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Free online photo mosaic

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Free to create and share your own photo mosaic online. Easy as selecting the “big picture” and “small pictures.” Buy , , , and . Free shipping worldwide. See mosaics in . Perfect for #wedding and more.

What's the best gift you've ever received?

Not the biggest, baddest, or the prettiest. But the one that still gives you the butterflies. What makes it so special isn't the gift itself. But it's the giver. Intention. Attention. And the Affection.

Firefighter's Tears

So there is this beautiful french lady. A fashionista. A mom. And a daughter. Her father was a firefighter. Real-life hero. Dedicated his entire career risking his life to save others. And for his retirement, she wanted something truly special for him. So she secretly reached out to his colleagues. And collected all their photos together over the years. She created a photo mosaic of him in full gear. And made a giant print. His retirement party was going great. And he was already getting a little emotional reminiscing over the good times and the sacrifices over the years. But he was holding it together. But when she finally presented his photo mosaic to him in front of everyone, and told him about how she made it with everyone's help, this hero could not hold back his tears any longer. He knew what it meant, and felt their heart touch his. This print now hangs at his home, and every time he walks by and looks at all the small pictures, it reminds him of all the different memories of his time, and of his daughter and colleagues' love and respect.

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What amazing thing did you do with your photo mosaic? #mosaically

All your awesome photos, did you mean to just stuff them on your phone?

No, your photos were meant to be enjoyed. Photo mosaics are the perfect way to bring them to light. It's like a photo album that hangs on a wall that you can see all the photos at once, while the arrangement of all the photos makes up your favorite picture from afar. That’s the beauty of photo mosaics. Light up on your memories.

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