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Meet Maggie who was known as 'Dandie', then 'Princess' and goodness knows what else before she was turned in to the Humane Society.  A local rescue group got 'Dandie' and got her ready for adoption.  She is spayed, got her shots up to date, is microchipped, was groomed, photographed, and advertised in the

We have always loved dogs and through the years have had many...from pets ... to hunting dogs ... to competition dogs.  Purebreds and mixed breeds.  Everything from Miniature Schnauzers (Heidi, Fritzie, Gretel), Maltese (Jojo),  German Shepherd (Gypsy),  Norwegian Elkhound (Smoky)  ... beagles, hounds (Redbone, Blueticks, Black & Tans, Treeing Walkers), even one 'World Champion' Treeing Walker name of Mathis Carolina Casey.  Mixed breeds, such as one named Grinner (for obvious reasons, he grinned all the time) who loved flying and sit as co-pilot in my husband's Cessna. 

Our last two mixed breed dogs were while living here in Hawai'i.  Roger came to us as a tiny baby... my son 'assisted' in the delivery; the mom was a Corgi and the father was a Malamute / Wolfhound mix.  Roger had the beautiful blue eyes characteristic of his dad's ancestry, also the pointy nose and sharp ears...a regular size body with long black and white hair, but his mom's short legs.  Anthony always described Roger as having the body of a Sumo wrestler. 

We had had Roger about 3 years when we got Phoebe.  She came to us unexpectedly.  A neighbor rescued her from horrible living conditions, but her husband wouldn't let her keep her, as Elizabeth already had 3 fur babies.  She asked Anthony if he would take her and he agreed, as he thought she would be good company for Roger.  Phoebe was a true 'poi dog' as mixed breeds are called in Hawai'i.  We never figured out what she was, but the vet told us she had some Dalmatian somewhere in her line, as her skin had the black spots, although she was completely white.  Anyway, we didn't care.  She was a very scared little dog when she came to us.  She preferred being in closed spaces (she was used to living in a small dog travel case) and would hide under our lanai chairs.  If you looked at her she would coward down and pee.  It took months for her to finally become comfortable with us...and it was Roger who taught her the ropes.  They were inseparable.

Roger & Phoebe 2000

It has been too many years seen we lost our Roger and then a few years later, our Phoebe... we waited to get another pet, because the time was not right...

When I saw 'Dandie's' little face in the Facebook picture, waiting for adoption, she wormed her way into my heart...I waited a couple of days, thinking surely she would be snatched up...then a few nights later, I mentioned her to Anthony.  After discussing it a bit, we agreed she was probably already spoken for...after all several days had passed since her photo was put up.

Day before yesterday, I decided to take the chance and asked if she was taken and told no, they still had her.  So I mentioned it to Anthony again and he came to look at her picture.  The minute he saw her, Anthony said the name Dandie didn't fit her...she was a Maggie.

I made inquiries and was cautioned several times that she was very energetic...but I thought that was just what we needed...  We needed her and she needed us..  

This is what I pieced together from reading through the rescue site: Maggie is a mixed breed but she is predominantly a Dandie Dinmont Terrier; no idea what else.  She is about 24#, fully grown, 1-2 years old. Gets along well...wants to learn. Always watching and waiting for you to tell her what to do. Very energetic.

So, we took the plunge. 

We adopted her yesterday morning through  and this IS her forever home. She is very sociable. She rode well in the car and even fell asleep in the back seat after we ran errands.

While Anthony went inside WalMart to get a couple of baby/doggie gates (keep her out of the office and the walk-in pantry), I kept her under a tree in the parking lot and she greeted everyone that came by and spoke to her...people took to her easily ... She did her little #1 business in the gravel under one of the trees ... and when Anthony returned, she went back in the car as if she had been traveling with us forever.


Maggie on the back lanai...not a good one, as she was too excited and would not sit still...

When we got home, Anthony took her for a little walk in the yard and she sniffed everywhere getting familiar with the place.  Inside the house she behaved well...drank water from her designated water bowl and hid her brand-new squeaky toy under some floor pillows.

She did quite a bit of exploring her new surroundings, but behaved beautifully...Responds to certain command words already, so someone must have taught them to her, and she is learning new ones.  She likes to burrow into pillows and play with squeaky toys - she already demolished her new one, though.  


She is supposed to be Anthony's dog but she has definitely chosen me as her person. When I'm out of the room, she waits for me at the doggie gate and just lies

She had a good dinner and Anthony took her for a long walk before settling down for the night.

We had all intentions of setting up a place for her to sleep...but that did not last long ... she ended up sleeping with me.  She took her time exploring my bedroom and then jumped on my bed, walked around, went to the foot of the bed as if she had always done so, burrowed around a little bit and settled down.

She slept well...barked and growled at something during the night, so I think we might have had piggie visitors walking around, but otherwise slept and did not
wake me up until almost 6 am..which is usually my getting up time (between 5:30 and 6, so maybe (hopefully) our clocks are synchronized)

This morning after she woke me up, she jumped out of the bed and went to the door ... she was too anxious to go outside, so I didn't have time to put the harness on her and took a chance taking her out in the yard before full daylight without the leash ... she walked around, sniffing, investigating, hid for a while and my heart stopped ... then she came running towards me but kept on going to the lanai steps and waited at the front door for me to catch up ... she is definitely a fast learner... and being rewarded with a little treat every time she does something right.  

We are committed to loving her, playing with her, teaching her, taking care of her...and I know she will bring joy and excitement into our lives...




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