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Photography equipment & techniques

To be added later:

Cable release
Basic photography technique
General photography tips

Atmospheric optics

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Photographing (anti)crepuscular rays
Photographing sunrise and sunset colors
Photographing the sun's green flash
Photographing rainbows
Photographing the twilight arch
Photographing the twilight wedge
Mountain shadow effect
Looking for inferior mirages
Hue of the surroundings throughout day and dusk

Lightning and other atmospheric electricity

To be added later:

Photographing lightning as a line light source
Charging of thunderstorms
How lightning forms
Lightning research at Langmuir Laboratory (NM, USA)
Lightning safety

Clouds and related phenomena

To be added later:

Photographing contrails
Photographing wave-clouds and lenticularis
Photographing fog
Photographing cumulonimbus (storm) clouds
Photographing clouds during sunrise and sunset


To be added later:

Photographing stars
Photographing the Milky Way
Photographing solar eclipses
Photographing the sun
Photographing the moon
Observing the lunar libration clouds
Using a telescope for photography
Photography of point light sources such as stars
Coordinate systems
Avoiding light pollution
Manually guiding your exposure


To be added later:

Cracked mud


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