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The Mummy: Mummification and Medical Bandage Bondage...

It's been a source of folklore and horror flicks! But in the BDSM Medical Fetish play land, they are the ultimate treat for the "bondee"... to be completely immobilized, bound and sealed in wrappings or apparatus!

There are many types of mummification within the scene and the aficionado of this heavy bondage play constantly strives for tighter and more restrictive wrapping!
We've got a great collection here with our very restrictive Mummy Vet Wraps, , and more...

We offer many great ideas and products to assist the mummifier in ease and speed, yet keep the patient/sub in completely immovable bondage!
For longer term mummification scenes we have an amazing ""
[for the guys] ... it's bound to make the long journey "inward" easier when you are not concentrating on your bladder!

Be sure to check some of our other product pages, like the and the   for some other great devices and ideas for mummification and tight bondage!


-Nurse Cindy in the Medical Toys' Clinic!



to a ,
this Mummy is as stiff as a board (in more places than one!).


Vet Wrap Nurses
Nurses Patricia and Ivanna keep Nurse Julie under ! 

Nurses Cindy and Victoria working on the mummification of Ivy!

Mummy Bondage Kit Pile

Mummy Bandage Wrapped Face
Wrapped... peek-a-boo!

It's our very own "MBK Mummy"!

Need to see more? for a photo journal on the
Mummification of Cicero by

Toe spreaders in place and ready to wrap!
 Deluxe Leather Body Bag Ivy Hospital Bed
 Nurse Ivy in repose on one of our clinic's hospital beds... time for a well deserved R&R!
Clear Wrap Woman

For a mummy-like wrapping, there's nothing like colored or clear ! The best way is to cover the torso first, then work on the arms and save the legs for last... that makes it easier for the "wrapper" since the "wrappee" can turn in circles or squat or sit, etc.

As with any of the BDSM play scene, we always stress safety, security and consensuality! Be sure to have a pair of scissors nearby to cut away quickly! We recommend our ... yes, these are the actual clippers used by the EMS folks!... and for a good reason! They cut through everything!

Check out the Mummy section in our , too!

Thank you, Mistress Alyse for the inspiring pictures you sent to us of your Rainbow Mummy!

Smaller and easier to handle, "Small Clear Plastic Wrap"
makes mummy-making even more fun than ever!

Bondage Wraps
Wrap it up! That's right, so easy with these velcro closure heavy duty ! Designed for use in institutions, (yes! mental institutions!!) they are very sturdy woven canvas and can wrap up that patient/sub lickety-split!

The are two different sizes designed to fit around the upper arms and chest while the lower size wraps up the legs. Just peel back the velcro connection, wrap and reseal! Away you go... and they stay! And stay, and stay...


Fiberglas Casting on a Naughty Patient

  "Our friends at perform some very unconventional therapies, such as this rigid full-body fiberglass cast. The patient is cocooned in a thick shell and sexually stimulated to a frenzy but not allowed to orgasm. We see results already." --Check it out at !


Mummy Vet Wrap Rolls

Mummy Vet Wrap

Our Mummy Vet Wraps are the perfect solution for a quick, colorful and very effective mummification! The stretchy wrap is designed to adhere to itself! Not skin or any other materials, so it's very easy to use and remove. The slanted work great for cutting the warps off, when done!  They are very easy to control, so using them to bind a patient on the or to a chair or table is a "cinch'! Pun intended! The rolls are approx. 4" wide sold in 12 rolls in a pack, available in Black, Red and White.

Black Mummy Vet WrapItem #620-4020
 Black Vet Wrap

Price: .00/12 rolls


Red Mummy Vet Wrap
Item #620-4023
 Red Vet Wrap

Price:.00/12 rolls


White Mummy Vet Wrap
Item #620-4024 
White Vet Wrap

Price: .00 /12 rolls 


Mummy Bondage Bandage Kit
Here are those great stretchy bandages which can be wrapped around and around and all over for that completely look and feel! They come with sharp teethed clips to hold them closed after wrapping! Get these kits for a great savings on the elastic bandage mummy bondage wrapping! They come in the 4" wide or  6" wide rolls, both are 5 yards long!

     Item #620-4000 
 4" wide
  10 Rolls/Kit   
Price: .95


     Item #620-4001 
  6" wide
  10 Rolls/Kit  
Price: .95


Canvas Body Bag upright
Black Canvas  Sleepsack
Bondage Body Bag
Bondage body bags are the next level for the tight, secure "mummy" enthusiast craving an "all over", [literally] head-to-toe bondage experience! This high-quality black heavy duty canvas bondage body bag provides a lighter weight yet option to the more expensive leather versions. A zipper runs from the feet to the neck with three separate zipper pulls to allow exposure for nipple, cock and ball, pussy or whatever needs to be teased and tormented! Internal sleeves restrict the movement of their arms!
The five thick, adjustable leather straps encase the canvas sleep sack from the chest to the ankles for further tightness and secure bondage with almost complete immobility. The handy metal D-rings on either side of the sleep sack provide more options for attaching additional bondage gear, clips, rope, tethers, etc. The adjustable collar snaps closed and secures with an attached buckled leather collar. Let your long time dreams of total encasement become your reality of bondage scenes and more...
Available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
Knees 30"
Ankle 20.5"
Length 61"  
Canvas Body bag -laying
Black Canvas Body Bondage Bag
actually only 9.95
after 10% discount applied in cart!
Leather Body Bag
Black Leather Sleepsack
Bondage Body Bag
The look, feel and smell of quality leather bondage gear is exactly what you can be enveloped in with this amazing sleep sack/bondage body bag!  Just imagine being immersed in leather, strapped down, secure, snug and totally helpless. It's designed to cover and fit completely from the feet to the neck. There are dual zippers on the front to allow opening the upper or lower portions of the bag to access body parts! The zipper on the back allows for rear entries! The internal sleeves offer even more restricted movement, and once and the neck collar is snapped in place... enter the world of mummification nirvana, floating on the aroma of leather.
Leather Body Bag details
Neck 15"
Chest/Arms 48"
Waist/Forearms 48" 50"
Hips/Waist 44"
Thighs/Fingers 30" 35"
Ankle 22"
Length [base collar to feet]

Black Leather Body Bondage Bag
Price: 0.00 5.95
actually only 3.35
after 10% discount applied in cart!

Bondage Wraps
 for Upper and Lower Torso

Similar to the , these upper and lower torso wraps are made of heavy duty canvas and seal around for closure with velcro keeping arms or legs secure and tightly bound!

For the price, they will save time and money as a replacement for other types of wrappings! 

Upper Torso:  60"W X 8"H
Lower Torso:  36"W X 8"H

Item #620-4040
 8" X 36" Canvas Velcro Wrap 
Price: .00 


Item #620-4041 
8" X 60" Canvas Velcro Wrap 
Price: .00



Zentai Mummy Bondage Suit
Zentai Style Mummy
Bondage Suit
This Zentai style Mummy Bondage Bodysuit is a complete encasement from the top of the head to the hands and feet! Slip into this bodysuit like they would a pair of pants using the zipper in the back.
Zentai Suit Full Mummy Bondage
Click on images for larger view.
Zentai Suit Male Full Mummy Bondage
Once the feet are in, pull the arms and hands on and then zip all the way over the head! The suit is breathable and offers an amazing feel of a "second skin". It's also perfect for the mummification aficionado who wants and "under wrap" suit or can be worn alone in tight bondage gear and restraints, which adds even more restriction.
Available in one size fits most, this unisex suit is stretchy enough to fit both male and female forms.
Fits chests from 30 inches (76.2 cm)  to 52 inches (132.08 cm) in circumference
Fits heights from 5 feet 3 inches (1.6002 meters) to 6 feet 8 inches (2.032 meters)
Made of Spandex,
 allowing for a snug, comfortable fit.
Zentai Style Mummy Suit
(One Size: fits most)
Item #590-1200
Price: 4.95 .00


External Male Urinal System
External Male Urinal System
includes Penis Sheath, Waistband and 20 oz. Leg Bag
This is the ultimate in a complete External Male Urinal System! Just what the Nurse ordered! The "jock" style elastic waistband is uniquely designed for a "one size fits most" (up to size 48" waist).
The soft, comfortable latex penis sheath snaps off for easy care and cleaning. It attaches to a one-way valve tube that prevents fluid return. Entire unit is washable. Great for events, kinky parties or in long term mummification scenes!
 Replacements or Spares for and
 20 oz. available.

External Male Urinal System
Item #260-8000
Price: .95


External Male Urinal System Spare Sheath
Replacement/ Spare
Latex Penis Sheath
Item #260-8100
Price: .95


External Male Urinal System Spare Leg Bag
Replacement / Spare
  20 oz. Leg Bag Assembly
Item #260-8101
Price: .95


sound deprivation mufflers
Sound Deprivation Muffler
Sensory deprivation means depriving all senses... including hearing! It allows for slipping into the deep spaces of the mind, by closing out the sounds and noises of the world all around. These ear muffs sound mufflers are just what the devious doctor ordered! They have soft, wide ear cushions and an extra wide headband giving a comfortable fit for longer sessions with a noise reduction rating of 25 dB (decibels).
8.8" length X 5.5" wide X 4.0" High
Sound Muffler
Item # 620-8025
Price: .95


Bondage Tape can really hold tightly, so be sure not to cut off circulation and/or pinch nerves. It also helps to apply the tape flat, preventing it from twisting or bunching up.
Roll Dimensions:
2" (5.08 cm) wide
780" / 65 ft.(19.81 meters) long
Reusable Bondage Tape
Available in Black or Red

Price: .95 /Roll .95

Paramedic Scissors 
Official professional paramedic scissors used my EMS folks! They will cut through anything! 7 1/2" long with black plastic handle. They're the "Ginzu Knife" of the scissors world!

Paramedic Scissors
Item # 480-2021
Price: .00


Surgical Bandage Scissors 
These 7" long stainless steel bandage scissors are obviously designed for cutting bandages with their blunt lower tip which gets under the "bandage" or wrapping, without cutting the skin. Just a cut above!
Surgical Bandage Scissors
Item # 480-2020
Price: .25


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