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Delete photos on ipod nano

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We like to make our customers happy. See what folks have to say about MediaWidget and Bootstrap Development...

Your software is exactly what I have been looking for!
-Barret, United Kingdom

I love your program, it saved me big time from putting each cd back into my computer one at a time, which I contemplated doing on a random Sunday before finding you. J
-Lisa, California, USA

MediaWidget is Great! I was looking for a tool that can write to and from the iPod, which 95% cannot do - but now my search is over - you did it. Competitor A is very buggy and as I said I can't stand Competitor B. Their copy protect crap is out of control and it always has a huge problem seeing the iPod. You guys have definitely made the tool that I've been after.
-Nelson, Singapore

My iPod stopped working, and I thought my music was lost. Luckily - it wasn't completely dead. Using MediaWidget I was able to retrieve all of the music from my iPod and get it back onto my Computer !
-Julie, Texas, USA

You saved my marriage! I accidentally erased from our computer all my husbands music! I found on the web "MediaWidget" and couldn't believe how easy this MAJOR problem could be fixed. The customer service was incredible and my husband & I will see our next anniversary. Thank you MediaWidget.
-Dr. Janet M., New York, USA

Thank you so much for your software, this is great, I now have my music not only on my work computer, but also at home.
-Hans, Georgia, USA

Thank you for responding to my MediaWidget questions. I will be purchasing this software not only because it is easy to use but based on the excellent response your group gives to customer service questions. This is extremely important to me in anything I purchase for my home or my job here at our local High School. Keep up the good work.
-Alan, Michigan, USA

My name is Jeri and I purchased a downloadable version AND a disc version of MediaWidget. I LOVE the downloaded version, it transferred all my music that I had in the ipod and loaded it back into the computer after a fatal computer crash in which I lost EVERYTHING! You have no idea how thankful I am for being able to recover all that music so easily!!
-Jeri, Ontario, Canada

I've got this thing working, and it looks to me like your software is terrific, even for tech challenged folks like me. Thanks
-Don, Florida, USA

I was surprised when i plugged my iPod into our new laptop that i wasn't asked if I wanted to import the library onto this computer, somehow I thought it would just happen... Anyhow, so I did some research and figured out it wouldn't be that simple to accomplish. Lucky for me in my research i found your download, I bought it and it worked perfectly! A few minutes later my entire library was moved onto the new laptop. It worked without a hitch!
-Ian, Alberta, Canada

it worked!! thanks so much now my wife still has her music in itunes with the new computer.
-Brad, Windhoek, Namibia

My son and I think you have a wonderful product, , I can't see owning iPods without it!
-Gray, Cape Town, South Africa

this product is exactly what we needed to accomplish her move without her having to take our computer with her or risk losing all her music if she wants to add to it in the future. Thanks again.
-Deborah M., Auckland, NZ

Thanks! I can't say enough of the ease of this program. There are a lot of companies that could learn from the simplicity of use of you program .
-Ann M., Galway, Ireland

I was so happy to find your product online and purchased it immediately after reading the great reviews from other buyers. I was feeling desperate and tired as I was trying to recover my lost library for nearly 12 hours and had started to give up on any type of recovery. After downloading your software my library was recovered in minutes and I am so grateful to your firm. Thank you for you product and your great customer service.
-Laura, Melbourne, Australia

I have a older iPod that was full (a mini)and tried to synch it with iTunes to try to import the data and I erased everything on it! I did a search this morning, found your software, bought it, downloaded it, and I was able to restore all of my music back to my iTunes folder and create a back up on my computer. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this.
-Stan, USA

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! My hard drive crashed with 4000 songs on it, but they were all on my ipod. Your product let me put them on the new hard drive so I can manage them again. I put hours and hours into transferring them from CD's and sorting them by genre, so thanks again. You rock.
-Mike, USA

What awesome software you have. I have been stressing for days as to how to get my tunes off my IPOD and onto my new computer, so I can delete from my company's computer. This software worked effortlessly, no effort from me, completely automatic. I attempted another free trial software just prior to yours and it was a joke. I will certainly recommend this to anyone and everyone who is faced with the need to move tracks from IPOD to PC/ITUNES. I could not be happier. Thx
-Sandy, Seattle, USA

Thanks for the assistance. It is so greatly appreciated. I really love using this product. It has made my IPOD more fun to use. Thanks
-Ken, USA

Thank you so much. Your program saved our butts. We had a major computer crash and with the use of your product we bounced back. Again, thank you.
-David, USA

I accidentally erased my whole iTunes library trying to install an external hard drive...I was devastated! I never thought I would be able to get all my media back through my iPod back to my iTunes, well I just did through this program! I'm so happy...not only did it restore back what was on my iPod touch, it also kept all the album artwork I had! Thanks again!
-Sarah, USA

Wow thank you so much. this program works like a charm.
-Charlie, USA

Thank You so much for this awesome product! It totally saved my music. My pc crashed and had to purchase a new one. I was able to save all my music from my Ipod to my pc Library. I can now transfer my music back to Itunes.
-Norma, New York, USA

I accidently deleted files I needed to run my computor and re-installed the operating system without realizing I would lose my iTunes Library. (I tried to back it up) I went into a panic. But your program was SO EASY to use I got everything back and more...Peace of Mind! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
-Janice, USA

Thank you for your quick replies. This product was worth every penny. I can't get over how easy and how well it works!!
-Violet, USA

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! -- as in "I can't thank you enough!"
-Carol, USA


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