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Convert photo from jpeg to jpg

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Most people think convert mpeg to jpeg is very simple, just press prt screen on the keyboard, then copy and paste it in a graphics program. And save it as a jpeg file. But this way so inconvenient, waste of your times.  We need an easy way to , jpg. find a program to help us to do that process.

You can capture a single frame from the Video as a JPEG. If you want to convert mpeg or other videos to seriate jpeg files or other image format, please to download a professional convert mpeg to jpeg, jpg program – Video to picture converter.

The is a full mpeg to jpeg/jpg software. You can capture single jpeg from mpeg file and convert mpeg to seriate jpeg files.

How to Convert MPEG to JPEG with Aoao Video to Picture Converter

If you never used the please first, free trial without any functional limitations and timeout, but the unregistered version will put words "Unregistered Version" on output file, the license price is .90 (30-day money back guarantee).

Step1: Launch The and input MPEG file.

Click Open Button and select MPEG format.

Select MPEG Format

Main interface

Step2: Drag to adjust time length for output.

You can manual type a time or Drag to adjust the timeframe.


Step3: Select a size or manual type a size.

Step4: Run, Click Run to apply to convert your .

Tips: The  supports these image format to output.

Output image format

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