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Keith davis photography tuscaloosa al

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Greg Byrne Director of Athletics 205-348-3697 Finus Gaston Deputy Director of Athletics/CFO 205-348-3600 Kevin Almond Executive Associate Athletics Director for Support Services & Administration 205-348-3638 Jeff Purinton Senior Associate Athletics Director, External Operations 205-348-3600 Marie Robbins Senior Associate Athletics Director & Sr. Woman Administrator 205-348-0526 Jon Dever Senior Associate Athletics Director, Student Services 205-348-3677 Matthew Self Senior Associate Athletics Director, Compliance 205-348-3639 J Batt Senior Associate Athletics Director, Development 205-348-0908 Jessica Paré Associate Athletics Director, Communications 205-348-6084 Tiffini Grimes Associate Athletics Director, Compliance/Chief Diversity Officer 205-348-3641 Kyle Vasey Assistant Athletics Director for Strategic Planning 205-348-0544 Bill Battle Special Assistant to the President 205-348-3600 Steve Townsend Special Assistant to Athletics Director 205-348-7854 Melanie Gray Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director 205-348-8850 Judy Tanner Administrative Assistant to Bill Battle 205-348-2391 Michele Garlotte Administrative Coordinator 205-348-3693 Angie Pugh Administrative Secretary, Track & Field, Cross Country, Nutrition 205-348-2467 Mara Jo Burroughs Administrative Secretary, Volleyball, Women’s Tennis, Rowing 205-348-6162 Sherry Selby Administrative Secretary 205-348-0526 Jon Dever Senior Associate Athletics Director, Student Services 205-348-3677 Molly Dowd Director, Athletic Student Services 205-348-4312 Brittany Price Director, Athletic Academic Programs 205-348-3837 Joy Burroughs Learning Specialist 205-348-5417 Lisa Hart Learning Specialist 205-348-3295 Lisa Patrick Administrative Secretary 205-348-6199 Heather Anders Assistant Director, Athletic Student Services 205-348-9190 Stephanie Godfrey Academic Services Counselor 205-348-6209 Sarah Kizzire Academic Services Counselor 205-348-0106 Chelsea Mayers Academic Services Counselor 205-348-3522 Emily Roberts Academic Program Advisor 205-348-9191 Jenny Sanders Academic Program Advisor 205-348-9193 Miranda Giddens Academic Program Advisor 205-348-5835 Justin Pugh Assistant Academic Program Advisor 205-348-7952 Shanice Smith Assistant Academic Program Advisor 205-348-9192 Liza Edmiston Assistant Academic Program Advisor Hannah Grider Athletics Support Assistant Brad Bohannon Head Coach 205-348-2427 Jerry Zulli Assisstant Coach 205-348-4029 Jason Jackson Assistant Coach 205-348-4029 Brock Bennett Volunteer Assistant Coach 205-348-4459 Jack Hoehl Director of Baseball Operations 205-348-5258 Troi Lane Wallace Administrative Secretary 205-348-4029 Camps/Clinics Phone (P) 348-4459 - (F) 348-2458 Avery Johnson Head Coach 205-348-4551 John Pelphrey Associate Head Coach 205-348-4551 Antoine Pettway Assistant Coach 205-348-4551 Yasir Rosemond Assistant Coach 205-348-4551 Lou DeNeen Strength and Conditioning Coach 205-348-3630 Blake Gray Director of Player 205-348-4551 Colton Houston Director of Operations 205-348-8859 Brenda Holt Executive Assistant to Avery Johnson 205-348-4551 Mary Margaret Strickland Administrative Secretary 205-348-4551 Alex Fain Assistant Director of Scouting/Recruitment for Men's Basketball 205-348-3730 Kristy Curry Head Coach 205-348-7077 Kelly Curry Assistant Coach 205-348-3826 Brooks Donald Williams Assistant Coach 205-348-7077 Tiffany Coppage Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 205-348-7077 Brian Johnson Director of Women’s Basketball Operations 205-348-7077 Brittany Graham Director of Women's Basketball Video and Creative Content 205-348-7077 Vickey Plant Administrative Secretary 205-348-7077 Mallori Crockett Athletic Trainer 205-348-5832 Amy Woods Assistant Athletics Director, Finance 205-348-3591 Marie Johnson Director, Travel Operations 205-348-3694 Beth Garner Accountant 205-348-3613 Kristin Orr Accountant 205-348-5452 Kailyn Brinyark Accountant 205-348-3657 Pam Thompson Accounting Specialist 205-348-3699 Terri Noland Athletics Medical Claims Specialist 205-348-3640 Holly Green Student Athlete Health Insurance Specialist 205-348-3617 Erica Davis Access Control Specialist 205-348-3600 Jennifer Thrasher Director of Spirit Programs/Head Cheerleading Coordinator 205-348-3636 Christa Sanford Assistant Cheerleading Coordinator 205-348-3600 Brandon Prince Cheerleader Squad Assistant 205-348-3636 MaryJo Grant Program Assistant 205-348-3636 Jessica Paré Associate Athletics Director, Communications 205-348-6084 Josh Maxson Assistant Athletics Director, Football Communications 205-348-3631 Aaron Jordan Director (Men's Basketball, Men's Golf) 205-348-6084 Roots Woodruff Associate Director (Gymnastics, Swimming and Diving) 205-348-6084 Nathan Sheehan Assistant Director (Volleyball, Softball, Rowing) 205-348-6084 Alex Thompson Assistant Director (Baseball) 205-348-6084 Todd Bell Assistant Director (Track and Field, Cross Country, Women's Golf) 205-348-6084 Amanda Stewart Administrative Secretary 205-348-6084 Matthew Self Senior Associate Athletics Director, Compliance 205-348-3639 Tiffini Grimes Associate Athletics Director, Compliance/Chief Diversity Officer 205-348-3641 Michael Dean Assistant Athletics Director, Compliance 205-348-3652 Riley Edwards Director, IA Compliance 205-348-3605 Taylor Hall Assistant Director, Compliance 205-348-3615 Connor Bush Compliance Coordinator 205-348-3656 Jennifer Minges Coordinator Scholarships 205-348-3615 Kent Gidley Director of Photography 205-348-2301 Amelia Barton Studio Manager of Photography 205-348-2301 Robert Sutton Studio Manager of Photography 205-348-2301 Photo Store Line 205-348-2301 Morgan Williams Crimson Cabaret Coordinator J Batt Senior Associate Athletics Director, Development 205-348-0908 Telisa Blanton Administrative Specialist, Development 205-348-6255 Aaron Vold Associate Athletics Director, Development 205-348-3679 Tommy Ford Associate Athletics Director, Alumni Relations 205-348-6703 Chris Darling Assistant Athletics Director, Development 205-348-3531 Lindsey Blumenthal Senior Director of Stewardship and Development Operations 205-348-5758 Burns McNeill Director Athletics Major Gifts 205-348-3524 Chad Foote Director Athletics Major Gifts 205-348-3521 Jared Brinkley Director Athletics Major Gifts 205-348-5518 Whitney Hughes Director, Annual Giving Athletics 205-348-3763 Katie King Director of Events and Special Projects 205-348-6610 Brian Chandler Assistant Director of Stewardship and Development Operations 205-348-3698 Misty Smith Office Associate 205-348-3504 Kristin Isbell Accounting Assistant 205-348-3503 Lindsey Lightsey Director 205-348-7439 Baleigh Carson Assistant Director 205-348-0786 Katie Williams Assistant Director 205-348-7694 Jasmine Jennings Operations Coordinator 205-348-2296 Justin Brant Assistant Athletics Director, Crimson Tide Productions 205-348-3609 Brennen Carlson Engineer 205-348-7530 Wyatt Caruthers Engineer 205-348-3610 Christopher England Producer - TideTV 205-348-3622 Alex Seiver Sr. Broadcast Producer/Editor 205-348-3674 Johnny Hanna Sr. Broadcast Producer/Editor 205-348-3611 John Tipton Broadcast Producer/Editor 205-348-3649 Aaron Hepp Broadcast Producer/Editor 205-348-3671 Meggi Hetzel On-Air Personality/Producer Adam White Motion Graphics Designer Brent Hollingsworth Director, Graphics/Publications Coordinator 205-348-7474 Jonathan King Director, Graphics Janelle MacLaughlin Assistant Director, Graphics Michaiah Smith Assistant Director, Graphics Callie Andro Assistant Director, Graphics Alia Humphres Webmaster 205-348-3678 Mika Sawyer Program Assistant 205-348-4147 Jim Carabin General Manager 205-348-9608 Tom Brooks Associate General Manager 205-348-9605 Brooks Blakey Senior Manager, Business Development 205-348-9609 Chris Hand Senior Manager, Business Development 205-348-9604 Luke Holcomb Manager, Business Development 205-348-9612 Bill McDaniel Manager, Business Development 205-348-9602 Katherine Watson Manager - Client Services, Property Assistant Program 205-348-9610 Caroline Lassiter Director – Operations 205-348-9613 Merrill Boles Coordinator – Partnership Services, Online Auction 205-348-9614 Jeffrey Springer Associate Athletics Director, Equipment Operations 205-348-3658 Jakob Walden Athletics Equipment Manager for Olympic Sports 205-348-7940 Garrett Walker Assistant Equipment Manager 205-348-7940 Kyle Smith Assistant Athletic Equipment Manager Stuart Moore Athletic Intern Red Leonard Assistant Athletics Director, Event Management 205-348-2079 Brian Edmiston Director, Event Management 205-348-6464 Lindsey Jones Assistant Director, Games/Event Management 205-348-3667 David Neder Assistant Director, Games/Event Management 205-348-3189 Victoria Giattina Assistant Director, External Operations/Event Management 205-348-5435 Harold Sexton Director, Athletics Event Technology 205-348-0486 Tyler Crenshaw Assistant Director, Event Technology Carter Irons AV Systems Tech II Ryan McMunn Audio Visual Technician Dylan Scott Audiovisual Technician Brandon Sevedge Assistant Athletic Director, Athletics Facilities 205-348-3573 Shawn Templeton Director, Athletic Facilities 205-348-5502 Charles Gann Assistant Director, Athletic Facilities 205-348-3647 Michael Chadwick Facilities Coordinator Matt Elliott Administrative Coordinator 205-348-3517 Olimpo Flores Painter - Athletics 205-348-3647 Ronnie Murray Laborer Work Leader 205-348-5620 Willie Thompson Laborer Work Leader 205-348-5620 Michael Broughton Laborer 205-348-3647 Tina Thomas Laborer 205-348-3647 Mark Davis Laborer Eric Houston Laboror 205-348-3647 Jaqueline Rodriquez Laborer 205-348-3647 Leticia Maldonado Laborer Tommy Brown Aircraft Maintenance Tech 205-348-7797 Robert Wallace Manager, Flight Operations 205-348-7797 Michael Shaw Pilot 205-348-7797 Nick Saban Head Coach 205-348-3600 Michael Locksley Offensive Coordinator 205-348-3600 Tosh Lupoi Defensive Coordinator/Outside Linebackers 205-348-3600 Jeff Banks Special Teams Coordinator/Tight Ends 205-348-3600 Dan Enos Associate Head Coach/Quarterbacks 205-348-3600 Josh Gattis Co-Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers 205-348-3600 Pete Golding Co-Defensive Coordinator/Inside Linebackers 205-348-3600 Brent Key Offensive Line 205-348-3600 Craig Kuligowski Associate Head Coach/Defensive Line 205-348-3600 Joe Pannunzio Running Backs 205-348-3600 Karl Scott Defensive Backs 205-348-3600 Burton Burns Assistant Athletics Director, Football 205-348-3600 Ellis Ponder Assistant Athletics Director, Football Operations 205-348-3600 Ashleigh Kimble Associate Director Recruiting Operations 205-348-3600 Victoria Ross Recruiting Operations Coordinator 205-348-3600 Robert Welton Director of Player Personnel 205-348-3600 Sam Petitto Assistant Director of Player Personnel 205-348-3600 Kerry Stevenson Director of Player Development 205-348-3600 Denzel Devall Director, Player Development 205-348-3600 Daniel Bush Director, Football Recruitment 205-348-3600 JT Summerford Director, Football Operations 205-348-3600 Brandy Lyerly Associate Director, Football Operations 205-348-3600 Cedric Burns Athletics Relations Coordinator 205-348-2308 Savannah French Football Marketing Coordinator 205-348-3600 Linda Leoni Administrative Assistant 205-348-3600 Glenda Edwards Administrative Secretary 205-348-3600 Dean Altobelli Football Analyst 205-348-3600 Brendan Farrell Football Analyst 205-348-3600 Garrett Cox Football Analyst 205-348-3600 Gordon Steele Football Analyst 205-348-3600 August Mangin Football Analyst 205-348-3600 Butch Jones Football Analyst 205-348-3600 Jacob Peetz Football Analyst 205-348-3600 Louis Spanos Football Analyst 205-348-3600 Nick Perry Football Analyst 205-348-3600 Javier Arenas Athletics Support Assistant 205-348-3600 Jay Seawell Head Coach 205-348-0383 Jon Howell Assistant Coach 205-348-0383 Mic Potter Head Coach 205-348-3839 Susan Rosenstiel Assistant Coach 205-348-3839 Jonathan Dewitt Director, Athletics Grounds Casey Kyle Baseball/Softball Field Manager Matthew Sample Baseball/Softball Field Manager Jamie Blakney Athletics Groundskeeper 205-348-9680 Parker Patrick Athletics Groundskeeper 205-348-9680 Avery Britt Athletics Groundskeeper 205-348-9680 Ronnie Browning Athletics Field Technician Supervisor 205-348-9680 Chris Hildreth Athletics Field Technician 205-348-9680 Timothy Nix Athletics Field Technician 205-348-9680 Dana Duckworth Head Coach 205-348-3830 Bill Lorenz Assistant Coach 205-348-2875 Ryan Roberts Assistant Coach Robin Kelley Operations Coordinator 205-348-7600 Rita Martin Events Coordinator, Gymnastics 205-348-3830 Allison Jeffreys Assistant Athletics Director, Human Resources 205-348-3642 Ashley Powers Director of HR, Intercollegiate Athletics Rand Harris Assistant Athletics Director, Information Technology 205-348-0263 Evan Deerman Director, Information Technology 205-348-3645 Josh Kidd Assistant Director, Application Services 205-348-3520 Peter Lauman LAN Administrator 205-348-3645 Jason Samuel Technology Operations Manager 205-348-3645 Justin Gao Application Architect 205-348-3645 Jacob Schwartz Lead Support Technician 205-348-3645 Help Desk   205-348-3645 Brad Ledford Associate Athletics Director, Strategic Marketing 205-348-7731 Cole Price Director of Trademark Licensing 205-348-9691 Paul Mills Assistant Director, Trademark Licensing 205-348-4307 Ryan Majercik Assistant Athletics Director, Marketing and Fan Development 205-348-3561 Meaghan Hall Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions 205-348-7497 Drew Claassen Assistant Director of Marketing and Digital Media 205-348-6179 Shelby Fisher Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions 205-348-4287 Chase Harwood Marketing and Promotions Assistant 205-348-2612 Jake Mankin Director, Outbound Ticket Sales 205-348-4376 Stevee Fisher Assistant Director, Outbound Ticket Sales 205-348-3592 Chris Owens Assistant Director Outbound Ticket Sales Kaytlin Nowell Strategic Digital Marketing Coordinator Glenn Putyrae Head Coach James Mulcahy Assistant Coach Madison Keaty Assistant Coach - Rowing Grace Barbara Assistant Coach - Rowing Wes Hart Head Coach 205-348-0526 Mike Piserchio Assistant Coach 205-348-0144 Jerrod Roh Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 205-348-6240 Colin Barnes Volunteer Assistant Coach Patrick Murphy Head Coach 205-348-3660 Alyson Habetz Associate Head Coach 205-348-7992 Stephanie VanBrakle Prothro Assistant Coach 205-348-4400 Brynne Dordel Volunteer Assistant Coach Kate Harris Director of Operations 205-348-3660 Scott Cochran Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Football 205-348-3600 Terry Jones Assistant Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Football and Women's Basketball 205-348-3600 Michelle Martin Diltz Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Softball, Women's Golf, Cheer, and Dance 205-348-3600 Deanna Hayes Brown Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Gymnastics 205-348-3600 Jim Hamner Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Swimming & Diving and Rowing 205-348-3600 Kindal Moorehead Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Football 205-348-3600 Jason Poeth Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Track & Field, Cross Country, Soccer 205-348-3600 Josh Chapman Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Football 205-348-3600 Lou DeNeen Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Men's Basketball 205-348-3630 Josh Hampton Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Baseball and Men's Tennis 205-348-3600 Tyler Owens Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Football 205-348-3600 Ashton McLeod Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 205-348-3600 Brett Price Assistant Coach 205-348-3600 Jessie Gardner Assistant Athletics Director, Student Athlete Enhancement 205-348-3359 Brett Basham Career & Leadership Development Coordinator 205-348-5887 Adora Hicks Coordinator Career & Leadership Development Joe Suiter Life Skills & Community Outreach Coordinator 205-348-4621 Dennis Pursley Head Coach 205-348-0977 Jonty Skinner Senior Associate Head Coach 205-348-0977 James Barber Associate Head Coach 205-348-0977 Chuck Wade Diving Coach 205-348-0977 Angie Nicolletta Assistant Coach 205-348-0977 Christopher Collier Assistant Coach Nick Zorn Volunteer Assistant Coach 205-348-0977 Rohan Sood Volunteer Assistant Coach 205-348-0977 Nancy Perry Administrative Secretary 205-348-0977 George Husack Head Coach 205-657-3359 Robbie Weiss Assistant Coach 404-606-3243 Glen Fanelli Volunteer Assistant Coach Jenny Mainz Head Coach 205-348-3840 Jonatan Berhane Assistant Coach Keith Swindoll Volunteer Assistant Coach Chris Besanceney Associate Athletics Director, Ticketing and Tide Pride 205-348-2262 Justin Gunter Director, Athletic Ticket Office 205-348-2262 Beverly Chandler Associate Director, Athletic Ticket Office 205-348-2262 Holdyn Halperin Associate Director, Athletic Ticket Office 205-348-2262 James Lott Accountant 205-348-2262 Madeline Barnett Program Assistant 205-348-2262 Angela Taylor Office Associate II 205-348-2262 Chris Besanceney Associate Athletics Director, Ticketing and Tide Pride 205-348-2262 Brenda Vaughn Director 205-348-2262 Jessica Wells Account Clerk Senior 205-348-6113 Kimberly Whitehurst Account Clerk Senior 205-348-6113 Rochelle James Manager of Fiscal Affairs 205-348-7843 Alecia Price Assistant Director 205-348-6113 Wanda Bradley Office Associate II 205-348-2262 Deseretta Foster Office Associate II 205-348-6113 Jo Davis Clerical Assistant 205-348-6113 Haley Lavender Program Assistant 205-348-6113 Dan Waters Head Coach 205-348-3557 Derek Yush Assistant Coach - Throws Blaine Wiley Assistant Coach - Long Sprints Miguel Pate Assistant Coach - Jumps 205-348-3569 Mike Bartolina Volunteer Assistant Coach 205-348-2467 Melissa Beasley Operations Coordinator 205-348-9728 Jeff Allen Associate Athletics Director, Sports Medicine 205-348-3663 Rodney Brown Director of Rehabilitation Services 205-348-7403 Amy Bragg Director of Performance Nutrition 205-348-3623 Sherry Kimbro Associate Head Athletic Trainer 205-348-4421 Jeremy Gsell Assistant Athletic Trainer/Football 205-348-3662 Erin Weaver Assistant Athletic Trainer/Softball 205-348-3665 Karah Sims Assistant Athletic Trainer/Swimming & Diving 205-348-3665 Darah McInturf Assistant Athletic Trainer Katie Wheeler Assistant Athletic Trainer Bernard Burroughs Athletic Trainer/Track and Field 205-348-3456 Monica Decker Athletic Trainer/Gymnastics 205-348-5348 Mallori Crockett Athletic Trainer 205-348-5832 Clarke Holter Athletic Trainer Ryan Vicknair Athletic Trainer Sean Stryker Athletic Trainer Esi Atinkah Athletic Trainer III Jeffrey Meek Athletic Trainer II Bobby Feeback Athletic Trainer II Megan Toth Athletic Trainer II Katherine Ring Athletic Trainer II Ginger Gilmore Director of Behavioral Medicine 205-348-3841 Frank Newell Assistant Sports Nutritionist Amanda Poppleton Assistant Sports Nutritionist Kevin Murray Executive Chef Daniel Lyerly Assistant Athletics Director, Football Video Services 205-348-3644 Alex Fain Assistant Director of Scouting/Recruitment for Men's Basketball 205-348-3730 Scott Moyer Director, Olympic Sports Video Services Matthew Hard Assistant Director, Video Services Kaleb Medema Assistant Director, Video Operations 205-348-3600 Ed Allen Women's Volleyball Head Coach 205-348-3829 Ryan Freeburg Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach 205-348-3559 Tristan Johnson Assistant Coach Shelly Dyche Operations Coordinator 205-348-9701


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