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DKODE Men’s Footwear

DKODE Men’s Footwear

Already popular in other areas of Europe and the US, this season Dkode launches in the UK market, bringing with it a bold selection of styles, focused on blending innovation with comfort.

Launched in 2002, the footwear firm produces out of a single factory in Felgueiras, Portugal. The 160-strong team utilises traditional production techniques in order to ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship and integrity.

Dkode, which signs off on around 250,000 pairs of shoes each year, believes in putting passion and enthusiasm behind the creation of every collection. The company states that, for them, this season is about“trying and daring, achieving and losing, finding your own scenario of fulfilment.”

The firm is actively looking for UK distribution for the range, which features a classic Oxford lace-up as well as a slip-on version with a pleated toe cap, a brushed suede lace-up brogue with a white crepe sole, and a selection of combat boots.

A number of smart-casual shoes in a variety of colours – red, mustard, blue, cobalt, sand and green – will be available online later this month, with several brick and mortar stores across the country also expressing interest.

On arrival, Dkode will continue to use their unique identification system that helps colour blind individuals distinguish the look of its footwear. The tool uses primary colours, represented by graphic symbols, that can be mixed and matched according the colour ways used.

The brand recently announced the date for its e-commerce debut, due to launch March 20th, and has already set its sights on introducing apparel along with a range of accessories. Dkode shoes and boots are currently priced between £70 and £110.


DKODE Men’s Footwear
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DKODE Men’s Footwear DKODE Men’s Footwear new pictures
DKODE Men’s Footwear new pictures

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picture DKODE Men’s Footwear

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Watch DKODE Men’s Footwear video

Communication on this topic: DKODE Men’s Footwear, dkode-mens-footwear/
Communication on this topic: DKODE Men’s Footwear, dkode-mens-footwear/ , dkode-mens-footwear/

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