love it. White pants with tight toes out the front of nice black sandals. Look at them all squished together....oh the pressure. White heeled sandals with a very nice shade of pink...these toes come and stick our past the front - overhang!!!

Posted: 11/20/2011

Model: A bunch of new looks!!!

Description: Over 70 photos of three different models in the city. Thongs and Sandals this time of year is always great to see. Plump feet in red sandals but nice looking toes for us to enjoy. Thongs in jeans are always a treat and here we have a couple of looks. Love the red toenail polish and the action shots of her feet as she strolls by. Another view reveals a pretty nice looking bunion on her right foot. Love it!

Posted: 07/26/2011

Model: Walking and flowing in Sandals

Description: Over 70 pics of our final installment of wonderful long toes that are just starting to show wear and tear of use. Beginning of bunions, crooked long toes and a corn starting on her 4th toes...gotta love them. They are not going to get any better with age...

Posted: 07/20/2011

Model: Wonderful shots of a new bunion growin

Description: Just love those toes in flowing pants back and forth as toes peek out...there's even a great shots of her left 2nd toe that looks broken - love it!

Posted: 07/15/2011

Model: Close up of sexy purple toes

Description: Over 50 wonderful photos of more and more hot purple toes. Here we see lots and lots of her right foot so we can see close ups...

Posted: 07/05/2011

Model: More of the Hottie with Purple toes

Description: Over 50 more photos of our real hot chick in sandals showing us her sexy purple toes. We really have a change to see that 2nd toe that's bent in the middle and grips even more with each step...what a sight to see...gotta love it.

Posted: 07/01/2011

Model: Awesome feet and toes on a Hottie

Description: Over 80 photos of this real hot chick in town in a cool black pany suit. Love her purple toes as she struts her blonde stuff down the street. I love her bunions that are just starting out and how she grips her toes to her sandals with each step. Wonderful arches and heels and a nice slight hammer toe of her right long 2nd toe....just a real hot chick!!!

Posted: 06/28/2011

Model: Nice pair of feet - pink!

Description: Over 80 photos these really nice pink feet. I really like the shape of her toes wearing those stylish thongs. See her toes split when she takes a step...lookin' real nice!!!

Posted: 06/15/2011

Model: Here she comes walkin down the street

Description: Nice looking flip flops with red toes walking by. See her toes gripping her sandals...just love to see those toes tweeked and contorted. Toes have a nice looking split as well with each step.

Posted: 06/10/2011

Model: Do you like Peep Toe Pumps?

Description: Got a great photo set of over 45 photos of this hot chick in red high heeled pumps with a nice looking peep toe. You can see 3 toes sticking out the front...what a sight. She's hot too!

Posted: 06/06/2011

Model: More white pants and hot flats

Description: Over 100 photos in this update...I just love seeing her toes all scrunch up and move around as she takes her step to work on this nice sunny day. she even has a nice size bunion on her right foot...you can see it when she stops for the light. Love it!

Posted: 06/01/2011

Model: On her way to work today

Description: Over 60 photos of an office chick on her way to work wearing nice looking flats. She has really nice looking toes in red...a little on the short side but looking very nice. I especially like the action shots of her toes.

Posted: 05/29/2011

Model: Cool Flat Sandals with zippers

Description: Over 40 photos of these sexy red toes wearing cool looking flats with a zipper up the back. Lovely toes while strutting down the street, great shots of feet and toes in positions while taking a step. Love to see those toes contort. Oh ya don't forget to check out the braids going down the front of her sandals too.

Posted: 05/25/2011

Model: Cloudy day but nice toes

Description: Over 45 photos of this chick in jeans and nice looking flips out and about today. As always love capturing feet in motion so I hope you like it.

Posted: 05/20/2011

Model: Toes in Sandals...lots and lots

Description: We have over 80 photos of some more pink toes in sandals walking about the city. Check her out and see her toes flex and wiggle as she takes each step.

Posted: 05/17/2011

Model: More and more pinks toes

Description: Final set of our hot model with the pink toes...love to see them spread out as she takes steps

Posted: 05/15/2011

Model: More Pink toes

Description: Love the pink toes on this chick...lots of action with her toes too...

Posted: 05/04/2011

Model: Chick in the green dress

Description: Over 65 photos of our fav chick walking down the street. More and more shots the bottoms of her feet as she steps...you can see her heel and more...gotta come see her toes too. Love them.

Posted: 05/02/2011

Model: More of the girl in the green dress

Description: Love how her toes split between her second and third toes...Nice pink polish too. Nice lighting on the close ups to see her heels and toes - I just love it. Hope you do too.

Posted: 04/30/2011

Model: Nice shot of legs in a dress

Description: Over 50 photos of a cute chick walking about at lunch. Love the action shots of her feet in Gladiator sandals. See her toes as she takes her steps...love the toe lift up with each step. She is hot! Love it.

Posted: 04/25/2011

Model: Wonderful pairs of toes to see

Description: Over 70 photos of these two out for lunch. On the first one, we have her lavender toes sneaking past the ends of her platform sandals...lovely toes. We then see her friends bunioned foot with her toes in flip flops for the world to see on this nice sunny day.

Posted: 04/21/2010

Model: Hottie in white Sandals

Description: Part 2 of the hot one from yesterday...just love the close ups for today. Man I think her toes are hot sticking out past the end of those sandals. Pink, Pink and more pink toes...just hot. I even love looking at that small corn she has developing on her middle toe that sticks out so well.

Posted: 04/20/2011

Model: Love to see her walk by...

Description: Over 50 photos of a hottie going out to run an errand. See her glide by with her white open toe sandals wearing pink on her toenails. I love to see her toes poke through the front of her sandals...her toes are real skinny and they seem to stick out with each step. I also love to see the bottoms of her feet as she struts by us.

Posted: 04/15/2011

Model: Wonderful pink toe nails

Description: A hot chick as she strutts down the street showing off her sexy toes in find wedge sandals as a must see. You gotta see her toes split as she takes each step. Nice shots of the bottoms of her feet too as her heel pops up...amazing!!!!

Posted: 04/06/2011

Model: Show Stopper Toes Walking By - OMG!

Description: Over 45 fantastic photos of her toes as walks by...you can see every detail of her feet and toes. I just love the toe action of her scrunching, flexing and stepping on her toes. All those lovely angles can be seen from top to bottom...yes don't miss the bottoms...Hot, Hot, Hot!

Posted: 04/04/2011

Model: Did you want more of these toes?

Description: An encore presentation...more of our last update. I just love her long toes, especially the shape of them. What a hot chick. Love IT!

Posted: 03/31/2011

Model: Love them red toes - over 70pics!

Description: Gotta check out this model today...her toes are very sexy. Long with a short pinky toe...you can see her gripping her sandals with each step. Love the fact that her toes scrunch up to grip but when she takes a step her toes all spread out for a flat look of her toes...I love them

Posted: 03/20/2011

Model: Two wearing jeans in the city

Description: Over 80 photos in this update...love them pink toes in flats. Weather is starting to be prime for checkin out toes in the city. I really like the shape of her toes and how they curl a bit. You can also see a slight bunion developing...what a hot sight................................................There's another set of red toes with longer grippy looking ones to see. Love the action shots where you can see her take a step and her toes are all out gripping

Posted: 03/15/2011

Model: A few hotties today

Description: A cloudy day but toes nonetheless...Love that fact about this city. West Coast weather is always good for checking out feet. Nice tatoo on the a chick wearing jeans sporting white flat sandals. Really nice looking toes..I especially like the photos of her taking a step where you can see her toes scrunched up. Next we have two girls sitting, the one on the right has real long toes and her 4th toe has nice underlap feature while her friend is more traditional looking for those who like that look.

Posted: 03/07/2011

Model: Fidgety at the stop light

Description: Over 130 photos of a woman who was constantly shifting her weight and tapping her toes. Wonderful shots of her taking a step up and back, moving her toes in her sandals all while in white pants. I like the small bump that is starting to show on her longer 2nd toe. I hope you like.

Posted: 03/05/2011

Model: Bright Sunny Day with Flats

Description: Over 95 photos of a hottie spotted with nice looking flat sandals that show off all her toes. Love them, don't you? She's got really cute toes with a natural step down. Her middle toe is a bit longer than normal that looks great. Wonderful blonde for us to see today.

Posted: 03/01/2011

Model: 2 Hot chicks with hot toes!!!

Description: Great day today to see white summer sandals and pink toes. Love it when I get a set of toes that are just awesome. Love that longer 2nd toe especially when it's used to grip her sandals. Check out as she takes a step how crooked that toes looks but as she puts her weight down, it goes normal. I hope you like! Next we wedges and purple toes....looks sort of squished together but that's what makes for good viewing.

Posted: 02/20/2011

Model: Cold days but wearing Flips

Description: Over 90 photos of a cold day in the city but we still have die hards that love to show off their toes. I love it. Wearing jeans and showing red toes we have a nice looking chick with a funny looking split between her second and third toes...I think she also has a bunion starting to grow on her right foot but it's hard to tell...definitely has flat feet. - Love it!!!

Posted: 02/15/2011

Model: Rainy day toes in Heels

Description: Rainy day but we still have over 45 photos of feet and toes in the city. She's on a mission to stay out of the cold and rain. Quickly walking down the street but we can see her hot toes in sexy high heeled stappy sandals. I like her long second and third toes in her sandals...gripiing as much as she can while she's running around. I love seeing her toes hanging over the edge.

Posted: 02/10/2011

Model: Oh man what a Flip Flop Treat

Description: Over 45 photos of a woman going out to lunch wearing her dress flip flops...great perspectives on her strutting by in them. Got to notice how she grips her sandals with her slightly crooked toes.....Oh I just love them. I really like all of the angles of her toes and that developing bunion is to die for...When she takes a step we see her bunion and her gripping her flips....then as she takes a step, we can see her feet spread out and see her big toe twist to the side. Love it!!!!!!

Posted: 02/07/2011

Model: Office heel tortured toes

Description: Over 80 photos to see!!!! You gotta appreciate what our model goes through for us today. I mean check out the blemishes on her toes from wearing high heels to work. She obviously is a slave to shoe fashion. The photos in this update are of her feet and toes right after taking her heels form work. You can tell that her 4th toe is severely smashed up and her little toe is completely folded under when in her heels....LOVE IT. You can also tell that her big toe is typically in pointy toed shoe from the marks on them.

Posted: 02/02/2011

Model: Flip Flops in the Winter in California

Description: Gotta love the weather in California...you get to see flip flops in the winter...love it. Check these pink toes ot...very well manicured and natural looking toes...suddenly you can even seen her leave the scene. Look at how her toes hug her sandals.

Posted: 01/17/2011

Model: Sittin on the bus...

Description: Wow over 70 photos to show you today. Check out this chick getting around on the bus. Is she headed home...to work??? Love those bright red toe in her sandals. They really show off her toes as they stick way out the front. Bunch of angles from the top, side and around. Do you like?

Posted: 01/14/2011

Model: Walking up a hill to work

Description: Wow! check it out, we have over 80 photos for you of this chick on her way to work. She's got on some pretty cool 3-inch wedge sandals in jeans with white toenails. What I enjoy most is the way her 2nd toe splits out with each step. Her bell bottom jeans sort of get in the way a little but we can clearly see her cute toes. Notice her foot lifting as she takes each step and you can see between her foot and sandal. Love that her second toe is nice and longer than the rest. Her 3rd toe on her right foot has a bit of a hammered or mallet toe look that is great!!! I also love that her 4th toe hangs off her sandals in a big way when she steps - love it!

Posted: 01/12/2011

Model: Part 2 of our Market Chick

Description: Over 50 photos again today for us to see. I just love the angles that we have of this model. she has sort of thick feet and toes but they've also seen some good wear and tear for that natural Real Street Feet look!

Posted: 01/10/2011

Model: Wonderful chick at the Market

Description: Over 50 photos for you to enjoy of our lovely model today. She is wearing flats with a split in the toe. Great looking toes - love them. I also notice a nice tailor bunion forming from wearing her high heels to work. See her toes gripping in action as she strolls by. Love the pressure on her toes with each step.

Posted: 01/05/2011

Model: Sandals with a flower

Description: Over 70 photos of this stunning model today. We see her walking along on an errand. We can see that she needs to update her nail polish but they look nice just the same. I like the shots where you can see her lifting up her toes to take a step...I like it.

Posted: 01/03/2011

Model: Two hotties for you waiting in line

Description: Over 75 great photos for you to check out today. Love those thong toes with that bunion sticking out for all to see. Red toe nail polish...my favorite. Her feet are nicely beaten up...not too much but not too little...you can tell she spends a lot of time in her heels - I just love it!...............................................The other one has really short toes with a hot 2nd to that is overlapping - a must see! I love her pink toes as they are very stylish and nice to look at....

Posted: 12/30/2010

Model: Wonderful Hot Chick in the City pt3

Description: Can you say Left Foot? Today we focus on out hot chicks left foot...lots of close ups where you can really see the character on her foot. Love those knuckles as they show slight wear and tear of a professional woman. Her long toes curling from wearing tight shoes to slightly disfigure them. Now showing them off in the cold winter day for us to see. Or maybe it's that she rather endure the cold on her long toes rather than squish them in her pumps as she usually does...I just love it!..................COME SEE NOW!!!

Posted: 12/29/2010

Model: Wonderful Hot Chick in the City pt2

Description: What can I say other than...please don't leave us. She is toting her suitcase around...hey maybe she just got here. That'd be great if I could see her later too. For now we have over an additional 50 photos of her sexy hot toes again. I just love the close up details of her feet and toes. I think her toes are just right all around - toe length, hammered-ness, slight corns (signs of a real woman who wears heels), skin tone....just everything. What do you think? I like!

Posted: 12/28/2010

Model: Wonderful Hot Chick in the City pt1

Description: Man we have a ton of hot photos of this chicks feet and toes! What a hot blond today....she has on platform-heeled sandals with red toes for us to see. I love that her toes show signs of heel wearing as her toes are slightly hammered and have a real cute way of gripping and holding on the sandals as she walks. A very nice sight to see. We'll be showing her off to you in parts so that you have all of the photos!..................................COME SEE NOW!!!

Posted: 12/24/2010

Model: Quick set of white pants in the city

Description: OVer 40 photos of a woman walking down the street shopping and some shots of her soles. I also like the shots of the sides of her toes and feet. Very regular step-down toes.

Posted: 12/20/2010

Model: Following White pants

Description: Over 80 photos of a chick in white pants walking around town. She has nice red painted toes wearing flat sandals for all of us to see. Very cool looking toes with her 2nd toe slightly shorter than her 3rd, love her pinky toe all twisted and resting on the side. Really nice set.

Posted: 12/17/2010

Model: More feet in thongs!

Description: More of the chick in thongs with cute red toes! There she is getting ready at the light and now starts her walk by stepping off the curb...love it!

Posted: 12/15/2010

Model: Nice Feet in Thongs!

Description: Over 50 Photos of this hot chick out running errands. She's got the nicest looking toes with a normal step down but her 4th toe looks a bit swollen and her baby toe is pretty curled...don't you just love it? Red toes to boot...is very nice!

Posted: 12/10/2010

Model: Tattoo on Foot Chick over 83 Photos

Description: Look at these toes! Her toes are short and real cute. Check out the tat on her right foot. She has a nice shape to her feet with that little toe up real tight next to the 4th. A bit of a bunion starting too and her big toe is starting to slant towards the long 2nd toe...i like - HOT! I bet the are all squished together inside her heels. Oh look...see her lift her toes while waiting for the light to change. This is where you can really see her little to go right up next to her 4th toe. See the bottoms of her feet as she takes a step and crosses the street

Posted: 12/01/2010

Model: Nice Sunny Day with 2 Models

Description: Check out the hot feet walking by...you get a front view perspective of real cute red toes in crazy looking sandals...See them grip as she takes a step. Stop for lunch, see another chick sitting and having a nice lunch in the shade. Red toes too in pink flips. Egyptian style toes!!!!

Posted: 11/20/2010

Model: Hot Chick Struttin' Down the Street

Description: Man you gotta check her out! She is soo hot with her stuff strutting down the street. Nice streaky blonde office hottie with her toes in flat sanalds with her red toes. See those perfect toes gripping to hold on to her sandals as she goes down the street. I love the perfect distance between her toes...HOT....her 4th toe slightly crooked from wearing her high heel pumps. Very nice toe shape.

Posted: 11/19/2010

Model: Out at lunch with these two

Description: Over 55 photos of these lovely two out at lunch...I love those peep toes with pink toes sticking out...oh my. Of course there's her friend too with nice light pink toes wearing thongs.

Posted: 11/06/2010

Model: MORE Cool White pants out in the Sun

Description: Over 45 photos to enjoy again....just had to keep taking photos of her, she is sooo hot. Love her crooked toes. You know she's making them crooked just for us and then she shows them off.

Posted: 11/05/2010

Model: Cool White pants out in the Sun

Description: Over 45 photos to enjoy....Check out hot modeling her white pants and pretty long toes wearing red nail polish. I love her corrked 4th toe as it must be pretty bent inside her pumps when she's in the office. You can see marks on them from the wear and tear. Her pinky toes are rotated slightly to the side where we can see a small tailor bunion developing. I hope you like!

Posted: 11/04/2010

Model: Two out at 2pm

Description: Check out this qiuck mix of sightings. Love her jeans and hard wood slides as her toes are sticking out just perfect. Wouldn't it be great if that long 2nd toe slips out a little further and she breaks her toe??? Love the chick in the things strutting by...

Posted: 10/30/2010

Model: Split a little?

Description: Well over 45 photos of this crazy footed woman. Check out her toes!!! They are really crooked from what must be a while in heels...I hope you like. Her right has a decent gap between her big and 2nd toes. Her left foot has a good sized bunion that makes her other toes crooked. What a sight.

Posted: 10/28/2010

Model: Out at Lunch

Description: Over 45 photos of this chick waiting for her To-Go order. I thougt I'd have a seat next to her to wait with this cutie. She has nice looking toes wearing her sandals. She has a slight bunion starting with green nail polish... I like!

Posted: 10/25/2010

Model: Going somewhere?

Description: Over 75 photos of a chick on the road. See her pulling her suitcase down the street wearing her flips with polish that is sort of coming off. See her toes gripping her flips so that she can make her flight. I love her corrked 4th toe...come see it! Her feet and toes also have a relly nice shimmer to them as she struts down for all to see.

Posted: 10/20/2010

Model: Double Bonus Toeday

Description: Over 75 photos of these two hot chicks. Nice frech tips on the first with pretty straight toes. I like that her middle toe is slightly longer than her 2nd....hot. I think our next model is waiting for her date. Check her out on the bricks with her toes showing for all to see in her flat sandals. Very nice red toe nails....I like!

Posted: 10/14/2010

Model: The Grand Finale of a Cute Babe

Description: Over 125 Photos of this hot babe out for lunch with her friend. Wearing tight jeans on this lovely day, we follow our model to lunch where she stands around and can't decide where to eat. This is perfect so that we can all enjoy her long pink toes. There's even a hint of a bunion as she must wear heels when she can. Come see her toes flutter up and down as she stands around trying to decide where to eat. She also has a great underlapping 4th toe that is to die for...Love it.

Posted: 10/13/2010

Model: More of a hot chick out for lunch

Description: We continue our series by presenting over 50 photos of our hot model with sexy long pink toes for us to see. Here you will find more detail of her toes gripping and trying to hang on to her sandals...man I love it. She is also starting to develop a slight bunion on her right foot- love it.

Posted: 10/12/2010

Model: Wonderful Model with Long Toes

Description: Oh man we have a winner! I have got a whole slew of photos of this hot chick out for lunch with her friend. Come see this first set of over 65 photos of her wonderful pink toes in sandals. She has nice long toes with a shorter pinky toe. I hope that you like this and the next two sets. In this set we highlight her walking in those awesome sandals gripping as she goes by. I love to see how her toes undulate and contort to keep them on. I hope you agree.

Posted: 10/08/2010

Model: Gorgeous model waiting for you!

Description: Gorgeous model waiting for you to stop by and say, "Hi!" She is in a very sunny spot with her hot toes showing. I love her pinkish nails and longer 2nd toe, although it's not too long just longer than the rest. Her sexy black flat sandals are very eye catching and I'd love to check them out closer.

Posted: 10/07/2010

Model: More Bunions!!!

Description: Over 90 Bunion Photos today...part 2 of the wonderful woman with Bunions. Love the many angles of her feet. We can see all various angles that her bunion goes through as she walks around town. Gotta love her feet and toes. I really like the sole shots where we can see her bunions stick our past her sandals...I bet they touch the ground often...COme and SEE!!!!

Posted: 10/06/2010

Model: More Sandal out and about

Description: Just had to post an additional 45 photos of our model out for a walk. I just love to see her toes lift with each step and see them contort to keep her sandals on. These action and motion photos are great. I hope you like them too.

Posted: 10/05/2010

Model: Walking our for lunch

Description: Over 50 Great photos of an office worker walking down the street today. Love her toes...she has 4 long toes and a short 5th one. I love to see them grip her sandals with each step, I hope you agree. I especially like her long 4th toe..I was certain to take many phtotos of this opportunity.

Posted: 09/30/2010

Model: Love it in motion!

Description: Over 90 Photos in our update today....Love the motion shots...I hope you do too. Check out her feet and toes grip, contort and curl with each step as this lovely couple struts down the street. I love her little bunion growing too. She must wear heels that crunch and make her bones crooked....

Posted: 09/20/2010

Model: Reading away showing off toes.

Description: Over 60 photos of a hot pair of feet. Sitting and reading while going to run errands in sexy flat sandals with her toes out for all of us to enjoy. Wonderful color on her toes too....Love it! Very delicate looking feet nicely groomed and hot. See another one as well next to the chick in boots, pink toes in whitel flips.

Posted: 09/16/2010

Model: 2 Hotties for you today

Description: Check out the chick in jeans...nice body and toes. Her toes are in red for you and are sticking out the end of her wedge sandals. Her toes all seem to be of similar length and are nicely squished together as she suffers for you to see............................Our next cutie is wearing Grey Gladiator sandals with really cute pants. Her red toes are nicely shaped and well cared after. See her the beginnings of her tailor bunion as she takes a step and lifts her toes. Love them!!!!

Posted: 09/15/2010

Model: Nice woman milling around some shops

Description: Over 50 photos of a very beaten up foot from too many high heels in her life. I think we've all seen worse but her feet are a bit tired looking. She models her silver sandals that display her toes for all of us to enjoy. You can see through the sun illumiating her toes that she has medium bunions that are pressed up against her strap making the buldge even more pronounced. Gotta Love it!!!

Posted: 09/14/2010

Model: Brown Sandals at the Market

Description: Over 50 photos of a woman in brown sandals shopping at the market. Love those red toes sticking out the front. Check her toes out as she walks around. I like her 3rd toes as they have a nice mallet head and bend down sharply. There's also a few shots of a chick wearing Flips with pink toes - Nice toe ring!

Posted: 09/13/2010

Model: Friends out for lunch and Office Pump

Description: Over 50 photos of nice looking feet. Check out the 2 chicks out for lunch at the curb about to cross. Too bad only one is showing her toes off but they look nice and clean. Very innocent feet if you ask me. WOW...Look out! Here comes some pumps! Here are a few shots of what ya call nice looking Black Patent Leather High Heel Pumps hot to trot.

Posted: 09/12/2010

Model: What a cutie! Love those pants.

Description: Over 50 photos of a cute one out and about in the city. Her feet are rather weathered for such a hot chick. I guess she walks in heels a lot!!! I mean check them out, they look beaten up to me. Love the pink toes but there's a bunion developing, Her 4th toe is really turned under her 3rd toe in a big way...On her right foot she has a nice corn on the tip of her 3rd toe - HOT! Love it.

Posted: 09/07/2010

Model: Mixed Bag from Real Street Feet

Description: Over 70 photos of Real Street Feet featuring chicks with tattoo's on feet, close ups of thongs, close ups of sandals in motion, High heel black patent leather pumps, a chick with shorter 2nd toes, chick with a crooked left ankle - what a sight to see walking by, crooked funny looking toes at a store and so much more...

Posted: 08/31/2010

Model: Two great chicks out for lunch!

Description: Over 100 photos today of two great looking women. One in jeans with toes that have very distinct knuckles on her toes....I love how each of them has a very nice bend to them with pink polish - very nice blonde chick.................................Peep Toes!!!!! Man I love peep toes...seeing thsi office chick in pumps with sexy red toes sticking out are killer. I can see that her toes are also a bit bent and twisted as she takes her steps...these are great feet!

Posted: 08/30/2010

Model: Seeing lots of bunions lately

Description: I guess being trapped in high heels all year long has shaped our Real Street Feet models feet and toes. I hope this is to your liking. I know that some of you do as I am receiving many requests to present these types of feet when I can. Her toes are very nicely kept and her lesser toes are all almost of equal length and her big toe is longer than the rest. But check out her mild bunion on her left foot compared to on the verge of severe bunion on her right foot. I hope you like them! I think She has real cute feet. I especially like the natural positions of her feet and toes as she moves and steps around modeling them for us to see and appreciate. I even like the mark at the base of her right big toe from her sandal strap.

Posted: 08/26/2010

Model: Mixed bag of Real Street Feet

Description: Over 100 photos of your favorite subject....Real Street Feet! There's thongs in restaurants, Girls in many different sandals out and about and in line getting lunch. We have a few in elevators and and walking by...I really like those action walking by shots and I hope you do too.

Posted: 08/25/2010

Model: Special Request - Got Bunions?

Description: Over 80 photos of an office worker that is out getting lunch on this wonderful sunny day in the city. This is a great example of Real Street Feet! No embellishments, make up or cover up here. She is genuine as with all our hot sexy models. I've received a request for chicks with bunions....well here's a wonderful example of a hot chick that has experienced torture to her feet and toes that have permanently shaped them to this state. For those who are into Bunions and Crooked Toes - THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR.........She is hot. Check out the angle of her big toes and that Bunion....the size of them are HUGE. Gotta love her twisted toes that look broken from years and years of constant pounding in her high heels required to perform her duties in and around the office...........To me it seems just TORTUROUS!!!!!!!

Posted: 08/21/2010

Model: Two Models out for lunch

Description: Both in black sandals but one has toes the same length and sticking out past the end of her sandals - Red toe nails. The other hot chick can be seen walking into her lunch cafe selection with pink toes and thong type sandals. Love it!

Posted: 08/09/2010

Model: Two Flip Flops Today

Description: Over 40 Photos showing two women out wearing their thongs. One with red toes and the other in pink. I love the feet in pink as she has a slight bunion that is noticable when she walks. The red toes are nice a short but have a very even step down.

Posted: 08/07/2010

Model: Small Bunions Out for Lunch

Description: OVER 130 PHOTOS of a cute chick in brown flips wearing nice short pants. We start with her posing in a store looking for snacks, She is all over the place while I get awesome angles of her feet and toes while she's around the store in the city. Next I have take a quick stroll outside so that I can get a good shot of her walking down the city streets. Check out her bunions on both of her sexy feet. Her toes are GREAT....I love them!

Posted: 08/06/2010

Model: Wonderful hot chick strutting

Description: OVER 100 PHOTOS - she is so hot.........There she is out and about town getting ready for the weekend! I love her cute skirt, nice colors. Nice read toes for color too!!!! See her gripping her sandals as she walks around the city, very nice looking blonde. Her toes have an interesting split when she picks up her feet to step but then lays flat when she comes down. Do you like these? I had to ask her to keep walking for me so that I could get more and more...I just can't get enough of her...She is a hot model for sure.

Posted: 08/05/2010

Model: Love Wedges? We have over 50 photos.

Description: Check out these wedges with very cute pink toes sneaking out the front. Nice skirt too by the way...See her takes steps as she runs errands around town. I like her long 2nd toe as it has a bit of a twist to it as she walks.

Posted: 08/03/2010

Model: Two Going to Lunch

Description: Over 50 photos of two office girls going out to lunch. Both are wearing flips one brown and the other in white. Nice looking toes with polish longer 2nd toe with an even step down. I suspect they could even be toe models other than for us. See their toes gripping their thongs as they stroll by - gotta love it!

Posted: 07/28/2010

Model: 2 Hot Chicks to Check Out

Description: Love them brown sandals with those long toes sticking out wearing blue jeans....notice how tightly her toes are together to make her feet look very slender. Do you like? Next you can see an office girl running to lunch in her high heels sandals with her long toes out the end. You can see that there is a lot of pressure on her 4th toe and nice looking marks on her feet.................Gotta chech her out!

Posted: 07/26/2010

Model: An Assortment of Three

Description: Nice looking and clean toes wearing white sandals a very nice sighth to see...............................Woman sitting with black strap sandals with red toes but she sure was figity..............................Next we have a girl out and about wearing black pants and nice looking thongs and red toes - love it. Notice her toes are sort of grippy and curved like she's holding on to her sandals. In the next few shots we see her toes gathered when she takes her weight off of her feet. I bet she has high arches that cause her toes to curl and grip her sandals...what do you think? Have you seen toes like this before????

Posted: 07/23/2010

Model: Natural Cutie to see now!

Description: Over 75 photos of this chick in jeans today. She has natural polish and very nice toes wearing her flips. Real cute girl and kind of neat how her toes behave - when she takes a step and her foot is in the air, her toes are all together but when she steps down with her weight on her foot, her toes spread out. I like that dual motion, captured as she treads down the street.

Posted: 07/21/2010

Model: What a treat for you today!

Description: Over 60 photos of a cute chick today walking around the city. Our RealStreetFeet model was seen running errands at lunch on a gloomy day but she still has her flips on so that we can all enjoy her toes and feet. She has real cute toes that are all almost the same length. You can see that her 2nd and third toes have nice wear and tear marks on them, very hot! You know in certain angles, her 2nd and 3rd toes look like they used to be webbed together...hmmm, I wonder. When she takes a step you can make out her slight bunion growing on her left foot, can you see it too? Do you like?

Posted: 07/19/2010

Model: Great toes to see here now!

Description: Over 60 photos highlighting a girl with green thongs and orange toes! She is a sight to see - come check her out now! Her toes are a great to see, she has a really cute 4th toe that kind of crooked from beingn twisted in her office pumps. See her toes grip her flip flops while she takes each step strutting down the street. We also have a couple of other girls....one with long toes in a slides sticking out of her shoes quite far and spread apart. The other is an office worker in black sandals.,,her 4th toe is funny too as it underlaps her 3rd toe, which is very long btw....as long as her 2nd toe. I JUST LOVE IT!......................................................................Come see, I know you'll love it too.

Posted: 07/17/2010

Model: SPECIAL REQUEST - Broken Ankle 02

Description: Part 2 of my special request - Glad I can accommodate. photos of a broken ankle: scar, limp and bruising. Check it out I received a request for photos of a broken ankle...then low and behold - I see a chick limping along the streets. She is a real hottie with this massive scar on her left ankle. It looks like she was opened up real good during surgery to repair the extensive damage to her ligaments and bones. I bet she has plenty of hardware holding her poor poor ankle together...I'm no doctor but man it must have shattered. If you look closely, you can see brusing and there is still some swelling...........................................I will try to take requests and who knows it may just happen like

Posted: 07/16/2010

Model: 3 Hot Chicks for you to See!

Description: Over 50 photos today featuring 3 office chicks out walking about for lunch. Nice brown thongs and pink toes...she has a slight bunion that makes her struggle a bit more to hang on to her flips...............................Nice fair skinned gals with short toes but very cute....I like the wear and tear mark on her 4th toe - hot..........................More pink toes to finish off the day....all in all a very nice day for captuing models.

Posted: 07/13/2010

Model: SPECIAL REQUEST - Broken Ankle 01

Description: We have a special request that I was able to accommodate - photos of a broken ankle: scar, limp and bruising. Check it out I received a request for photos of a broken ankle...then low and behold - I see a chick limping along the streets. She is a real hottie with this massive scar on her left ankle. It looks like she was opened up real good during surgery to repair the extensive damage to her ligaments and bones. I bet she has plenty of hardware holding her poor poor ankle together...I'm no doctor but man it must have shattered. If you look closely, you can see brusing and there is still some swelling...........................................I will try to take requests and who knows it may just happen like

Posted: 07/12/2010

Model: Over 70 photos of a real cutie!

Description: She's a real cutie today in her white coat and tight black pants. I love the shape of her feet, real boney with a real long 2nd toe that CROOKED! I love that so much. Check that toe out as she grips her sandals when she struts by. Look at the angles of the rest of her toes scrunching to hold on to her sandals - love it! Her boney big and lesser toes have cool knuckles that stick out here and there with each step...... a real cute honey so don't miss out!

Posted: 07/10/2010

Model: A few different looks today

Description: Nice toes today mostly red nail polish wearing black sandals and a few with white sandals. I love how the toes stick out and squeeze through the straps of the sandals.

Posted: 07/09/2010

Model: Got 50 more Toe Spreads!!!!

Description: Man I love this chick, she is so hot and those toes are to die for....I especially like how spread out those red candy toes look. I want to put them in my mouth for a taste. I bet they taste real nice. What do you think?

Posted: 07/08/2010

Model: Over 70 photos - SPREAD 'EM!

Description: Can you say, spread 'em? These toes do a fine job of that. Look at our real model today as she has some toes that really spread out. She has nice bones visible from the tops too. Check her out as she looks around for a place to eat for lunch. Her toes do a great job of holding on to her sandals.

Posted: 07/07/2010

Model: Two friends out for lunch

Description: We find two friends out to get lunch today both wearing flip flops for all of us to see. One friend is sporting brown thongs with red polish, see her toes as she moves along. The other has white thongs with a darker red polish, both a sight to see,

Posted: 07/01/2010

Model: Over 120 pics of our real model today

Description: We have an office worker chick that has feet that definitely been trapped in pumps and other high heels as you can see that they have been under some stress and are a bit mis-shapen. God I love that! I hope you do too, that's why we have a really big update for you today. She is wearing black flat sandals and is walking about the town. See our real street feet model as she uses her toes to grip her sandals and you can see her toes in all different angles. She has a slight bunion and crooked 4th toes that are to die for...man I love that. Did I mention that?

Posted: 07/02/2010

Model: Over 50 Green Toes to see!

Description: Green toes in flip flops, what a sight to see! See her in on the streets in a couple places waiting to cross. See her nice toes and her slightly bent 4th toe - nice to see. See her toes lift as she takes a step and holds on to her flips. Do you like!

Posted: 06/30/2010

Model: Over 90 pics for the update today.

Description: I had to capture this chick and share with you all when I saw her going out to lunch with some dude. She was really really cute and had toes that I had to document. She was wearing nice tight and revealing clothes with silver sandals. The thing with her are her 2nd toes! Check them out, basically her second toe is a little shorter than her 3rd toes and so on her right foot her toe rides up and over the first and third toes - cool and I love to look at this. The 2nd toe on her right foot is short as well but does not ride up. Nice to see a comparison of these two toes.

Posted: 06/29/2010

Model: Click then Jellies 3 times...

Description: ...there's no place like home! Look at this chick sportin' some cool Jellies for the summer. She was strutting down the street when I spotted her with them jellies. But wait there's more!...in addition to her sort of beaten up toes is a nice size bunion on her left foot. Gotta see it. I think it's hot.

Posted: 06/28/2010

Model: Nice update today of a 2 sweeties.

Description: We have real nice feet and toes of a tanned professional wearing brown sandals. She is also sporting a nice little bunion too - great to see! Next we have a sexy model with gladiator sandals and red toes. They are taken care of very well from the looks of her toes.

Posted: 06/24/2010

Model: Just awesome toes - 80 pics

Description: Love her light purple nail polish on her sexy long but slightly funky toes. Did I say I love her toes? She has this funny longer 2nd toe that kind of sticks out the side especially when she walks. Then there's her bent 4th toe that has definitely been smashed up in pumps and shoes so it's a bit mis-shapen, man I love it. See her toes go up as she takes a step and see them come down and grip her flip flops....what a sight to see!!!

Posted: 06/23/2010

Model: Friends Out for Lunch

Description: Another update with over 100 pics. See so many angles of two of our three friends out to lunch. I capture our models looking for a good place to eat today with nice flowing skirts. See them walking towards us, notice one of the girls with her longer 2nd toe gripping her sandals so not to lose them - love it. Her friend has toes with perfect step downs and look really clean with no blemishes - look out! Love the action from behind as we see them taking steps and looking at their soles and sexy heels......Tell me what you like!

Posted: 06/22/2010

Model: Can you say walk in 6-inch heels?

Description: Great sighting and capture today of over 150 pics of this chick walking around downtown in, I think, 6-inch sandaled heels today. Do you like it? She was strutin' down main street in these with all the guys (and girls) turning their heads to check her out. Torture heels plus an all white jacket was quite stunning. I got a lot of views of her walking down the street, walking by, and waiting for the light to turn. Oh ya she knew we were all checking her out and she loved it! Pretty green toes too!________________________________________Gimme some comments on what you'd like to

Posted: 06/21/2010

Model: 3 lovely models today.

Description: Over 50 pics with Sandals galore. Black flip flops with red toes of an older woman who has definitely abused her toes...got to love it. She has really long toes with reddish marks on them to show us her torture along with a slight bunion..........................Another paur of thongs with real short toes from our younger model...........................................Sandals in jeans with a natural nail, I love her torquise decoration along the tops of her feet.

Posted: 06/18/2010

Model: Over 80 pics for this update!

Description: Today we have a smart looking business woman on her way to work with her briefcase in tow. She is wearing nice looking slides with pink toes on display. Her flowing skirt makes for a nice back drop from time to time. She has a nice long toes with a cool mallet headed 4th toe on the left. Gotta come see her take her strides while gripping her sandals, nice shots of her soles here and there too.

Posted: 06/17/2010

Model: Got around 90 pics today!

Description: Man you gotta check this chick out. She was totally wearing this summer outfit during a freaky cold overcast day with these strappy sandals that displayed her kind of busted up feet to the world. I had to get pics of this.............................Her pink toes are short but stick out pretty far in her sandals showing off her slight bunion and funky toes.....................See her walk about town to catch a train while gripping with all her toes so she doesn't lose those thin stappy sandals. I bet she was cold too but that's another story. Oh ya, her left pinky toe stick out pretty far too like it's been broken before. What do you think?

Posted: 06/16/2010

Model: Over 80 pics of a hot blond

Description: So many views and angles of her sexy toes to see. You've gotta check this out, she's wearing her really nice brown gladiator flat sandals with a nice jewels along the top. You can see her pretty pink toes walking by, gripiing her sandals and see those toes flex and curl. Poor girl is towing along her pink bag...does anyone want to help her?

Posted: 06/15/2010

Model: WOW! Over 80 in this update.

Description: More and more of the hot chick with the broken toe. Today we can see angles of her toes that really show the damage to her 2nd toe on the right. You can see how she struggle to keep her sandals on with that bad toe of hers. At stop lights when her feet are at rest, you can see how her right 2nd toe bends downward at the tip. HOW SEXY!!! Please let me know what's hot and not for you -

Posted: 06/15/2010

Model: WOW! Over 80 in this update.

Description: More and more of the hot chick with the broken toe. Today we can see angles of her toes that really show the damage to her 2nd toe on the right. You can see how she struggle to keep her sandals on with that bad toe of hers. At stop lights when her feet are at rest, you can see how her right 2nd toe bends downward at the tip. HOW SEXY!!! Please let me know what's hot and not for you -

Posted: 06/14/2010

Model: Look out! 120 Pic Mega Update!

Description: We have a very fine update for you, she is soooo hot as you can see a couple of pics of her walking down the street - what a cutie but she has a secret.....................................CHECK OUT THER BROKEN 2ND TOE ON HER RIGHT FOOT............................Man I love how she walks down the street in her flip flops as she desperately tries to hang on by giipping her damamged to so not to lose her thongs. Look at her perfectly shaped toes on her left foot as it can grip with no problems compared to her damaged toe. Such a young cutie for a busted up toe like hers. I hope you enjoy these more focused picture sets. More to come!!!!

Posted: 06/10/2010

Model: Over 55 pics in this update!

Description: We have a very hot solo model today. She has really long 1st and 2nd toes with the rest of her toes in a steep step down on her slender feet. Her painted red toe nails are a sight to see in contrast with her white creamy skin in black strap sandals. Man yo gotta see her toes up close! There's even a couple of shots while she takes a step where you can see her toes gripping the tips of her sandals to keep them on as she struts down the street.

Posted: 06/08/2010

Model: About 50 pics for this set.

Description: Toes in line waiting for checkout with dark polish and a slight bunion.......................Look at these hto gold peep toe pumps, her red toes are a sight to see. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I see there's some swelling in her foot caused by her pumps.

Posted: 06/07/2010

Model: Over 80 pics to see!

Description: Nice spindly toes wearing thongs to start with...real nice a long with slight blemishes of character.........................................Wow, look at these funky toes that have been abused by heels for sure. Look at how her 2nd overlaps her big toe and the other foot just pushes them all over to the side......................Other sandals of real street feet in the city and nice white pants and toes. Look at her middle toe that has a corn from her hammered position when she walks.

Posted: 06/05/2010

Model: 55 Pics of mixed toes!

Description: Pink toes in flip flops nice even step downs...................................Look at these funky looking toes wearing very colorful sandals that attract a lot of attention but those toes look spindly and funny, I like it.....................................More miscellaneous toes of real street feet in the city wearing thongs with bright polish for all to see, some in action steping by with toes gripping....WOW!

Posted: 06/04/2010

Model: 95 Pics of Nice toes in Blue Jeans

Description: Look at her nice looking toes and feet, she has long toes wearing thongs for us to see today....very hot. I love her slight overlapping 2nd toe on her left foot that makes me crazy. What a sight. See her stroll by as she grips her thongs so that they don't kick off. The 2nd toe on her right foot overlaps when she lifts to take a step but stands down normally. Gotta love seeing the detail.

Posted: 05/27/2010

Model: Over 50 shots today, what a mix!

Description: Bunion lovers, here you go. Been asked to find more bunion models at RealStreetFeet so here is a woman with nice ones, will keep on the look out................................It looks like sandal season in a big way, we can see them here and there and everywhere. Man, I love it.

Posted: 05/26/2010

Model: Huge 78 pic update! RealStreetFeet

Description: So many types to see today, so many feet and toes in the city, look at the contours of the toes curling to grip as they walk by - got to love it! Thongs, sandalsm pretty feet and more.

Posted: 05/25/2010

Model: Awesome awesome update today, 60 pics!

Description: Nice toes in green thongs...................Lots of views of sexy black peep toes with red polish, nice long heels, notice her toes sticking out of her sexy ankle strap pumps, see her ankle wobble back and forth as her feet and toes are getting tired of standing all day - HOT......................... See her friends toes too standing in front of her................Wedges in jeans, great combo with really nice long toes, love that purple polish.

Posted: 05/21/2010

Model: Come see these girls today!

Description: Wonderful set of pics of a girl in jeans with flat sandals and meaty toes. I like how her 4th toe is crooked.....................Other various toes of real street feet in the city!.................got to love the one with a real long 2nd toe with that toe ring - hot.

Posted: 05/17/2010

Model: 50+ hot looking pics today-Real Feet

Description: Wow check out these cool flat sandals, very hot to see. Lots of angles of her toes and feet.....................................Egyptian toes all four the same length, nice with neat looking jeans................................................Various candids from a Street Fest, gotta love 'em.

Posted: 05/03/2010

Model: 55 pics of two great girls

Description: Flip flops in Jeans with dark toes all around for us to see and enjoy. See her and her friends toes around the city..............................Sexy Orange sandals with nice looking toes, too bad she has a sprained or broken ankle on her left foot. I like the boot, I think she injured it wearing heels for us to see - love it!.

Posted: 04/28/2010

Model: Wonderful Couple of Toes

Description: Brown Gladiator Flats with a split toe on a girl sporting red nails, she is a looker alright. Look at her toes! I love her perfect little feet with a slight bunion starting to grow. Our natural models show the normal imperfections that are expected in real life.........................Next we have a set of more red toes but in Flip Flops, check 'em out as she proudly display them for all to see. She has a slight twitch that I was able to capture that I think is hot.

Posted: 04/27/2010

Model: We have a few toes today!

Description: Starting out we have some really nice sandals with toes are straight across painted red...........................Cute White Sandals and short red toes sporting black flats....................next we have flip flops to really enjoy.

Posted: 04/26/2010

Model: 3 Hot Women today!!!

Description: WOW, check out these peep toe office pumps, very nice and sexy. I had to keep up with this model as her toes sticking out the end were such a turn on. Look at the red polish that she and the pump itself is really nice too..........................Black flat sandals with a really really cute crooked 2nd toe, gotta see!...............................Flat White Sandals with nice and short toes for all to see. Cute Sandals that highlight her sexy toes.

Posted: 04/25/2010

Model: Lots and Lots to See Toeday!

Description: I really love the Brazilian Flip Flops on this first Girl, her toes are really long and hot. Check out her long 4th toe as she grips her thongs...............................Look there's a girl with a Band Aid on her heel from all the office heels she wears for us, no pain no gain - love it............................Gotta See this.....Black Flip Flops with corns on almose each toe....she definitely stuggles for us!!!! Many many more to see!

Posted: 04/17/2010

Model: 5 hot girls to check out

Description: White pant with dark toes in flat sandals, very straight toes..............................Red flats with a slight bunion, I like it..................................Black trousers with really nice red toes, see her toes gripping her sandals as she walks by.................................Green sandals with a sliver of toe showing, nice..............................Black Peep Toes look very nice and hot............................Love the cage pumps and sandals, girls hangin out at a party, I bet their toes get tired.

Posted: 04/16/2010

Model: Trio of toes today to see

Description: Colorful thongs with nice pink toes, she has a bit of split between her longer 2nd and 3rd toes, I like it. Cute crooked 4th toe too, gotta see..................Sexy awesome dark toes in flip flops, LOVE that crooked 4th toe - HOT!...........................Flat gold sandals with a girl sportin' bunions for all to see.

Posted: 04/13/2010

Model: Can you say Green Sandals and Pink Toe

Description: Wow we have a special feeture of sexy pink toes in green flat sandals sportin' sexy toes. I love her long 4th toe that splits out a bit - OMG, soooo hot! I love it! Tell me what you like.

Posted: 04/12/2010

Model: Magic 7 Girls Today to See

Description: Red toes in thongs going by, sort of chipped nails and feet kinda dry looking......................Long toes in Gladiators, nice white skirt too.......................More Red toes in thongs in motion, check her out as she walks on by. Check out how her toes scrunch up while she grips those flip flops..........Nice Pink toes in Thongs, see her toes grip as she motors by.......................More pink toes in long green pants, cool longer 2nd toe..............................Purple toes in more thongs again, she has a crazy looking 4th toe - I like it.

Posted: 04/06/2010

Model: 3 different Toe looks today

Description: Blue Jeans in thongs, really nice pair of feet........................Wild looking dress sporting sandals, love the overlapping middle toes. Office dress gray slacks with heeled sandals with red toes! Hot hot hot. Love them toes of hers.

Posted: 04/05/2010

Model: Hot Green Flat Sandals. Exposed Toes!

Description: Very nice looking green flat sandals that totally expose her toes! She has some really nice looking feet, see her as she grips and flexes her toes around as she walks along. Close ups of her feet and toes while waiting for the light. Gotta see!

Posted: 03/30/2010

Model: Lots to see today - Real Street Feet

Description: Awesome red toes sporting flip flops in black dress pants. I love her cute 4th toe as it's a bit crooked. Must be bent pretty good in closed toes shoes... Pretty black and white dress with red toes, looks like a mature but very nice looking toes... I love the next set of pics of peep toe pumps, you can see this red head from the back as she walked by but I love her toe cleavage and you can imagine how her toes look with her pumps off - Very HOT, love it! Nice Wide Feet... More thongs and cage wedges, I love the cage look as it traps the womans foot.

Posted: 03/28/2010

Model: Office girls !!!

Description: Check out the black pants and sandals on this beauty - RED TOES!!!! See her tap her foot while she waits for the light...impetient little girl - love it..........................................Brown heeled sandals on this very light skined girl - very nice. Love her red toes...........

Posted: 03/27/2010

Model: Awesome Assortment for the day!

Description: Many many toes and more to see, a total assortment of the day.

Posted: 03/26/2010

Model: 4 Different Looks of Office Toes

Description: Nice tiny purple toes, a bit short but very hot to see wearing flip flops.........................Office woman walking by gripping her toes to make sure to keep her thongs on, very muscular legs.............................More thongs but white this time walking by, look at her pink toes as they try to keep her flips on..........................Finally very hot hot looking toes in pink. Nicely spaced toes coming out her dress sandals - love them! Awesome!

Posted: 03/25/2010

Model: Nice Golden Flat Sandals with Red Toe

Description: Very nice looking toes today to see in the city. Our real model has some nice looking toes that have a quirky 4th toe that's a bit crooked...nice. Gotta love the golden sandals too. I bet that little 4th toe has been bent crooked all winter long and has been dying to get out...................................More flip flops moving by, I love this one as you can see her toes gripping with her step, love the toe actions!!!!

Posted: 03/17/2010

Model: Real Awesome Toes in the City Today

Description: Lots and lots to see and come check out! Crazy green flip flops on her way to work sporting red polish ready for drinking today. I love the toe split between her long 2nd and 3rd toes. I can see that she wears her office heels often as you can see a slight corn or cute little bump on the tip of her 3rd toes...hot!.....................................Very Sexy open toe pumps on this office girl. See her toes sticking out for all to appreciate - Wonderful............................Jeans in thongs going by, check out how she grips her thongs so they stay on - nice tatoo.

Posted: 03/16/2010

Model: What a wonderful day in the city!

Description: Spring is near, check out this office hottie with her cool dress on. What I really like is her funky looking toes. Check 'em out they're short with lots of character waiting to show us all during this long winter season. Her toes are cool and funky, you see her red nail polished short little toes gripping her sandals while her slight bunion is holding on.

Posted: 03/12/2010

Model: Love toes out and about when it's cold

Description: These women are defintely into showing off their sexy feet and toes. I just love to see them in the cold. Here is an assortment of real toes and more toes in the city. I love the flip flop ones where her toes seem real straight and sure is funny looking as she takes each step. You can see her toes look different when she is flat footed versus when she is taking a step, I love these looks.

Posted: 03/11/2010

Model: Mixed Bag of Toes Today

Description: Been sort of partly couldy these days and toes are harder to find but here are some from around the city. At least one thing I can guarantee is that we have many many different real and live models here in the city exposing their sexy toes for us to see.

Posted: 02/27/2010

Model: Rainy Days in Aren't All Bad

Description: Love these strappy sandals with red toes. Even on a cloudy and rainy day she is out and about for to see. You know she loves to show off her toes for the attention. Check out the action of her toes as she walks by. Long foot, long toes gets me long.

Posted: 02/26/2010

Model: Rainy Days But Toes in the City

Description: Nice jeans and toes walking by in the rainy city today - very hot. TWo different models to see both in flip flops and strutin' their style.

Posted: 02/24/2010

Model: Flip Flop with PINK TOEs!!!

Description: Kick me to the curb, I wish I was in the gutter looking at her sexy toes. I especially like her cute crooked 4th toe that you know is crushed in her pumps when she wears them. See her in action too as she goes by.........................Next we have a quick shots of more flip flow with pink toes but from the look of the length of her pants, she usually wear heels with them. You can clearly see the wear and tear on her sexy hot toes. I love the 4th toe underlap here too.........just amazing what you can find in the city.

Posted: 02/23/2010

Model: More toes when the sun comes out!

Description: Toes are definitely harder to find when the weather is bad but as soon as the sun even peeks out there are a plenty to see. Gotta love it! Toes, Sandals, Flip Flops galore to see in the city.....................check out the variety of shots that can be found in the sun!.........................I really like the longer 2nd toe that looks crooked and broken in brown sandals wearing black slacks.

Posted: 02/22/2010

Model: Peep Toe Moving and Motion in the City

Description: Wonderful office girl sporting peep toes in the city. Nice looking red toes sticking out of black pumps with those gorgeous toes hanging over. Watch her toes in motion while she struts along the sidewalk, very hot.............................Thongs in the city with dark mysterious toes, check them out in action. She has real cute corns on her 3rd and 4th toes that are to die for, can you see them as she goes by?

Posted: 02/18/2010

Model: Tourist and Flowing Dress Toes

Description: Nice looking tourist toes in black polish, very cute. She was having issues rolling her bag and had to stop a lot........................Shoppers going by on a cloudy day in the city..........................Gotta love that flowing black dress with orange flowers. Check out her toes, the 2nd and 3rd are long but that 4th toe dramtically gets shorter. It's almost as short as her pinky toe - sexy and hot. I like to see the bottoms of her soles as she walks by in action.

Posted: 02/17/2010

Model: A Variety of different feet in theCity

Description: Sandals here flip flops there, toes everywhere. Check you the variety of shots today. One notable set is a woman with an interesting knuckle on her big toe. Her second knuckle has a bend in it making it look like a bunion on her toe not her foot.

Posted: 02/16/2010

Model: Movin' in the Sun today!

Description: It was a great sunny day today in the City. Got some great action shots of all types of toes. Flip flops in the sun in black dress pants and couple indoors..................Some crazy platform closed toe shoes but they were cool shoes......................Cool looking purple wedges with short short toes squished and trying to keep those sandals on but real nice to see as she walked by............................Flat Brown sandals and her friends toes too, they seem to have some nice wear and tear from the office shoes she changed from.

Posted: 02/15/2010

Model: Big Update in the City!

Description: Feet Feet Feet everywhere. The weather is starting to get better and man check out those feet. Gotta love it. Did you check out those FUNKY broken looking toes in the sample? WOw, How did that happen to her? Love it. Funny, it's just her left foot that looks that way..............Nice dress black flats with the creamy skin and red toes, big feet too...................................Many Many feet, too many to describe but I like those wedges, shes cute.

Posted: 02/01/2010

Model: Snowed In? Festival Feet Day 2

Description: Another great day at the at a Festival - Feet, Feet, Feet! Many more to see and couple continued from yesterday. More Thongs and a great set of Black dress sandals with dark toes galore.

Posted: 02/11/2010

Model: Snowed In? Sunny day in the West!

Description: Feet at a Festival! Chicks Galore...Gotta love it! Thongs and toes everywhere....Funcky Bunions too........will submit more soon!

Posted: 02/05/2010

Model: More Toes in the Winter!

Description: Sunny today so toes were out and about, various chicks in the city. Red sandals are always welcome and hot...................Nice chick while smoking in flat gladiator sandals - smokin'!............Thongs and check out these dress flats, man shes got a really hammered 3rd toe - check it out! That 3rd toe sticks up pretty high and I bet causes pain................More thongs with a french pedi, real nice.....................More black dress sandals walking by - gotta love 'em.

Posted: 01/29/2010

Model: Awesome Toes in the City!

Description: Check out Red toes in Black platform dress sandals. She has really nice looking toes in contrast to her black slacks............Nice flat sandals in jeans, her toes look really flexible as they scrumch up very nicely while she waits for the green light. Very long 2nd toe but an even step down patter on her french tips...........................Look at these PERFECT Red Toes! Oh man are they're hot, jsut perfect feet and toes. Wearing only flats with thin straps but those candy-toes are to die for. She has a slight bunion and her 4th toe is a bit crooked at the tip but these are all sexy features of this lovely girl - Gotta see!

Posted: 01/21/2010

Model: Awesome Winter Toes in the City

Description: Wow nice dark toes in black sandals, check ouy her sexy long 2nd toe and the marks of wear and tear on them....hot!......................White pants in January???? Oh well nice red toes Very sexy and refreshing to see. Her 2nd toe is slightly shorter than her 3rd toe, love to see that.................Got bunions? She does on the train, look at the bunion sticking out the side - nice...............Next see peep toe pumps walking by, she's hot and you can see her pretty toes cramming up in the front of her shoes and sticking out!

Posted: 01/15/2010

Model: Lovely Hot feet and Toes!

Description: Many many long toes to see around the city.................Shots of shorter 2nd toes in black dress sandals..........................Red toes in Jeans.............Sexy split toes in motion.

Posted: 01/11/2010

Model: Great sightings in the winter!

Description: Gotta love it here where you get to see Real Street Feet all year 'round. Check out the toes on this chick! She has real sexy toes with the 3 in the middle all the same length - HOT. Sprting thongs around the city showing off those red toes.........................................Dress sandals with red toes in gray slacks, wonderful toes with a nice split betweent he 2nd and 3rd....................Thongs on an office girl...........her toes have a perfect step down, many views and angles..............................More thongs going by, looks like she's in a hurry to get to lunch.

Posted: 01/06/2010

Model: Wonderful toes in the new year!

Description: Check out the brown heeled sandals with hot red toes. You can see her 2nd and 3rd toes extend past her sandals, very nice..............................other various toes in the city. Tan pants with Thongs are nice. See the marks on her 4th and 5th toes from office pumps crishing them inside for us...........................PINK baby! Very Sexy platforms, man she's hot......................Finally Nice feet with red toes in dress black sandals.

Posted: 01/02/2010

Model: New Year Feet in the City!!!

Description: Come see shots fresh from the streets of the city. RealStreetFeet! Very nice Red toes in Thongs going by......................Short toes in faded Jeans.................Great set of Pink toes in Silver Sandals. Poor girl has damaged the knuckles of her toes, come see the bandages on almost each toe! Great spread shots too.


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