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Does my child need a photo id to fly

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Parents can obtain ID cards for their children under age 15 at any DMV customer service center. The cost of a child ID card is per year (minimum ; maximum ).

In addition to serving as an identity document, the child’s photograph is stored in DMV’s database. If the child becomes missing, DMV can retrieve the image from the database and transmit it to law enforcement anywhere in the U. S.

Child ID cards expire on the child's birthday when the child reaches an age divisible by five (e.g. 5, 10, 15)

Obtaining a Child ID Card

Child ID cards:

  • Require one identity document for the child, such as a birth certificate or unexpired U.S. passport, along with proof of the child’s social security number, if one has been issued. Use the interactive to determine which documents you will need to bring to DMV, or refer to "Acceptable Documents for Obtaining a Driver's License or Photo ID Card" ().
  • The parent must certify the child's identity and residency using the Identification Card Application for Minors ().
  • If the child's name appears on the parent's legal presence document, that document governs the expiration date of the child's legal presence.

To find out more about the requirements and the application process for an ID card, refer to .

What Is Displayed On a Child ID Card

The child ID card contains the following:

  • Customer number
  • Date of birth, height and gender
  • Expiration date and issue date
  • Full legal name and address
  • Full-face photograph
  • Statement "Not a license to operate a motor vehicle"
  • Statement "Organ donor information"

Child ID

Medical Indicators on Child ID Cards

A parent or legal guardian submitting a signed physician statement may voluntarily request indicators be placed on their child’s ID card as a means of identifying their disability to law enforcement personnel. A “9” will display in the restriction field on the face of the ID card and will be decoded on the back as follows:

  • Insulin-dependent diabetic
  • Speech impairment
  • Intellectual disability (IntD will display)
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD will display)

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