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Domain name ideas for photography

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photography business name ideas Photography is a popular profession across the world. And in recent times, many specialist streams like stock photography, wedding photography and wildlife photography have grown immensely.

For many, photography usually starts as a hobby. However, some take the plunge to make photography their full time business.

For all the photography enthusiasts out there who are contemplating starting their own business here are some photography business name ideas that will help you choose a name that suits your taste and the marketplace.

Using Personal Names

The most simple and easy way to create photography business name ideas is by using your family and or your personal name.

You can use a combination of your first name, last name and or your partner’s name along with some photography industry descriptors like Studio, Print, etc. to discover a handful of potential business names.

Here are some ideas:

  • A.J Photo Studio
  • Robin Life Prints
  • Williams Photo Studio
  • Brown & Jones Photography
  • A Thomas Photo Studio

Industry Descriptors are common words that are used along with the business name to create a relation with that particular industry. For the photography industry, common industry descriptors are Studio, Print, Photography, Print Express, Print World, Shots, Photos and Photo Studio.

Using Descriptive Names

If using personal or family name is not your taste, you can try using descriptive and self-explanatory words – these are words that describe or relate to photography directly.

Here are some photography business name ideas that are created using a combination of most common words associated with photography.

  • Image Express
  • Photo Print Express
  • Image World
  • Picture Express
  • Photo Quest
  • Photo Bash
  • Photo Frolic
  • Photo Pond

Here again, we have used industry descriptors like Express and Print Express to make the business name more apparent.

Suggestive Names

If you would like to be more creative, try using suggestive and hinting words to create another list of photography business name ideas.

The primary word in such business names do not directly relate to photography, but are words that connect to emotions or express photography indirectly.

Peek into the name ideas below to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Perfect Reflection
  • Life Copy
  • Life Delight
  • Joy Pictures
  • Life Recall Photography
  • Life Shots
  • Life View Studio
  • Perfect Capture
  • White Balance Photos
  • Focal Focus
  • Crazy Lens Photos
  • Motif Pictures
  • Vivid Snaps

Arbitrary Names

If you would like to explore further, you can use arbitrary and random dictionary words along with photography industry descriptors to create some unique business name ideas.

The primary words used in these business names are in no way related to photography. It is the industry descriptor word that connects the business name to photography.

  • Honeydew Photography
  • Moonstone Photo Studio
  • Carbon Snap Photos
  • Carbon Capture
  • Peach Photo Express
  • Camera Eye Express
  • Afterthought Photos
  • Impression Photography
  • Memory Basket
  • Flash From The Past Studio
  • ViewIt Photography
  • Pin Up Photography

Created Words

If you want to go further along the experimental curve, you can create business names using made-up words. The words used here have little or no meaning at all and are in no way related to photography.

  • Zing Print
  • Lifesemblance
  • Imagex Photo Studio
  • CaptureX
  • Filmfix
  • Juxtapose
  • Amazshot

Created words are not always the best option as the name conveys very little about the business and its products or services. However, if you really want your business name to standout use created words to design a unique name.

Hope your creative juices have started flowing by now. You can use any of these names or create your own business name using the same basic principles discussed above.

If you would like to explore more on photography business name ideas read the 5-Step Method for Creating Photography Business Names post.


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