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How to Visit Legoland Florida

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lf you love playing with legos and either live or are planning to visit Orlando, FL, take a day trip to the LEGOLAND Theme park. This article will explain how you can visit it. Follow along from Step 1 below to learn these details.


  1. Purchase your "LEGOLAND Florida" tickets online (or over the phone) before visiting the park, particularly if you are visiting from outside the US.This will save you time when you arrive at the park - you won't have to wait in any queues at the ticket offices!
  2. Preview the attractions in the park before your visit.Try previewing each attraction or show on YouTube, or take a peak at the ride-through photos from others. Learn from what others see. This can help decide which rides and attractions will take priority during your visit.
    • Recognize that there are few other real theme park options near Winter Haven, FL (in or near Orlando, FL) with Universal Orlando and Sea World Orlando nearby, #* Recognize the sections of the park that exist here. When you first walk through the gates, you'll enter into several different areas called "The Beginning" and DUPLO Village, Fun Town, Pirates Cove, Land of Adventure, Imagination Zone, Lego City, Lego Technic, Lego Kingdoms, World of Chima and this all happens around one final great big land around a final pond in the center in an area many know called Miniland. There is also a separate area for the Water Park that is on site that LEGOLAND calls Water Park on their
  3. Drive and park to the parking lot for Legoland.The address to this park is located at 1 LEGOLAND Way, Winter Haven, FL33884The cost to park your car at Legoland will run you about for cars and upwards from there (depending on complexity of vehicle).
  4. Look at the setup of the park as you enter through the turnstiles.The park contains a total of 12 lands each placed in a circular pattern following a short walk in from the entry area. Their lands here are called The Beginning, Heartlake City, Miniland, Lego Technic, Pirates Cove, Imagination Zone, Lego City, Land of Adventure, Lego Kingdoms, Duplo Valley and Fun Town along with 3 other special lands called World of Chima, Cypress Gardens and the LEGOLAND Water Park.

The Beginning

  1. Enter into the park through the section known as The Beginning.This colorful section consists of mostly guest service locations (wheelchair rental, First Aid and the like), shopping and a few quick-service dining options and one ride.
  2. Ride the slow-moving ride calledIsland in the Skyto get a good idea what the park and the nearby landscape looks like.The ride doesn't take too long, but it will give you a general perspective of everything you can do in the park later on once you arrive at the entrance gate to the attraction.

Heartlake City

  1. Continue on into the next section in an almost clockwise manner.This area is known as Heartlake City. Heartlake City is LEGOLAND Florida's newest land that was unveiled in May-June 2015
  2. Ride the spinning disc circular forward and back ride calledMia's Riding Adventure.Although it first premiered in June 2015, it seems like a pure winner for a little fun for the older aged crew. It seems to be a little wild for the younger crew, but everyone is strapped in tight onto these horse-themed seats.
  3. Wait on taking inStephanies Newsroom, as it's not been unveiled yet but is on the park map as being open.
  4. Watch the Friends to the Rescue’ Live Stage Show instead, if you'd like to watch Andrea's big premier at a park and see a little more about her life and her musical style.


  1. Continue into this section in the clockwise pattern as you recognize that this section is the one section that makes LEGOLAND parks so famous to anyone and everyone who visits.It is this famous, thanks to the creations that are created here. These creations make them famous and help portray the LEGO image on their guests who play at the park.
    • Look at all the minute details of each LEGO block item that has been constructed. Each item has so much detail - and it was all made to be so...realistic.
  2. Inspire yourself for science and look at some of the LEGO figures made to look like the Kennedy Space Center.
  3. Look at the Daytona International Speedway section for racing-inspired Lego creations to this famous nearby track.
  4. Visit the LEGO stylings of Las Vegas' famous landmark Strip in the Las Vegas section of Miniland.
  5. View the Washington DC section of Miniland in the park.You'll see many of the famous sites of Washington DC shown in LEGO blocks including the White House (including the president and his pet dog, Bo) and Capitol, the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial as well as some of the Smithsonian National Mall all carved in Lego blocks.
  6. Look at the New York section for quite a few minutes.Look at the intricate detail of the New York skyline with it's Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, Times Square and many other places in this section that are devoted to New York (City).
  7. Look at all the Star Wars inspired figurines sections in the Star Wars section of Miniland.This section houses such items as the Naboo, Genosis, Kashyyk & Mustafar, Tatooine, Hoth, an Endor village, and the Christophea (from the Clone Wars).
  8. Get a view of the Californian coastline in the "California" section of Miniland.
  9. Walk through the LEGO figurines collection of pirate-inspired motif in the Pirate Shores section of LEGOLAND.Although still quite small, it'll pack a pretty punch and shows what the LEGO designers really can do when given time to create on and near water.
  10. Look at the Florida section of Miniland.This section contains such LEGO figures as Key West's Mallory Square section and some of the famous war mansions from the panhandle to Central Florida's Bok Tower.

Lego Technic

  1. Have your tots play in the DUPLO Tot Spot area of the Lego Technic area of the park.
  2. Ride Project X, a full-blown roller coaster.This attraction, though themed as being in the LEGO Technic style, is actually nothing like a LEGO Technic complexity and is full-blown metal on metal!
  3. Ride the "AQUAZONE Wave Racer".This power ski-like ride is positioned around a small moat as you dodge water blasts from water blasters positioned on the outside of the moat looking in. Be careful though- as on this ride, you'll be standing on the wave runner the entire time.
  4. Ride the Technicycle attraction.Although Technicycle is much like the Dumbo rides in the Disney Parks, the LEGOLAND Technicycle ride is unique in that it looks like a Lego block with bicycle-like propulsion features that allow it's rider to move the vehicle up and down (at will) in the shaft.

Pirates Cove

  1. Walk through Pirates Cove.With the exception of the sides of some of the buildings here and the music sections playing overhead, there isn't much to see here. You can find a ski show in the Water Ski Show in the Pirates Cove Live Water Ski Show venue or pick a drier show in the Special Events Venue (when used) and watch that show instead. But this section is rather uninteresting to most people at this time.

Imagination Zone

  1. Get used to exhilaration of freefall in "Kid Power Towers".Although there is a minimum height requirement, this fun attraction can be ridden by many, and can be fun to teach your children what happens during a freefall event all while keeping the guest safe. The freefall towers are colorful and fun to look at. Many kids adore the ride towers and the colors tend to draw the kids eyes quite quickly as you reach into this area of the park.
  2. Learn a little about the Hero Factory line of products that LEGO makes and sells in the LEGO Hero Factory building.
  3. Get your family together and play in the WB (Warner Brothers) Games Zone.With several games inside (in the style of some new gaming systems), there's no way that no one can find something they don't like.
  4. Try to build and program a LEGO Mindstorm robot in the LEGO MINDSTORMS attraction.For many, you'll need to make special reservations at the building inside the Imagination Zone area.However, careful; as this attraction isn't open long to suit school hours nearby. It is open from 10am till 2pm Eastern Time.
  5. Build a LEGO car and test it out in the "Build and Test" exhibit.Also, again, this attraction also tries to suit school hours nearby (10am til 2pm Eastern Time).

Lego City

  1. Learn to drive a boat in the Boating School ride around a watery non-tracked area.Even if you are an experienced boater and can deal with not having a propulsion system that isn't generated by the park at the entrance to the ride, this can really cut you a small break.
  2. Get healthy with the NFPA Rescue Academy as you help pump levers to help put out fake fires and help stop bad guys with water guns that can shoot far distances.
  3. Obtain a LEGOLAND Driver's License after you've driven in an official real electric LEGOLAND car at Ford Driving School.Much like that of the Tommorrowland Speedway in Walt Disney World in Florida or Autopia in Disneyland in California, this will have you and your kids driving these LEGOLAND cars around like a pro.
    • If your kids aren't up to driving cars yet, walk up to the Ford Jr(Junior) Driving School instead. There, they don't even have to worry about driving, and can be left up to sit in the car and watch it move around a circular track by themselves, looking at all the other LEGO stuff nearby. Ford Jr Driving School is by far the first building you come to of the two Driving School items, but adults can watch their children ride.
  4. Have your tot's play in the DUPLO Tot Spot area of the Lego City area of the park.
  5. Get your thrill on when you ride the Flying School roller coaster.You'll feel like you really are flying in a hang-glider under more extreme g forces around some tight curves and corners. No helixes exist on this ride however,so don't worry about that.

Land of Adventure

  1. Watch your kids laugh on Safari Trek.The Jeeps they ride in for this safari will have your kids laughing. They will see several cute bricked animals made completely of Lego/DUPLO blocks as they ride around a track for a few minutes.
  2. Ride on the Coastersaurus roller coaster.Although short, the ride operators will send it's guests around this out-and-back coaster track twice before returning to the station to debunk it's guests.
  3. Ride Beetle Bounce with your kids.This super-mild attraction will leave your kids jumpy for a few minutes and want to make them become more like the beetle that all kids think they are. This ride raises them about 15 feet in the air, then bounces them back to earth rather gently.
  4. Explorer a Lego-themed medieval Egyptian castle in the Lost Kingdom Adventure ride.Although not fast, most people find it rather interesting to see all the LEGO creations here. Each room tells it's own story, so explore each room as the ride unfurls.
  5. Let your kids join in on "Pharaohs Revenge".This area will keep your kids thrilled that they've enticed some pharaohs. The only LEGO creations you'll see are in the queue for the attraction on the outside, so don't worry if the kids think it will be scary when you mention about what a pharaoh is and what could happen (what could happen, won't happen); most kids come out happy and some even come out laughing, having learned a little about the pharaoh lifestyle in a "fun" way.

Lego Kingdoms

  1. Let your kids draw out some energy on "The Forestmen's Hideout", but keep an eye on them, as some kids will loose sight of their security and there is a slight possibility of injury on unstable bridges and stuff that kids understand the most about.
  2. Let your younger riders take part in their own medieval joust on Royal Joust.This attraction can be amusing to the parents, but it is especially meant for the children.
  3. Ride the ups and downs on hills on the Merlin's Challenge ride.
  4. Ride The Dragon.This part-roller coaster and part-LEGO looking attraction will leave you baffled before you even realize the roller coaster segment even started. Out of the starting gate, this attraction doesn't accelerate much, but does show you a few LEGO items that have been constructed and is indoors. But then things get wild - the ride then becomes the roller coaster everyone fears. It features several corkscrew turns at a moderate intensity level, it doesn't get much beyond that.

Duplo Valley

  1. Let your smaller children be creative and draw out excess energy in the DUPLO Tot Spot.Whether it's building with DUPLO blocks or sliding down a rather colorful slide or something the youngest children will adore, this area can keep these small kids active and yet enthused.
  2. Have your kids play in the fun park areas of "DUPLO Splash &Play".With all the water games happening here, it'll be hard to steer your children away from all this fun watery areas.
  3. Make your youngest children believe they are mowing some corn fields on the "DUPLO Tractor" (These corn fields will be next to the tractor, and the tractor will be moving on open land, but it will appear to some that they are doing something rather helpful with their parents.)
  4. Get your children to ride on the "DUPLO Train".This super-slow moving train will bring your children on a ride that will make them think they've taken a real train ride through the countryside - only to find out that the residents of this countryside are DUPLO block residents who don't particularly move a whole lot - if at all!
  5. Let your kids frolic (while keeping an eye on them) in the "DUPLO Farm".This active play area will keep your kids amused and active for a little while.
  6. Let your toddler's play in the Toddler Play Room in DUPLO Valley.

Fun Town

  1. Continue through to the last land in the park called "Fun Town".Fun Town doesn't have too many rides, but what rides it does have, it really tries to excel at.
  2. Look into the Lego Factory here.You will be able to see LEGO bricks being made in front of your eyes in action.
  3. Try the Carousel.Ride a larger LEGO-looking horse on a carousel wheel on this double-decker carousel. This Carousel is one of the few Carousels that exist inside a LEGOLAND park.
  4. Learn from the stageshow called "Wells Fargo Fun Town 4D Theater.With three movie types - from a Movie called LEGO Legends of Chima, to a Clutch Powers 4D Adventure to even a Spellbreaker 4D movie, these 12 minute shows will excite all who come to visit this building.

Special Lands

  1. Visit the "World of Chima" land here next to and further away than the Duplo Valley area from The Beginning.You will be able to play in the water area called "Cragger's Swamp" or shoot water out of a small water cannon at a bird-looking ornament in "The Quest for CHI" or run a Speedorz Lego-action figure through an obstacle course. Having only been opened in 2014, this area might be small, but it will eventually grow to become a viable playing area - but for now, we'll just have to wait and see to what it becomes at a more smaller scale.
  2. Play in the water park area at the very back of the park.Whether it's sailing down a lazy river in a raft (filled with water and several LEGO blocks) or it's playing in other water-areas onsite in this land, this area can meet most guests expectations. However, be prepared to bring some water clothes (bathing suit) underneath regular day clothes to play in this area of the park.
  3. Take a step back in time and lull around in the Cypress Gardens area of the park.It might be a far cry from what it was pre-LEGOLAND days, but with Legoland's thought of bringing back a park that was here after people's cries were heard by the management team, there is now a Cypress Gardens area of the park where you can sit back and relax or stroll around and calm down from the rest of the park's excitement.

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  • LEGOLAND first opened on October 15, 2011..
  • When 4-8 year old kids get antsy in theLEGOLAND Florida" and it seems like your day is lagging behind, give these kids some options. Let your kids explore and run out all their excitement in the kid-friendly sections of this park, this may sometimes not be enough. If you haul around a double-seat stroller, and warnings just don't work, give them time in their stroller. They will thank you for helping them "take a load off their feet". These youngsters tend to draw energy out more quickly, and become cranky quicker.
  • Food and beverage options are available throughout the park. Between some food stands at certain areas of the park to the standalone ice-cream stands throughout the park, you'll never run out of food options.
  • Restrooms might not be readily available, but they are located sporadically in the park. If your kids are just babies and/or infants, you can even change their diapers there (if they wear them).
  • Bring lots of money to purchase plenty of things from a few concession vendors placed in the park.
  • Consider keeping kids (under age 5) on arm-strap "leashes" at all times. It's hard to see your kids leashed up like a pet, but with the 30,000+ guests in the park at any time, security is of utmost importance, their leashes will help immensely. Don't even remove them when your kids are in their stroller, as it can take only a few seconds for the kid to get out and become missing (the leashes only would allow the child to go so far as you'd allow them to go).
  • Pack water, snacks, money and most importantly your park tickets before you leave for the park that day!


  • Unlike the Disney Parks, LEGOLAND doesn't house any parades or firework spectacular shows - unless you are coming during the Christmas/holiday season. They do, however, house other holiday events such as Halloween extravaganzas that kids would enjoy, but few activities that parents could enjoy by themselves.
  • Everybody's tastes are different. Some rides you can skip if you don't have time, or if the kids act up. While some are too churlish for some to even try to ride. Skip those rides that aren't suited to your or your kids' tastes.
  • Be prepared in the event that a sudden rainstorm impacts the area. Rain is common, and your best bet is to run/walk into the nearest attraction and seek shelter. The rain should end shortly thereafter (in most cases).But do take extreme caution, if and when you start to hear any rumbles of thunder.
  • On those attractions that have rides, don't worry if your ride vehicle stalls with you on it. If the time is worse than a few minutes, someone will be around to collect you and your belongings.
  • Always ride the ride with safety in mind. Use all safety devices the ride operator instills on you and your family.
  • Rides occasionally close and change at LEGOLAND. Don't fear if your favorite ride has changed or has become defunct. Something will be there to replace it over time. Their replacements might be just as good as the ride you once loved.

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