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The next week-end Ian was also invited and the young couple didn’t object now to his witnessing their strange behaviour. Ian seemed to accept it readily enough and he in fact encouraged Paul to dress up and become transformed into Pauline.

When it came to bedtime Sarah informed them that Paul would be sleeping with her and made him twirl around in the pretty pink nighty he was wearing.

“Poor Janet is lonely” Sarah muttered “especially as I have her Pauline sleeping with me, I think it would be nice, don’t you Pauline, if we let Ian share her bed to keep her company”?

Ian grinned and slipped his arm around the young girl’s waist to escort her into her bedroom. Janet was surprised, and very happy, Ian would cure her loneliness and she ached for his aggressive love-making. Paul did not protest and stood meekly with Sarah fondling the front of his pretty panties while through the doorway he watched his girl friend getting into bed with Ian. In a strange way he was getting excited at this sight and he looked up into Sarah’s smiling face.

“That really turned you on my pet” the woman spoke softly “seeing your Janet getting into the same bed as Ian, didn’t it dear. Well, you will be glad to know, my little pet, that this isn’t the first time they have slept in the same bed together. I have let them sleep together every time they have been here and now they really understand one another and have got to know one another very intimately. Ian really appreciates having a lovely girl guest like Janet to sleep with and the innocent young Janet has been happy to have an expert lover teach her the joys of love and ease her lonely nights”.

That night Paul particularly enjoyed sleeping with Sarah knowing that while he and the older woman made their own strange love, his Janet was with Ian in another bed. Aunty’s pets were being directed to sleep separately and with other partners, and Aunty’ s pets were delighted with the arrangements.

“Ian is giving your Janet another sexy night” Sarah told him as they snuggled up close to one another “while you sleep with Aunty in Aunty’s big bed”. She slowly and carefully wanked him to a tremendous climax, “However, I’ve given Ian strict instructions that Janet is to remain a virgin until her wedding day, my pet, I want to see you both in pure white on your wedding day. I will allow Ian to cuddle and kiss her all he wants to, but that is all”.

All through the week-end Sarah allowed and encouraged Ian to sit and cuddle Janet while Paul, wearing a pretty blouse and skirt found himself often in Sarah’s strong arms. Sarah found great delight in fondling her girlie-boy beneath his brief pleated skirt while they both watched Ian and Janet on the couch indulging in intimate petting sessions.

“Look at Ian feeling up your wife-to-be’s clothing” Sarah taunted her young friend, making him stand and watch the other couple while she stood behind him, her arms encircling his waist, her hands now and again delving up under HIS clothing to sample the size of his swelling male organ.

She knew when he was aroused she could say, and do, anything to him, and he would not resent it. He seemed to get even harder when he was petted through his little panties and at the same time watch his girl friend being mildly assaulted by the good looking Ian.

“You can see Janet enjoys being in the company of Ian” she went on, speaking softly and with her lips close to his ear. “You want young Janet to be happy don’t you my pet, and as long as she enjoys it you don’t mind how high up her legs Ian feels do you”?

As if to help him make up his mind and answer in the way she wanted, Sarah clasped her beringed fingers around his panty enclosed cock and gently, so gently, wanked him. She felt his stomach churning and his loins arching slightly under her experienced ministrations. He shook his head, “Oh no, I don’t mind, I want Janet to be happy, and if she wants Ian to touch her legs, even her thighs, I don’t mind”.

“Not as long as Aunty makes you happy eh, like this… and this… and this”. As she spoke she held his cockie tighter and wanked with a little more urgency. She put her face alongside his as she whispered “Tell Janet to open her legs more my darling pet” she urged him.

Meekly he obeyed. “Janet darling” his voice was so timid “open your legs wider so that Ian can get his hand higher up your thighs”. Sarah whispered more instructions and he continued “I bet Ian would like to feel your knickers Janet, I like feeling them, in fact I love wearing them, you know that don’t you? So let Ian feel your little knickers dear. Maybe Ian would like to put them on”?

Sarah laughed at the final suggestion. “Of course he wouldn’t pet, Ian is not like you, he doesn’t want to WEAR girl’s knickers, but he does want to FEEL them, and what they protect and cover.”

For several moments the room was filled with the heavy breathing as Sarah cleverly wanked Paul through his little knickers while they watched Ian fondling the very tops of Janet’s lovely thighs.

“Now my pet” the woman murmured “I am going to slide my hand INSIDE your panties Paul, shall we tell Ian to get his hand inside Janet’s knickers too”?

“Oh yes, yes” Paul would have agreed to anything to have this wonderful pleasure giving hand inside his feminine underwear and actually touching his flesh. He knew what usually happened when Mrs Sarah Wilson fondled his naked penis, he was induced to spurt, to shoot, to cleanse himself by coming-off. He felt her hand moving and then to his dismay it stopped with her long fingers just inside the elastic waist band of his knickers. Why oh why didn’t she move that hand inside and touch his naked cockie that was aching and throbbing for a release he had grown accustomed to only having when she gave it to him.

“Please, please Mrs Wilson, Sarah I mean, no I mean, Aunty, please Aunty, do what you said you would do, put your hand inside my panties, touch me nicely, please, I beg you”.

She smiled knowingly at him. “I think you have forgotten what the arrangement was” she looked across at the young couple on the couch. Paul knew what she meant and what she wanted him to do.

“Ian, Ian” he spoke with less timidity now for he was aroused and horny, “put your hand up inside Janet’s knickers and touch her, touch her … ” he was for a moment lost for the word, and embarrassed. It was the whispered prompting of Sarah that got him speaking again.

“touch her pussy, her warm little pussy. I know she will like that, and I am sure you will like it too”.

“Put your hand up my skirt” Paul heard Sarah telling him “I want to be given some pleasure too you know”.

To her amazement the young man in feminine attire was doing more than put his hand up her skirt. Sarah was aware of him trying to unbutton her dress, he was getting bold, and the more she caressed his erect penis through his knickers the more bold he became. She played along with him, letting him take off her dress, then in front of the gasping young couple on the sofa, Paul was taking off the soft silken panties from the older woman, her intimate garments were being stacked neatly on the carpet and although she was far from disliking what he was doing to her Sarah felt she had to make him stop, especially as they were not alone.

“Paul, Paul my pet, Pauline, Pauline, you must not do this”. But her voice was hardly audible, choked off by the strange sizzling passion that flowed through the mature belly and loins. She tingled with erotic passion for this boy/girl, virile though he was she knew she should be the one controlling him. She pressed her soft womanly thighs as close together as she could to stop the wild, wicked Sensation in her moistly heated vagina and inner thighs.

The young couple were watching even though they kissed one another with a passion that had been stoked by Mrs Sarah Wilson herself by placing them in such a situation. She pondered whether to take Paul to her bedroom and leave the other two on their own. She decided to make one final attempt to get matters under her own control again. Whatever had come over the quiet, timid Paul, there was no stopping him now. She had driven him too far, tempted him, and aroused him to a pitch beyond reasonable normality. Paul was staring at her near nakedness, holding her close while his hands moved down her broad back towards her warmly rounded buttocks, and his touch was not of compassion or protectiveness, or even of mild admiration, it was the touch of a sex hungry young man, of a man deprived of sexual release in the direct way for too long. Sarah was not slow to recognise the symptoms, and she knew her actions in the next few minutes might make all the difference to their relationship in the future.

“My darling, my pet, my Pauline” she tried speaking softly to him, trying to again reason with him until he was putty in her hands. She played with him so gently, so hard, so fiercely erect was he she feared he would come-off any second. Would that solve the problem ? She thought not. Too often she had given him temporary release that way. Now he wanted more, much more. He was growing up, he was a male for all her efforts to take away his manliness.

Maybe this would be the one time she had to give way to nature. If after this experience he was more willing to be her pet then it would all be worth while. But she must not be seen to be giving in in front of Ian and Janet.

“Take Janet up to bed now” she managed to mutter to the boggle-eyed young Ian, and as soon as they left the room, heading for the bedroom, Sarah allowed fuller play to her own horny companion.

“You don’t seem to mind at all your future wife going to bed with Ian” she was making conversation in order to play for time, but she couldn’t stop the mounting flames of lust within her own body. She was so shamelessly aroused, she had been intent on having his youthful, virile body aroused in her own way and on her own terms, but now, HE was calling the tune and she had to put a stop to it. But how ?

It was too late, she realised that. The events of this week-end, and of so many previous week-ends had taken their irreversible course, and after many bizarre acts maybe at last a more normal procedure was to be undertaken by mature woman and youthful male/girl.

She clasped his ever-thickening prong through the silky knickers, the feel of the throbbiness made the hunger and heat in her vaginal walls all the more intense. His young, slender hands were roaming all over her ripe womanly body, touching her fleshy straining teats, squeezing the large nipples between his finger and thumb, and then, THEN, Heaven forbid, his fingers slipped down over her curving belly, moving towards her hungrily pulsating vagina. His painfully throbbing cock was aching, she knew that, it was now harder than ever before.

“Oh Sarah …, Aunty Sarah” he moaned “I want … I want to … to fuck, …I want to fuck you, you you, you YOU”

She had not taught him to use such dirty and vulgar words and yet so thrillingly naughty and sexually provoking.

“If you … ” she hesitated and then made up her mind that she too could be speaking in more basic words if that was what he liked, “if you want to fuck me Paul then you must not mind if your bride-to-be is wanted to be fucked by Ian, you do realise that don’t you darling”.

“Of course I do, but I don’t care, I need you so badly Sarah, so very badly Aunty Sarah”.

His words cut through her like swords of awakening passion, and she could not deny that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. She felt powerless to resist the truth, awful that it might be, she wanted to have him actually inside her body, fucking her, mating with her, when she had believed that all she wanted was to feminise him and leave his wife to the sexual mercy of Ian, and other men when the time was right. Now it was so very different, Paul was conditioned to letting his Janet be coupled and petted with Ian, but he wanted his own sexual release with the mature woman who had taught him so much about himself, but not yet about his true desires. Oh yes, he adored being dressed in girlish clothes, he adored being wanked by this clever scheming woman, he loved everything she had planned for him, but now it was time for a slight variance, he wanted not to be tossed off in his silky knickers, but he wanted to come with his cock inside her belly.

She drew aside his little frilly knickers and gazed at the firmly erect manly rod. She reached out to hold it again and thrilled to the way it throbbed with life as she fastened her fingers around it. She squeezed it tightly, making it lurch even larger in her fist. She was beginning to hunger for it, she wanted to know what it would be like to have it inside her leaving its Juices instead of masturbating him until it was the knickers or panties he wore that took the fluid. His hands were roaming every where over her slightly trembling body, now and then his fingers strayed very, very close to her most intimate parts, and all the time she held his shaft, rubbed it, caressed it with loving attention, wondering if in the bedroom Ian was being played with as passionately by his young companion. Possibly not, even so, Janet was quite a passion piece of girlhood, and Ian was a virile, good looking male.

Paul was good looking too, but in a more gentle, delicate way, nothing gentle or fragile about this throbbing enormity she now held in two fists though.

Together they dropped to the thick pile carpet, kneeling face to face, her hand still stroking him as her wrists kept the little panties to one side, his hands now wandering terribly close to that warm, hairy region between her thighs.

“Oh you are so wonderful Mrs…I mean so wonderful” he panted as his fingers instinctively curved into her hungry wet slit, and his index finger brushed her swollen clitoris.

“Oh yes my darling pet, my dear little sissy pet” she urged him on by opening her thighs more and arching her heavily fleshed belly to his hand. His fingers probed into the gash itself.

“Suck Aunty’s tit”. she urged him, arching as he bent his head to get his face to her large womanly orb. His mouth was really and truly hungry for her now, her hardened nipple was chewed as he suckled her.

This had not been a part of her plans at all, but now it was happening she could not control herself. She swivelled over so she straddled him, hovering above him, her fine womanly thighs wide apart and kneeling on either side of his strong, youthful hips. His long hard penis pointed straight up, the panty crotch-band forced to give way and stay to one side by the sheer force of the young man’s upthrusting organ.

Sarah had intended to wait until his wedding night for this ultimate act between him and her, between Aunty and her pet, but his marriage to Janet was not to be, not just yet, but the ache in her loins was too strong for its gratification to be delayed.

She held his fine penis in her fist as she guided it to her splayed vagina. She played the velvety head along her wet groove massaging it in the same way as she did when she masturbated him through knickers, but now it was flesh, HER flesh, and not nylon, or cotton, or silk that caressed and aroused his young manhood.

“Ohaaa… Aunty …..ooooaaaaa” he groaned as he desperately tried to arch up at her tempting fleshy entrance and gain admission, but she held him at bay….for the moment.

“Yes darling, yes” she teased him “tell Aunty what you want, tell Aunty you are her obedient pet and will do anything she tells you”.

“Oh yes Aunty dear, dear, dear I am your pet, your very own pet, and I will always do what you want, but now, please, please I want…… fuck you”.

“I know you dear, I know how you are feeling” she did not reveal to him that she was as hungry for his body as he was for hers. She hissed through her clenched teeth as she reached down with her other hand to part the hotly swollen lips of her opening to clear the way for his entry.

The woman hesitated for a moment. How would he be afterwards ? Would she have the same control over him ? More, maybe, he was desperate for her, to give him what he wanted would make him hungry for it again and place him more dependent on her for his pleasures. Yes, that was it, he would be even more of her pet afterwards, she was sure of it.

She allowed him to plunge upwards into her hungry nest. She was taken by surprise at the throbbiness of his tool, her husband’s had never had so much life in it, and the youth was as big, if not more robust than her husband’s. Mature as she was she felt her inner muscles resisting. Her womanly orifice was small, his male organ so large, and yet so wonderful.

“OOOOOoooooo … my God … my God” she muttered to herself as the young, but huge fleshy rod lurched up inside her tight wet twat, filling her in a way she would not have believed possible. He filled her far more satisfactorily than she had expected.

Paul raised up on his elbows to watch his thick white penis thrust up into the straddling woman’s belly, and he angled his hips so that he could drive up even more deeply and with more force. When she at last dropped right down on to his stomach he realised he was as far into her as it was humanly possible to get.

“Oh my little Paul, my Pauline, my little dear pet Pauline” she gasped, hardly knowing what she was saying in her wild delirium of lust and pleasure. She had no idea her protege would ever give her so much pleasure in this more normal fashion, never been aware of the stark masculinity of the partly feminised youth who although he loved being dressed as a girl, loved acting like a girl, was still able to satisfy a woman in this vibrant, wonderful way.

Sarah’s mind filled with thoughts of the intended marriage between the boy/girl Paul and Janet. More than ever she was so utterly determined he would never give Janet this sort of satisfaction and wonderful love-making. He would still be the victim of her plans, still her pet, and when he and Janet were one they would be ‘one’ only in the way they had already been taught. He could make love to her by sucking, by frigging, by any means other than intercourse. Ian would always be at hand to take care of Janet’s feminine desires of the flesh, Paul would be her boy/girly, she would only be allowed to masturbate him, and only though fabric of his knickers or nightgown, never nakedly, and as for doing what she and Paul were doing now Mrs Sarah Wilson was determined the act would never take place … never.

In the bedroom Janet was far from happy. She did not like being so summarily sent from the lounge by the bossy Mrs Sarah Wilson, even if she did like sleeping with the good looking Ian, she felt for Paul, he did funny things, but she loved them, he made her feel good, satisfied her even if he was always dressed as a girl when they embraced or petted. Not that Sarah allowed them to pet very often, or very intimately. It was always Ian who had the privilege of being the one to be more intimate. Now Paul had been forced to stay in the lounge with the older woman, Janet didn’t like it.

“I’ll be back in a minute Ian dear” she told her half undressed companion, “I just want to say good-night again to Paul and Mrs Wilson”.

In the doorway of the lounge the girl stopped, her hand flew to her mouth to stifle her gasp of amazement, and shock. She stood there, not believing what she saw. Mrs Sarah Wilson was straddled over Paul’s loins, riding up and down on his thick, glistening penis shaft. She was behaving like a whore, Janet had never thought of Mrs Sarah acting, or thinking, in this way, to be actually allowing the young man to enter her body !

The fully developed womanly body was twisting and writhing drawing the long stem of youthful manhood deeply into her belly, and she was loving it … and what was more, Paul was loving it too. They were so engrossed in their sexual activity they had not heard the door open, and were oblivious that they were not alone.

At the moment a mutually orgasmed climax hit woman and youth Janet ran silently from the hall back to her bedroom. if that was what Sarah and her husband-to-be could do Janet and Ian could do the same. Ian didn’t know what was in store for him when his sleeping partner returned to the sheets. It was a night he would never forget. It was a night Paul the girly/boy would never forget, and the same went for the two women, Janet and Mrs Sarah Wilson.

Several months before the wedding Paul left the Centre and moved in to live all the time, day and night, with Sarah. The scheming woman now had her pet under her constant control. He wore feminine clothing all the time and was becoming more and more addicted to it. He did not feel happy dressed as a male, only when he was in his pretties, his frillies, his panties and stockings was he happy and contented.

Janet still came to stay at week-ends and by now she had come to fully accept that her husband-to-be slept with Sarah, although she understood that she would be allowed to sleep with him after they were married.

Sarah also explained that her pet was now totally in love with his life as a girl/boy and really wanted to be called Pauline all the time. After Sarah assured the girl that Paul still loved her she accepted the bizarre Situation and soon became used to seeing her beloved dressed in skirts, dresses or slacks, with really pretty feminine underthings.

Always at the week-ends that Ian came to stay he slept with Janet and Paul always shared Sarah’s bed. The approaching wedding plans were being arranged by Sarah and she was explaining that they would live with her. Paul and Janet would have their own double bedroom with a satin covered double-bed, and they were told she wanted them both to be wearing white satin for the wedding ceremony. A white satin wedding dress for Janet and a feminine white satin trouser suit for Paul with a matching silk shirt and tie.

The wedding day soon arrived and it thrilled Sarah to see the young couple standing together for the simple wedding ceremony, with only Ian and herself as the guests. Janet looked radiant in her white gown with a white veil, and the groom looked great in his gleaming white satin suit, shirt and tie and white shoes.

After the ceremony Sarah instructed the bride and groom to kiss one another and then it was the turn of the guests to kiss and congratulate them. Ian held Janet very tightly and gave her a long, lingering kiss of passion, and Paul was treated to the same from the older woman.

“This is the last time you will need to wear anything masculine, my pet” Sarah told the blushing youth, whispering into his ear, “From now on you will only be wearing your pretty skirts, dresses and slacks and pretty, dainty underthings”.

The young couple and their two guests retired to the lounge after a really splendid wedding breakfast, prepared by out-side caterers, and it was obvious that the inexperienced couple were effected by the wedding champagne and the general excitement.

“You both look flushed and excited my pets” Sarah told them “slip your top clothes off and you will feel much more relaxed”.

Paul and his bride, now completely under her spell obeyed her words. Janet stripped down to her white satin brassiere, panties and suspender-belt and white stockings and white, high-heeled shoes. Paul stripped down to the white satin panties he wore under his trousers.

With her left hand Sarah gripped Paul around his waist while her right hand dipped down to the front of his pretty satin panties and began rubbing his cock through the superb, fine, smooth fabric. She was delighted to feel the organ begin to throb and grow as she lovingly massaged it to bring it to full erection.

Ian joined Janet and began rubbing his palms over the cups of her satin bra, and he was pleased to feel the nipples harden and the breasts to swell out to expand the material. The bride swooned in pleasure at the contact against her breasts and at the sight of her new husband’s erect penis and she began gyrating her hips.

Paul was unable to interfere with what was happening to his new bride because of Sarah’s firm hold around his waist and the fact that he didn’t want to lose the magic touch of ‘Aunty’s’ right hand that was providing him with so much pleasure. He simply lay back against the woman and watched as Ian now ran his hands all over Janet’s satin panties and eventually settled one band in between her thighs to give the lovely bride a thorough cuntal frigging.

“Slip the bridal clothes on my darling” Sarah whispered into Paul’s ear, “I know you have been longing to try them on all day”.

Paul was released from her grip and hurried over to the pile of discarded bridal clothes. He eagerly slipped his head through the white satin petticoat and smoothed the lovely material against his body. Sarah helped him put on the white satin wedding dress and then the white veil and they stood back to watch him proudly strut around the room.

Ian turned Janet round so that she could witness her groom’s dressing up in her own wedding gown and see the intense happiness on his face as he wore HER outfit.

Janet was also compelled to witness Sarah again encircling her new husband’s waist and then slipping both hands under the long skirt of the gown. The room echoed with Paul’s grunts and groans of pleasure as the smiling Sarah began to wank him beneath the wedding gown.

Janet was manoeuvred so she faced the bridegroom now being forcibly wanked by the older woman, and Ian frigged the bride more rapidly while with his free hand he guided her small, neat hand, the hand upon which her golden band gleamed, to his own erect penis. Both bride and groom were soon being fetched-off to a beautiful climax in full view of each other, and with the groom happily dressed in his bride’s outfit. It was obvious that the young couple, although married, were still under the influence of Mrs Sarah Wilson.

That evening Sarah produced special sleeping outfits she had bought for the newly weds – white satin baby-doll nighties with matching white briefs, although for this ‘first-night’ Paul was to wear a pair of satin french knickers and Janet was to put on a pair of open crotch panties. At Sarah’s command Janet and Paul donned their presents and paraded in front of Sarah and Ian.

“Soon it will be time for my two young innocent virgins in white to go to their beds” Sarah chuckled “two little sweet with so much to learn”.

She then informed them in view of their inexperience of married life Paul was to sleep with her and Janet was to share her marital bed with Ian.

The two newly-weds were to be taught the full joys of lovemaking by a companion who knew so much more than they did. Maybe later, she told them, they would be allowed to sleep together sometimes, maybe.

Paul and his bride meekly accepted the situation and were led into the bedrooms Sarah wanted them in. Secretly Paul and his bride had been worrying about their wedding night and now the wonderful Sarah, ‘Aunty’ Sarah, had solved the problem for them. It was a bizarre situation by normal standards, but Sarah’s little pets were not ‘normal’, they were trained very differently and prepared for their wedding in the way only Sarah could have planned.

In her own bedroom Sarah made Paul go down in the bed and get his face between her thighs whilst she felt down to his satin sheathed cock and fondled him once again towards an arousal that would drive him wild until his desire was satiated.

When they were both sufficiently excited she pulled Paul up on top of her and gently eased his throbbing shaft through the wide legs of the french knickers he wore. Now he was facing her his hand moved up by instinct to her large breasts, kneading them, caressing them until the full fleshy orbs expanded and were squeezed through his fingers,

Paul had never known his penis be so hard, or so aching, he wanted Sarah to hold him again, to play with him, and secretly he knew what he wanted more than anything in the whole world. This was his wedding night and he wanted to get his throbby cock inside the body of his beloved Sarah. He realised his bride was in bed with another man, in a room so very close to theirs, but he did not care. He wanted this woman, his beloved Aunty Sarah.

For her part, Sarah knew she wanted this young man’s penis for herself, this was his wedding night and she squeezed his shaft lovingly whilst caressing the head of it with the satin knickers.

The mouth that had been kissing her between her thighs was now compressed to her lips. The young groom kissed this mature woman with a passion he should have reserved for his bride, but this woman knew how to play with him, how to stroke him, how to pull at him, but if she was driving him insane with desire for her body she was also driving herself mad with the lust for him.

She threw back the bedclothing and lay back with arms outstretched, her nighty unbuttoned all the way down the front and thrown open so she was as good as nude for him.

He knelt in between her thighs, running his eager hands all over the flesh of her inner thighs, and as she arched her loins upwards and spread her legs wider the invitation was plain, even to a young man äs inexperienced as the bridegroom.

“You… you are so, … so beautiful Aunty Sarah” he moaned as his fingers found the pink curving slit of her hungry vagina. He brushed against the tip of her swollen clitoris causing her to gasp and then cry out from the sensation.

“Yes, yes my darling boy, my darling little boy/girl pet, you want to be joined to me on your wedding night don’t you ? You love wearing those french knickers of satin and the little baby-doll nighty too, eh ? And you feel so happy don’t you, I can tell how happy you are by this lovely, hard, long cocky my pet. You want to have it inside my cunt don’t you”.

She forced him up off her enough for him to be able to look down in between widely spread fleshy thighs, to the apex where her fingers were opening the soft flesh keg I’ve never known you so hard my pet” she murmured as she fondled him and massaged the head of his tool against her own vibrant sexual opening, “is it because this is your wedding night and Janet is in bed in the next room with Ian while you are in bed with me”?

“Yes, yes I think it is, but it is also these wonderful knickers you have let me wear. The french ones are my favourites you know that darling Sarah, I mean Aunty Sarah. The feel of the soft satin against my prick, it makes me feel so good, makes me want to … makes me want to … ”

She smiled at his hesitation. “I know what my pet wants” she purred “he wants to put this naughty big cockie inside me and get rid of all those nasty pent-up feelings and tensions. A man’s wedding day is always a most trying time my darling. Let Aunty make this nasty hard thing better, let me put it … oooEEEEEOOWWWWWWWWW … you … you naughty, naughty boy, you’ve pushed it into me before I said you could. But it feels so good, so terribly good my pet”.

He filled her far more than she had expected, far more than the previous time she had allowed him this way of releasing his tensions instead of being fetched off in his knickers by her nimble, experienced fingers.

He had been so eager, she gripped his waist, pinching the tight elasticated top of his french knickers against his flesh as she tried to control his hard jerky movements. He was right up inside her, she smiled to herself. If his new bride was taking as much length as this she would be a very lucky and happy girl. Strange, but a few months ago Sarah would have sworn that Ian was the better hung of the two boys, but with his constant weaning towards girl and woman’s clothing Paul seemed to have grown in his sexual equipment. He was sturdy down there, long and thick and the fully developed vagina of the older woman was well filled, filled to the point of her being aware of every muscle, every crinkle, every vein of that filling shaft pressing into her own flesh, it was a sensation she had never before encountered.

She had no idea he would be so big, Janet was welcome to Ian, this groom was the one for Sarah. She ground her pelvis to his loins.

“Give it to me darling, give it all to me” she urged him on to faster, more intense lunging, plunging jabs up there between her womanly thighs. “Give me as much precious juice as I draw from you when I play with you through your pretty panties”.

So many times she had felt the warm semen soak through the silken or nylon panties she held wrapped round his cock whilst she brought him release, now she felt the juice in a very different way. Amid his groans and grunts she felt the wetness spit at the back of her womb. He was spewing his spunk into her with a force that shook her, and the fear went through her mind that after this experience would he ever be content to return to being tossed, even if it was while he was dressed as a girl, even if it was after he had been finger-coaxed to hardness through knickers fabric? She did not know, only time would tell, for the moment all that mattered was her own rapidly approaching orgasm. Her body erupted with a climax that was the best she had ever known. His hot fluid filled her and mingled with her own liquids of lust as her boy/girl pet, on his wedding night, gave her his very soul out through the eye of his fine penis. No bride, and certainly no Mistress or Aunty, could wish for more.

Each in their own way, the youthful bride-groom and the mature, lush woman of his dreams, enjoyed this unbelievably satisfying experience to the full.

Tomorrow was another day. Tomorrow she would again resume his training to be a completely feminised boy/girl, under her own personal control, in the same way his bride would also belong to ‘Aunt’ Sarah.

She thrilled to the prospect. She lay cradling in her arms the young man who had been brought so cleverly, and gradually into her web, from where he would never be able to escape.

But the escapades of the wedding night were not yet over. Not by a long way.

“Let’s go and see how your bride is enjoying her wedding night darling” she told Paul as she gathered herself together and dragged him from the bed.

The groom’s second orgasm on his wedding night was not as violent, or as plentiful as the first, but it was more prolonged, and in a way, more lasting and satisfying:

While watching his bride in the wild throes of orgasm with Ian Paul was slowly and tantalisingly masturbated through his french knickers by the experienced fingers of ‘Aunty’ Sarah.

It was more than two weeks before Sarah relented and allowed the bride and groom to share a bed, and even then it was Sarah who controlled the activities.

She positioned Paul and Janet side by side on the marital bed, facing one another.

“Prepare the bride my darling” she told Paul as she guided his shaking hand down between the girl’s thighs. “Come on don’t be a silly billy, you know what I like you doing to me. Do the same to your Janet, after all, she IS your wife now”.

As soon as he had got his fingering into some sort of rhythm Sarah started to slowly wank him through his nylon panties. She had dressed him in a scarlet, flowing nylon nightgown, one that opened easily at the front so she could get her hands to his knickered sexual parts. His panties matched the nightgown, scarlet, silky and very sexy and fetching.

For several minutes all that could be heard in the bedroom was the soft, wet squelching sound of Janet’s pussy being fingered, and the soft sensuous rustle of nylon as Sarah masturbated the young groom, her hand always OUTSIDE the knickers. The young couple became excited, they breathed heavily, and now Sarah considered they were both worked up enough, primed for further sex with each other. She eased the very hard and swollen male member from the nylon encasement. It was good and hard, it was good and throbby, it was good and ready.

She manoeuvred Paul over on top of his bride and with her own hands guided his shaft into the waiting, welcoming passion hole between Janet’s lovely legs.

The older woman knelt on the bed close to the coupled young partners and gripping Paul’s panty clad hips she began forcibly pulling and pushing him up and down so it was she who controlled the speed and the ferocity of the love-making.

She knew both bride and groom were crazy to have their release, crazy to be brought to their mutual orgasm. After all they had waited over two weeks to be brought together like this as husband and wife.

Sarah smiled down at them, they were so eager, so inexperienced, Paul in his pretty and dainty feminine panties. Janet anxious only for her climax, not caring what her husband wore, what he thought, what he did, only that he brought her off with that fine penis which was so well thrust up inside her.

“Slip your hands up under Paul’s nighty dear” she told the girl “and grip his sweet hips. Isn’t it good to feel the tight waist of the panties, the elastic grips him doesn’t it. Feel the material Janet dear, rub the soft nylon against his flesh, he likes that, and it will make him a much better lover for you”.

She turned her attention to Paul. “Dearest pet, my darling boy/girl, the lovely soft nylon panties are making you feel so excited aren’t they. They are making you so eager for your wife, eh, my pet”?

It wasn’t long before the young married couple were groaning and swooning with pleasure and as they both looked up they saw an expression of total dominance and success on the grinning woman’s face.

Aunty Sarah was the person who had brought them together, Aunty was the woman who controlled them, all their sexual actions, all their feelings. She had been responsible for bringing them so much pleasure, she had made their lives worth the living, and they instinctively realised that they would both be content to stay with her for ever, to spend their married life with her, making love in the strange ways she had taught them. Paul, dressed as a girl and constantly wanked through his panties. Janet sharing her body with the virile Ian. And all the time Sarah would be supervising them …

Suddenly the couple reached their mutual peaks. A shattering climax made them cling to one another and at the same time made them adore their Aunty all the more for this spanking, splendid feeling they now enjoyed.

As she drew the copulated couple apart she patted their bellies in a most intimate and yet loving way. “That was worth waiting for wasn’t it my little pets”?

The End

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