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Before being the first James Bond, Sean Connery was just another ex-coffin polisher, footballer, and babysitter with a magnificent accent. After Bond, he was ... well, James Fucking Bond. The guy is like 100 years old and hasn't been in a movie for 10 years, and yet he's still recognized all over the world as the incarnation of manliness. After all, who doesn't love 007? Every woman wants him, and every man wants to be him.

Well, except Sean Connery, apparently. As a previously unknown, starving actor, he was grateful for the fame and success the James Bond role had given him, but he , saying, "I have always hated that damned James Bond. I'd like to kill him."

Sean Connery, seen here remembering that time Bond nearly got lasered in the dick.

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Connery was reluctant to sign up for more than one Bond movie, and when he reached the "last" one, he gave away the entire salary to charity, presumably out of spite (apparently the Bond producers hate charity). As for the character's sex symbol status, Connery observed, "I think one of the appeals[h] that Bond has[h] for women ... is that he is decis[h]ive, cruel even." When the guy who thinks you're a little too rude to the ladies, that's some strong hate.

"... plus, did they have to make him sound so damn Scottish?"


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