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How to do photography

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bythom US MT Kalispell TripleD Z7 68237

Z7 testing still ongoing. This week will be consumed by meetings and PhotoPlusExpo, though.

B&H has some PhotPlusExpo specials you might want to take advantage of. The ones that stood out to me are the (expires late on the 24th); for those of you living in humid climates the  (and free shipping; it's heavy) is a very useful addition; the Oben CT-2491 carbon fiber tripod is priced about as low as you see a decent ; and my preferred current 15" (2.9Ghz, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, GPU, 2018 model) is US0 off. 

. Most expire on Monday. [All links advertiser links; all lynx are not]

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October 24

Leica Goes Retro to the Future. Leica today announced yet another M model, the M10-D, but it's a very interesting camera, as that image of its back should show.    (Camera Database header page has been updated)

Where Are We? With Photokina out of the way, it's time to assess where the camera makers now fall in terms of mirrorless cameras.

The False Equivalency That Great Photo Equipment Makes Great Photographs. I recently had someone believe that they were blasting me to smithereens on the Internet by comparing my photography to someone who's regarded as one of the top ten photographers of all time. While they thought they were dissing me big time, I actually was quite amused to find someone trying to compare me to the very best.

May I ask that you start your photographic-related shopping by clicking on any of the B&H links on this site, such as the following one. B&H is this site's exclusive advertiser. Starting a purchase at B&H from a link on this site helps support this site.

Some of you probably aren't aware that I've long had a dedicated  [advertiser link] where the items in each of four different "gear bags" I use lives. We've just updated that page and the underlying pages, as well.


>>> Recent Articles:

October 18

QAD HDR. Back near the turn of the century, I was one of the early proponents of ETTR (expose to the right) for raw shooters. The classic definition of this is that you place the brightest highlight you want to preserve right near the saturation point of the sensor (255 for any given photosite in 8-bit terms). 

QAD Sports Recommendations. The following presupposes credentialed or official press access to the sidelines. In football, for instance, you’ll note that there’s a dashed line set back from the actual sideline at most collegiate and pro stadiums.  Updated

Adobe Updates. At Adobe Max, Adobe's conference for creatives, new versions of the photography bundle products were announced. 

October 17

Ecosystems versus Alliances. I found several instances of people posting comments recently about the state of cameras similar to the following: "you have to be in an alliance or you'll die." Not at all true. 

October 15

A Curious Observation Prior to the Canon R and Nikon Z announcements, the Internet (and my In Box) was filled with "Sony is Invincible" messages. 

October 14

Does The Lens Mount Matter? First, let's put blame where it belongs: the marketing departments of Canon and Nikon. When you make a claim—our new mount is better—it's up to you to prove it. 

New Z6/Z7 Blog Updates As I’ve been doing with the DSLRs lately, I’m going to start a blog-style set of comments and updates for the new Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras. Now with four new observations. Eventually the useful information in these posts will be moved to my review and this blog removed.  Updated 10/18, particularly on CSP comments

October 5

New Z6/Z7 Blog. As I’ve been doing with the DSLRs lately, I’m going to start a blog-style set of comments and updates for the new Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras. Eventually the useful information in these posts will be moved to my review and this blog removed. 

September 27

Photokina Observations. Photokina is a great place to observe, even though I often have to do that from afar. The press conferences, the press releases, the order of announcements, who's involved, small details that some gloss over, they all tell a story beyond just "Company X announced Y."  

September 24

Sigma's L-Mount Plans. Sigma has checked in with an outline of their plans for their part of the L-mount alliance. And yes, another full frame mirrorless camera is coming in 2019. 

Boo Nikon! If you click on NikonUSA's Web site and go to the Nikkor Z System Lenses page, you now get all the currently available F-mount lenses as well as the Z-mount ones. This is exceedingly deceptive. 

Photokina Odds and Ends. This is where you'll find commentary about things other than the usual cameras and lenses I cover that were introduced at Photokina 2018. Latest addition on top. 

The Full Frame Lens Race. Well, at least I'm not going to write buzz, buzz about mirrorless full frame cameras. ;) 

Fujifilm Launches Second Medium Format Camera. Today Fujifilm announced the GFX 50R, their second medium format camera with the Sony 50mp 33x44mm sensor (0.79x crop). . .

New Baby Elephant Enters Market. Leica, Panasonic, and Sigma have formed a new development group centered around Leica's L-mount (used by the Leica CL/TL crop sensor and SL full frame sensor cameras). This safety-in-numbers move is apparently the way some of the remaining dwarfs intend to take on the triopoly of Canon, Nikon, and Sony, each of whom has their own separate mount. .

Panasonic Joins Full Frame Squad. After the L-mount alliance announcement, Panasonic unveiled two new full frame mirrorless cameras they're working on, and three lenses. 

New lenses announced at Photokina: , Laowa 17mm f/1.8 for m4/3. ,  , . , , , , , Zeiss 40mm f/2 Batis. 

Meanwhile,  (CFExpress and SDExpress, if you haven't been paying attention). Well worth reading. Even today we have issues with SD cards and video specs—particularly confusing considering all the different marking—and it looks like this won't go away with the next generation.

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