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Halloween's Tricks and Treats

Nov 5, 2010

For Halloween this year, I decided to save money and not purchase costumes for my three kids. Instead, I would teach them a lesson in ingenuity and inventiveness by encouraging them to come up with creative costumes made of items found in the house. Rather than spending an average of per costume, I would spend only on an iTunes gift card, which would go to the child who came up with the most creative and dazzling costume. How did it go?

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Trick: Hannah, my 12-year-old, joined her friend, Kayla, when she went costume shopping. They decided that they wanted to dress up like twins, so Kayla's mother forked out 0 on two ladybug costumes. "They just looked too cute" and she couldn't say no. Kayla's mom, one of the kindest people I know, refused to take any money from me. Instead, she wished me "Happy Birthday" and said it was my gift. Something tells me that these girls had a plan for this all along. Needless to say, Hannah was out of the contest.

Treat: Matthew, 9, decided to be a "Good Gangster." He sported his old ripped jeans, a flannel shirt that was too big for him, a backwards baseball cap and a black eye made out of mascara and eyeliner. One of his toy guns added the finishing touch; he promised me that he was the kind of gangster that just "protected the good guys." Score.

Trick: Katie, 13, had the best idea. She took an old lab coat from one of her past doctor's costumes and glued packets of pepper all over it. She planned to carry around a thermometer and be…yes, Dr. Pepper. It was genius. I was proud. But as every mother knows, anything that can happenwillhappen, and this Halloween was no different. Katie spiked a 102-degree fever that morning and was stuck at home on the couch. Does it get more unfair than that? She was a good sport too, the poor kid.

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