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Dootone/Dooto Album Discography
By Dave Edwards, Mike Callahan, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: January 13, 2010

9512 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles (Photo courtesy of Ace Records-UK) The Dootone Record label was formed in 1951 by Walter (Dootsie) Williams in Los Angeles, California. The address of the company for many years was 9512 South Central Avenue, which originally was Williams' home in Watts. For a number of years, the record label was run out of the enclosed front porch of the house, but later the Williams family moved so that the record company could take over the whole house. Dootsie Williams had started a label called "Blue Records" starting in 1949. In 1951, he changed the name of the label to Dootone. Two of the first three singles on Dootone [#301 and #303] were by Johnny Creach, a violinist who would become famous in the Woodstock era as "Papa John" Creach, and would be heard on Jefferson Starship records two decades later.

Dootone recorded rhythm and blues, jazz, comedy, gospel and popular music. The label name was changed to Dooto in January 1957 (to avoid a lawsuit from Duo-Tone Records). Singles numbered 301 to 409 were on the Dootone label, with the switch to Dooto coming at single #410. Albums changed from Dootone at #223, released in 1956, to Dooto at #224, released in 1957. Even though the name changed in 1957, some albums and possibly singles released after that time are known to still have the Dootone label. This is most likely due to using up old label-blank stock as a cost-saving measure, or in the case of the later albums, as a nostalgia trip.

Redd Foxx As can be seen from the following discography, the vast majority of the albums released by the label were raunchy party records, or "blue" material (as in, "swearing a blue streak"). As with most comedy records before the late 1960s, the language on these discs was not actually obscene at all, but rather, "suggestive," with the double-entendres. But in the 1950s, these records stayed under the record store counter unless somebody came in and asked for them. The most successful comedian on the label was Redd Foxx (real name: John Elroy Sanford), and he sold thousands of records on college campuses before most people ever heard of him. Redd Foxx was a comedian on the burlesque circuit, providing the comedy routines between the strippers. He had teamed up in Baltimore in the early 1950s with comedian Slappy White as the duo "Redd & White." After the duo agreed to go their separate ways in the mid- 1950s, Foxx relocated to California and signed a long contract with Dootsie Williams' Dootone label. Foxx and Williams had a falling out around 1963, but Foxx was legally tied to Dooto until Frank Sinatra bought his contract for Sinatra's Loma label in 1967. Foxx went on to mainstream success with the 1970s TV comedy series Sanford and Son, playing Fred G. Sanford (actually, his older brother's name - as well as his father's, whom he never met).

The Penguins (Photo courtesy of Ace Records UK) If Dooto had only produced the "blue" material, it would probably be long forgotten by now (except, of course, on web pages such as this). But the singles output of the label was a different story altogether. Before he got into blue comedy, Williams produced some great R&B vocal group records. Certainly the most successful, and many would say the best, was "Earth Angel" by the Penguins, a record that is often near to the top of oldie radio station lists of the greatest records of all time. The lead singer for the Penguins was Cleveland Duncan, and all the members attended Fremont High School in Los Angeles. In November, 1954, "Earth Angel" became one of the first R&B hit records to make the popular music charts on a national level, reaching #8. The members of the Penguins became unhappy with Dootsie Williams because he refused to give them advances on their royalties, so they got a new manager named Buck Ram. Ram took the Penguins to Mercury Records, who were interested in buying the Penguins' contract. But as part of the deal, Ram insisted on a Mercury recording contract for another group he managed, the Platters. Of course, history shows the Platters went on to tremendous success on Mercury, and interest in the Penguins waned. Even though many of the Mercury recordings by the Penguins were very good, they had little success after leaving Dootone, and by 1957, after Mercury had dropped them and they had but one single released on Atlantic, the dispirited group re-signed with Dootsie Williams and his re-named label, Dooto.

In 1954, Williams also recorded a group called the Medallions, with lead singer Vernon Green. They had a hit with "The Letter" in April and followed it up with "Buick 59" in July. Another group that had some success on Dootone was Don Julian and the Meadowlarks. In June of 1955, they had a hit with "Heaven and Paradise". Even though they never had a big hit, the Calvanes' EP [205], titled "Voices For Lovers," is cherished by vocal group collectors and sells for megabucks today.

Group vocal albums of note on the Dootone/Dooto labels include Best Vocal Groups in Rhythm and Blues [Dootone DL-204], which is sometimes referred to as "the first Penguins album" since one side is devoted to that group. (The other side has two songs each by the Medallions, Meadowlarks, and Dootones.) This album first appeared with a Dootone label on red vinyl and is incredibly rare (but as with all rare records, look out for counterfeits or "reproductions"). It was reissued later with the Dooto label. An album by the Penguins alone, titled The Cool, Cool Penguins [Dooto DTL-242], was released later, and this album, with the original yellow and red Dooto label, is also much in demand by collectors.

Another album of note is Dootone DL-223, Rock and Roll vs. Rhythm and Blues, with six songs by Roy Milton and six songs by Chuck Higgins. This album was probably released with a Dootone label because it was released prior to the label name change in 1957, but we have never seen one with that label. Dooto DL-224, Best Vocal Groups in Rock and Roll is also much in demand by collectors because it contains material by nine of Dooto's vocal groups.

The Willie Hayden album [Dooto DTL-293] is also interesting. Hayden was the lead singer who fronted the Dootone group, the Birds, although his name on those releases is listed as Willie Headen (which may have been the original spelling, although it was pronounced "Hayden."). The album contains the Birds group recordings in addition to Hayden solo. Some copies of this album have the original flat maroon Dootone label; that is unusual because it was released 3 years after the label name change. It also exists with a Dooto label.

Dooto also recorded jazz, and jazz collectors seek early albums by pianist Carl Perkins, Curtis Counce, Buddy Collette, and Dexter Gordon on the label. Perkins, not to be confused with the Sun Records rockabilly artist, was a black pianist originally from Indiana, who was gaining a great reputation in the Los Angeles jazz scene when he died in 1958 at the age of 29. Gospel on the label includes the Lillian Randolph Singers, the Zion Travelers, and the Soul Revivers.

Authentic Records was a budget subsidiary of Dooto. Their discography is covered separately.

The best days for the Dooto label were the mid-to-late 1950s, but the label survived into the 1970s mostly by repackaging and selling the Redd Foxx comedy records. Although Foxx had ended his contract with Dootone/Dooto in 1967 and moved on, Williams, who was now calling himself "The Foremost Authority on American Humor," used the tried-and-true industry practice of shamelessly recycling old recordings, culminating in a 1972 album titled Sanford & Foxx, [Dooto DTL-853], trying to cash in on the hit TV show, Sanford & Son. Redd Foxx was not amused, nor was the network. Although in tiny print on the bottom front of the record jacket it said, "An Anthology," to avoid legal problems, the jackets of this record were soon carrying a prominent sticker that said, "The material in this album is not from or based on the television series Sanford and Son'." It was only a few albums later, mostly more Redd Foxx reissues, that Dooto/Dootone finally closed up shop, around 1975. For all intents and purposes, the label had stopped being anything but a comedy album label when they stopped issuing 45s in 1964, and for the last few years had just hung on by reissuing the Redd Foxx catalog.

Dootone/Dooto used an unusual numbering system, both 33 1/3 RPM LPs and 45 RPM extended play albums were in the same series. In the following discography, we have indicated the format after the catalog number. Few of the Dootone/Dooto albums were issued in stereo, primarily because most were recorded before 1958, when stereo became viable. The 1970s issues were labeled stereo, but many of the Redd Foxx skits were recorded in mono, and appear in rechanneled stereo on these late albums.

Putting dates and order to the Dootone/Dooto labels is not an exact science. Theoretically, one would be able to match the logos on the record jackets to the first release label, but the albums were reissued so often, and the logos on the jacket front revised so often, and leftover label stock used so unpredictably, that this is just not easily done. The actual graphics of the album cover would change (and in one case, the album title) for many of the records upon reissue. We have attempted to sort out the labels and issue sequence as best as we can, but this discography should not be taken as the last word on the subject. In the record jacket illustrations below, we have freely substituted later issues with the same graphics (but with, say, a later logo style) to be able to illustrate how each cover appeared. EP issues almost invariably used the same graphics (to the extent they would fit with the EP text) as their LP counterparts, so in cases where we could not obtain photos of EP covers, we have used the covers for the LP for illustration. One last thing: EPs originally issued with the EPD- prefix were later reissued with a DTE- prefix.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via . Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Dootone/Dooto or Authentic Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2006, 2010 by Mike Callahan.



Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Dootone 100 Series:

EPD-101 - EP - Rhythm and Blues - Penguins [6/55] Earth Angel/Ain't Gonna Cry No More/Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild/Baby, Let's Make Some Love

Dootone/Dooto 200 Series:

EPD-201 - EP - Rhythm and Blues - Penguins [1955] Reissue of EPD-101. Earth Angel/I Ain't Gonna Cry No More/Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild/Baby, Let's Make Some Love
EPD-202 - EP - Rhythm and Blues - Medallions [7/55] Buick 59/Coupe DeVille Baby/The Letter/Mary Lou
EPD-203 - EP - Rhythm and Blues - Don Julian & Meadowlarks [7/55] Original issue has maroon Dootone label and Dootone logo on cover (Picture shown left is an early Dooto reissue, circa 1957). Heaven and Paradise/I Got Tore Up/Always and Always/Mine All Mine
DL-204 - LP - Best Vocal Groups in Rhythm and Blues - Various Artists [7/55] The first issue of this album was in red vinyl and had a flat maroon Dootone label. It was reissued (probably in 1956) in black vinyl with a glossy maroon Dootone label. In 1957, the album was released with the yellow and blue Dooto label #1.The original album in red wax is unbelievably rare and is worth several thousand dollars (but watch out for counterfeits or "reproductions"). Earth Angel - Penguins/Hey Senorita - Penguins/Kiss A Fool Goodbye - Penguins/Ookey Ook - Penguins/Love Will Make You Wild - Penguins/Baby Let's Make Love - Penguins//The Letter - Medallions/Buick 59 - Medallions/Heaven And Paradise - Meadowlarks/I Got Tore Up - Meadowlarks/Teller Of Fortune - Dootones/Ay Si Si Mambo - Dootones
EPD-205 - EP - Voices for Lovers - Calvanes [1955] Don't Take Your Love/Crazy Over You/They Call Me Fool/One More Kiss
EPD-206 - EP - Helen Humes Sings and Swings - Helen Humes [10/55] All I Ask is Your Love/Woojamacooja/I'll Surrender Any Time/Real Fine Daddy
DL-207 - LP - Dexter Blows Hot and Cool - Dexter Gordon Quintet [1955] Recorded November 11 and 12, 1955. Quintet includes Jimmy Robinson (trumpet), Dexter Gordon (tenor sax), Carl Perkins (piano), Leroy Vinnegar (bass), and Chuck Thompson (drums). The first issue of this album was in red vinyl and had a flat maroon Dootone label. Silver Plated/Cry Me A River/Rhythm Mad/Don't Worry About Me/I Hear Music//Bonna Rue/I Should Care/Blowin' For Dootsie/Tenderly
EPD-208 - EP - Rhythm, Rock and Roll - Chuck Higgins & His Band [12/55] Wetback Hop/Tonky Honk/The Itch/Looking For My Baby
EPD-209 - EP - Jazz Organ Sound - Ernie Freeman & Lorenzo Holden Trio [1955] Groovy Boogie/Just Blues/Backstage/Earth Angel
EPD-210 - EP - Party Songs for Grown-Ups - Billy Mitchell [1955]
DL-211 - LP - Introducing Carl Perkins - Carl Perkins [2/56] Issued with a Dootone label and available pressed in red vinyl. Way Across Town/You Don't Know What Love Is/The Lady Is A Tramp/Marblehead/Woodyn You/Westside//Just Friends/It Could Happen To You/Why Do I Care/Lilacs In The Rain/Carl's Blues
DL-212 - LP - Songs for Fun - Hattie Noel & Billy Mitchell [1956] Johnny's Hot Rod/Woodpecker Song/Hot Nuts/Play With Your Yo Yo/others
EPD-213 - EP - Modern Jazz Piano Stylings - Carl Perkins [1956]
DL-214 - LP - Laff of the Party, Volume 1 - Redd Foxx [1956] Original pressing has the maroon Dootone label, but the album has been reissued with numerous other labels and different cover graphics. The Song Plugger/The Reprieve/My New Sponsor/The Race Track/The New Soap/The Jackasses/others
EPD-215 - EP - Laff of the Party, Volume 1, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1956]
EPD-216 - EP - House Party Songs - Hattie Noel [1956]
EPD-217 - EP - Laff of the Party, Volume 1, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1956]
EPD-218 - EP - Laff of the Party, Volume 1, Part 3 - Redd Foxx [1956]
DL-219 - LP - Laff of the Party, Volume 2 - Redd Foxx [1956] Original pressing has the maroon Dootone label, but the album has been reissued with numerous other labels and different cover graphics. The Two Oars/The Brown Nosed Raindeer/The Army/The Pilot/The Pregnant Woman/The Lost Toupee/The Preacher's Bicycle/Breach of Promise/The Witch Doctor
DL-220 - LP - Laff of the Party, Volume 3 - Redd Foxx [1956] Original issue had the maroon Dootone label with the drawing of Foxx standing. Later reissued on Dooto with a full color photo cover. The Dead Jackass/The Guided Muscle/Chloe and Joey/The Sharp Goose/others
DL-221 - LP - Spiritual Moments - Lillian Randolph Singers [1956] Original pressing has the maroon Dootone label, but the album has been also been reissued on the Authentic label with same cover artwork and contents. He Knows How Much We Can Bear/Go Tell It On The Mountain/Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho/Were You There/Room Enough/Run Sinner Run/Only A Look/I'm A Rollin'/Leaning On The Lord/Great Day/River Jordan/Joy In That Land/Amen Chorus/Where Shall I Be/Plenty Good Room/Certainly Lord/Rocka My Soul
EPD-222 - EP - Laff of the Party, Volume 4, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1956] The Dead Jackass/Women Over Forty//Chloe And Joey/Turned To Stone
DL-223 - LP - Rock and Roll vs. Rhythm and Blues - Various Artists [5/56] The original issue of this record was on the maroon Dootone label. Wet Back Hop - Chuck Higgins/Tonky Honk - Chuck Higgins/Fools Are Scarcer - Roy Milton/I Can't Go On - Roy Milton/Oh Yeah - Chuck Higgins/Don't You Know I Love You - Chuck Higgins//Reelin' and Rockin' - Roy Milton/Nothing Left - Roy Milton/The Itch - Chuck Higgins/Looking For My Baby - Chuck Higgins/Baby I'm Gone - Roy Milton/Cry Some Baby - Roy Milton
Note: At this point, the label name changed from Dootone to Dooto. Some copies of records beyond this point are known to have Dootone labels, probably due to using up remaining stock. Dooto DLP-855 also has the maroon Dootone label, probably for nostalgic reasons.
DL-224 - LP - Best Vocal Groups in Rock and Roll - Various Artists [4/57] Original issue had the yellow and blue Dooto label #1. Crazy Over You - Calvanes/Always and Always - Meadowlarks/Let Me Give You Money - Pipes/I Still Remember - Romancers/I Ain't Gonna Cry - Penguins/Edna - Medallions//Guided Missiles - Cuff Links/Double Dealing Baby - Souvenirs/Don't Take Your Love - Calvanes/Back Home Again - Birds/Boogie Woogie Teenage - Meadowlarks/Untrue - Meadowlarks
DTL-225 - LP - Best Gospel Singers - Various Artists [1957] I Shall Not Be Moved - Kansas City Soul Revivers/Jesus Came at Midnight - Kansas City Soul Revivers/Two Little Fishes - Zion Travelers/Death Of Jesus - Zion Travelers/Soldier Of The Cross - Zion Travelers/Close To Thee - Zion Travelers/He Lightened My Heavy Load - Zion Travelers/(others by the Friendly Five and the Simm Brothers)
DTL-227 - LP - Laff of the Party, Volume 4 - Redd Foxx [1957] Originally issued with the drawing of Foxx standing; later reissued with a color photo. This album is not banded. The Soldier And Sailor/Cocktails/My Sister's Crabs/Boy And Girl/The Lady And The Drunk/The Crosseyed Rooster/Kiss Me/Income Tax/The Impatient Wife/The Jackpot/My Condition/My Wife And The Furnace/Pop/Married In June/The Thrifty Tomcat/The Bad Mule/Chinches/The Nudist Girl/Medical Authorities/The Wise Crack/The Soldier And The Preacher/My Wife's Clothes/Burlesque House/Newlyweds On A Plane/The Turkey Dinner/The Lady And The Judge/Waco/The Dream/Justice Poem/Asphalt/The Lost Husband/The Poisoned Wife/Tyler, Texas//Tall Texas Tales/Two Old Maids/The Valentine's Gift/The Polio Shot/The Christmas Gift/Equality/The Missing Cashier/You Bet Your Life/The Bartender And The Drunk/The Excursion/Lady On The Bus/The Chorus Boys/Cold Winters In St. Louis/Honest Politicians/Pork Prices/The Stewardess And The Lady/The Braggart/The Argument/Happy/The Dead Husband/The Neighbors' Fight/The Pretty Girl In The Park/Clothes/Two Chicks/Old Man On The Bus
EPD-228 - EP - Laff of the Party, Volume 5 - Redd Foxx [1957] My Sister's Crabs/The Crosseyed Rooster//The Bad Mule/The Wise Crack
EPD-229 - EP - Laff of the Party, Volume 6, Part 1 - Sloppy Daniels [1957] The Bad Dream/The Telephone//Kids Are Smart/The Burglar
EPD-230 - EP - Best of Foxx, Volume 1 - Redd Foxx [8/57] Reissued as The Best of Redd Foxx, Volume 1, Part 1, with a new cover. The Lone Ranger/The Paratrooper//The Nosey Operator/More Power
EPD-231 - EP - Laff of the Party, Volume 7, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1957]
DTL-232 - LP - Laff of the Party, Volume 6 - Sloppy Daniels [1957] The Burglar/Dear John/The Bad Dream/The Telephone/others
EPD-233 - EP - Best of Foxx ,Volume 1, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1957]
DTL-234 - LP - Best of Foxx - Redd Foxx [1957] Originally issued with a cover photo of Foxx on the phone. Later reissued as The Best of Redd Foxx, with a photo of Foxx waving with a halo over his head. My Parking Ticket/My Wife's New Hat/The Undertaker/The Lone Ranger/others
EPD-235 - EP - Laff of the Party, Volume 7, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1957]
DTL-236 - LP - Laff of the Party, Volume 7 - Redd Foxx [1957] First issue had orange and white cover. Later reissued with full color photo. The Double Bed/The Impatient Soldier/My Stingy Dad/The Exploded Roach/One Hand Driving/Plugged In/Trombone Playing/My Cheap Brother/others
EPD-237 - EP - Burlesque Humor, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1957] Note: The cover at right is that for EPD-251, which is part 2. Part 1 is similar, except the figure of Redd Foxx is grey instead of violet.
DTL-238 - LP - Laff of the Party, Volume 8 - Don Bexley & Dave Turner [1957] Mary's Ram/The Queer Termite/The Golf Game/Nudist Camp/others
EPD-239 - EP - Laff of the Party, Volume 8, Part 1 - Don Bexley & Dave Turner [1957]
DTL-240 - LP - Dance Party - Peppy Prince Orchestra [1/58] It Must Have Been A Dream/Peppy's Idea/Medley: Solitude-I Cried For You-Penthouse Serenade/Sir Galahad//Mean-Po- Gal/Ghost Of A Chance/Dance Party/Diane/Jack Pot
EPD-241 - EP - The Cool, Cool Penguins, Part 1 - Penguins [1958] Original had yellow label with red logo. Money Talks/Lover or Fool/Butterball/Heart of a Fool
DTL-242 - LP - The Cool, Cool Penguins - Penguins [1958] Original issue was on the yellow and red Dooto label. Do Not Pretend/If You're Mine/Cold Heart/Want Me/Sweet Love/Let Me Make Up Your Mind//Money Talks/Lover or Fool/Butterball/Heart of a Fool/Be My Lovin' Baby/That's How Much I Need You
EPD-243 - EP - The Cool, Cool Penguins, Part 2 - Penguins [1958] Original had yellow label with red logo. Sweet Love/Let Me Make Up Your Mind/Be My Lovin' Baby/That's How Much I Need You
EPD-244 - EP - The Cool, Cool Penguins, Part 3 - Penguins [1958] Original had yellow label with red logo. Do Not Pretend/If You're Mine/Cold Heart/Want Me
DTL-245 - LP - Buddy's Best - Buddy Collette Quintet [1958] Soft Touch/Walkin' Willie/Changes/My Funny Valentine/Cute Monster/Orlando Blues/Blue Sands/It's You
DTL-247 - LP - Exploring the Future - Curtis Counce Quintet [1958] Quintet included Curtis Counce (bass), Harold Land (sax), Rolf Ericson (trumpet), Elmo Hope (piano), and Frank Butler (drums). So Nice/Angel Eyes/Into The Orbit/Move/Race For Space/Someone To Watch Over Me/Exploring The Future/Countdown/Foreplay/Move/Countdown
DTL-249 - LP - Burlesque Humor - Redd Foxx [1959] The Sex Pill/Why Men Get Up/Girls In School/South Of The Border/Liquor Vs. Women/Hollywood Playboy/Prick A Boil/The Lost Indians/Plastic Sergeon
DTL-250 - LP - Night in Hollywood - George Kirby [1959] My Recent Tour/The Old Maid and the Three Wishes/Wild Father/Impersonations of Nat King Cole, Pearl Bailey, etc./others
EPD-251 - EP - Burlesque Humor, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1959]
DTL-253 - LP - Sidesplitter - Redd Foxx [1959] Originally issued with a full color photo. Later reissued with a purple cover. The Men's Room/The Nightwatchman/War Is War/The Rape Charge/The Hollywood Maid/Westward Ho Guest House/The Hired Farmhand/The Cigarettes/Shooting Craps/The Organ/The Sweater Girl/Lickadysplit
EPD-254 - EP - Sidesplitter, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1959]
EPD-255 - EP - Sidesplitter, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1959] The Hired Farmhand/The Cigarettes/The Young Bride//The Two Bananas/The Sweater Girl/Lickadysplit
EPD-256 - EP - Sidesplitter, Part 3 - Redd Foxx [1959]
EPD-257 - EP - Night In Hollywood, Part 1 - George Kirby [1959]
EPD-258 - EP - Night In Hollywood, Part 2 - George Kirby [1959]
DTL-259 - LP - Stag Party - Allen Drew [1959] Originally issued with yellow and blue Dooto label #1. High Nuts/The Queer Burglar/The Hung Cowboy/Getting A Raise/Feel Funny Fanny/Going To The Dogs/Ride On Elder/The Hotel/Light Housekeeping/Juvenile Delinquency
EPD-260 - EP - Stag Party, Part 1 - Allen Drew [1959]
EPD-261 - EP - Stag Party, Part 2 - Allen Drew [1959]
EPD-262 - EP - Stag Party, Part 3 - Allen Drew [1959]
EPD-263 - EP - Laff of the Party, Volume 8, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1959]
EPD-264 - EP - Laff of the Party, Volume 8, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1959]
DTL-265 - LP - Laff of the Party, Volume 8 - Redd Foxx [1959] Two Nuts/The Stripper/Women In Paris/The Stinking Fork/others
DTL-266 - LP - Sloppy's House Party - Sloppy Daniels with Kathy Cooper & "Skillet" [5/59] Originally issued with yellow and blue Dooto label #1. This album is banded. News From Home/The Republican's Prayer/The Pregnant Boarder/The Spot On The Bed//Texas Hospitality/The Stickup/I Shot My Mother-in-Law/The Disappointed Cowboy/How To Have Children
EPD-267 - EP - Sloppy's House Party, Part 1 - Sloppy Daniels [1959]
EPD-268 - EP - Sloppy's House Party, Part 2 - Sloppy Daniels [1959]
EPD-269 - EP - Sloppy's House Party, Part 3 - Sloppy Daniels [1959]
DTL-270 - LP - The Sidesplitter, Volume 2 - Redd Foxx [1959] Originally issued with a full color cover with the yellow and blue Dooto label #1. Later issued with a purple cover and the yellow and blue Dooto label #2. Tarzen's Yell/Shaking Up/Cork Soakers and Mother Frockers/others
EPD-271 - EP - The Sidesplitter, Volume 2, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1959]
EPD-272 - EP - The Sidesplitter, Volume 2, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1959]
EPD-273 - EP - The Sidesplitter, Volume 2, Part 3 - Redd Foxx [8/59]
DTL-274 - LP - Best Party Fun - Various Artists [1959] Originally issued with Dooto yellow and blue label #2. This album is banded. The Nasty Shine Boy-The Hula Dancer And The Bear-Cat House Campaign-The Royal Thighs-The Fake Redhead - Redd Foxx/Home Sweet Home - Sloppy Daniels/The Golf Game - Dave Turner//Beatnik Knight Of The Round Table - Redd Foxx/A Dog Needs A Bone - Redd Foxx/The Old Maid's Tom Cat-The Wild Father- Tonguetied-The Pickpocket-The Cuckoo - George Kirby
DTL-275 - LP - Racy Tales - Redd Foxx [1959] Originally issued with the yellow and blue Dooto label #2 and a full color cover showing model Mary Barge. Reissue (see below) changed cover and title. Financial Adviser/Earthquake Pregnancy/Hillbilly in Brooklyn/The Ass/Three Old Maid Sisters/(others)//Mary's Wardrobe/The Rent Receipt/Hell Is Down Hill/The Pregnant Pussy/The Twin Brothers/The New Race Track/(others)
DTL-275 - LP - The New Race Track - Redd Foxx [1962] Reissue of Racy Tales, with a modified cover (now green instead of full color) and a different tile. Financial Adviser/Earthquake Pregnancy/Hillbilly in Brooklyn/The Ass/Three Old Maid Sisters/(others)//Mary's Wardrobe/The Rent Receipt/Hell Is Down Hill/The Pregnant Pussy/The Twin Brothers/The New Race Track/(others)
EPD-276 - EP - Racy Tales, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1959]
EPD-277 - EP - Racy Tales, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1959]
EPD-278 - EP - Racy Tales, Part 3 - Redd Foxx [1959]
DTL-279 - LP - Party Record Party - Gene & Freddie [11/59] This album is banded. Cover girl is Claudette Brooks. Sister Full Bosom-Foo King/The Atomic Brassiere-The Living Bra/The Bride And Groom-Fertile Myrtle-The Man With 4 Balls-The Donkey Roast Party//The Queer Choir-The Silver Screw/Oysters And Sex-Short Arm Inspection/Superman's Balls-The Sex Hour
EPD-280 - EP - Party Record Party, Part 1 - Gene & Freddie [1959]
EPD-281 - EP - Party Record Party, Part 2 - Gene & Freddie [1959]
EPD-282 - EP - Party Record Party, Part 3 - Gene & Freddie [1959]
EPD-283 - EP - Songs Heard Through the Keyhole, Part 1 - Joel Cowan [1959]
EPD-284 - EP - Songs Heard Through the Keyhole, Part 2 - Joel Cowan [1959]
DTL-285 - LP - Songs Heard Through the Keyhole - Joel Cowan [1959] This album is banded. Joel Cowan was a guitarist who played in many of the 1940s big band orchestras and backed artists of the 1950s. He also wrote songs for several big-name artists. This is an album where he accompanies himself on guitar and sings ribald spoofs of old songs. The cover art is quite risqué for the time, featuring "movie starlet" Cia Dave in dishabille seen through a keyhole outline. Cia later played a small role in the 1962 film Two for the Seesaw, but that apparently was the extent of her film career. Falsies in Brassieres [Brazil]/Tail in the Bedroom [Red Sails In The Sunset]/Use Your Head [It's Been A Long Long Time, You'll Never Walk Alone, etc.]/You Shall Not Ride Tonight [Ghost Riders In The Sky]/Dead Eye Dick [Cow Cow Boogie]/My Home Cooking//Thanks For Nothing [Thanks For The Memories]/Pocahontas And John Smith/Cool Down Papa [Straighten Up And Fly Right]/The Freakish Death/My Old Dame [My Old Flame-That's WhyThe Lady Is A Tramp]/The Fairy Prince/The Two Dicks [correct title on cover; title on label is erroneously listed as "The Private Dick"]/Tacos For Two [Tables For Two]
EPD-286 - EP - Best Party Fun, Part 1 - Various Artists [1960]
EPD-287 - EP - Best Party Fun, Part 2 - Redd Foxx & George Kirby [1960] Beatniks Of The Round Table/A Dog's Bone/Hollywood//Christmas Stuff/The Old Maid's Tom Cat/The Wild Father
EPD-288 - EP - The Best of Laff, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1960]
EPD-289 - EP - The Best of Laff, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1960]
DTL-290 - LP - Redd Foxx Funn - Redd Foxx [1960] This album is not banded. Privates in W.W. II/Slow To Come/Pajamas And Sex/The Pregnant Picnic/Percentage On Sex/Hot Nuts//The Pregnant Ballerina/The Sex Maniac/Love Life/The Burglar/The Kinsey Report/Cat Love
EPD-291 - EP - Redd Foxx Funn, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1960]
EPD-292 - EP - Redd Foxx Funn, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1960]
DTL-293 - LP - Blame It on the Blues - Willie Hayden [1960] Blame It On The Blues/Sunset And Vine/I Love You Bobby Sox/You Can Be Replaced/Everything's Alright/Back Home Again//Let Me Cry/I Want To Know/Peace Of Mind/Turn The Hi-Fi Down/Everybody Has A Fool/You Can't Fool The People
DTL-294 - LP - Pillow Party Fun - Baron Harris [1960] Drinking and Screwing/The Pool Shooting Monkey/others
DTL-295 - LP - Sly Sex - Redd Foxx [1960] The Holy Golf Game/People That Eat/Pushed For Money/Brains And Money/The Licked Husband/The Rabbit And The Lion//The Particular Eater/Women's Exercises/Shooting For Fun/Government Fun/Honeymoon Fun/The Big Posse
EPD-296 - EP - Sly Sex, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1960]
EPD-297 - EP - Sly Sex, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1960]
DTL-298 - LP - Have One On Me - Redd Foxx [1960] Shooting The Rear/Have One On Me/Auto vs. Sex/The Woman Trap/The Black Sheep/Sex Regularity/The Armless Drinker/others
EPD-299 - EP - Have One On Me, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1960]
EPD-300 - EP - Have One On Me, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1960]
Note: To avoid conflict with the 45 series, which started at 301, the catalog numbers for the EP-LP series at this point jump to 801. It is also at about this point that the label changes to the multicolor design.
DTL-801 - LP - Laff A Rama - Redd Foxx [1961] Known to have been released with two different covers, one with Foxx looking down from the upper left corner, and the other with Foxx' photo in the center. The Kid In The Bag/How To Get A Husband/The Unmarried Mother/The Dog In The Brassiere/How To Keep A Husband/Hard Times In St. Louis/Sex In The Park/The Miscarriage/Adultery Is Murder/The Virgin Birth/Under Sister's Dress/The Running Dogs
EPD-802 - EP - Laff A Rama, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1961]
EPD-803 - EP - Laff A Rama, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1961]
DTL-804 - LP - Wild Party - Redd Foxx [1961] 118 Ways to Make Love/The Indian and the Spook/others
EPD-805 - EP - Wild Party, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1961]
EPD-806 - EP - Wild Party, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1961]
DTL-807 - LP - Down by the River - Zion Travelers [1961] Down by the River/Packin' Up/Bye and Bye/Every Time I Feel the Spirit/I Dreamed of a City/Jesus Said//I Want to Go to Heaven/The Blood/I Must Tell Jesus/God I'll Live/Even Me/I've Started
DTL-808 - LP - Below the Belt - Rudy Moore [1961] Intro/Cross Your Legs/Kruschev/The Fashion Show/Suck Em/Inside The Pants/Mississippi/The Claps/The Cold Marriage/My Wife's Sister/Something To Give/One Inch Shorter/Being Thankful/The New President/The Lady Speaker/Into Glory/Gloves And Panties/Foo King/My Ass/My Fairy Godmother/Funny That Way/The Virgin Sheep/Adultery/Fish Market Girls/The Belt/The Beatnik & The Judge/Sex Urge Cheat/Vitamin P/The Good Girl And The Bad/Pussy On The Bus/Little Pussy/Texas And New Orleans/Plain Old Bus/The Million Crabs
DTL-809 - LP - This Is Foxx - Redd Foxx [1961] A Few Short Things/The Electric Chair/The Bed Smell/Dirty Pictures/Girl Petting/No Teeth/Sliding Down Hill/School Cyclopedia/It's Good Once/Absentmindedness/Motel Strangers/What About Tonight/Competitive Sex/The Birth Stimulant/She Went Too/Friends Of My Own/Sinning Twice/With My Teeth/I Got It/The Ugly American/The Perfect Ass/Flied Lice/Not Too Young/Come Kitty/Hating Guts/Lost A Dear Friend//Mentholated Dope/Dying To Try It/Nearsighted Sex/Woman's Best Years/Deep Sea Diver/The Head Splitter/Rottedam/By The Balls/Which Way To Turn/The Charging Lion/The Sexual Couch/Fastest Care/The Crazy Brother/The Reformed Drunk/Congo Headhunters/Japanese Bloomers/Two With And One Without/Disturbed Adultery/The Nice Reverend/Could Be Worse/Ground Hog Day/New Position/Business On Western/The Third Time/An Occasional Piece/Buttonless Fly
EPD-810 - EP - This Is Foxx, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1961]
EPD-811 - EP - This Is Foxx, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1961]
DTL-812 - LP - For a Piece - Roscoe Holland [1961] Foul Mule Train/Psonia/Bennie's From Heaven/Itty Bitty Girl/For a Piece//Yo Yo/Stick Out Your Can/Down on the Farm/Bijou/Drug Net
DTL-814 - LP - Comedy Sweepstakes - Scatman Crothers [1961]
DTL-815 - LP - He's Funny That Way - Redd Foxx [1961]
EPD-816 - EP - He's Funny That Way, Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1961]
EPD-817 - EP - He's Funny That Way, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1961]
EPD-818 - EP - Comedy Sweepstakes, Part 1 - Scatman Crothers [1961]
EPD-819 - EP - Comedy Sweepstakes, Part 2 - Scatman Crothers [1961]
DTL-820 - LP - Redd Foxx at Jazzville U.S.A. - Redd Foxx [1961]
EPD-821 - EP - Redd Foxx at Jazzville U.S.A., Part 1 - Redd Foxx [1961]
EPD-822 - EP - Redd Foxx at Jazzville U.S.A., Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1961]
At this point, EPs are discontinued in favor of regular LP issues.
DTL-823 - LP - The Whole of Hattie Noel - Hattie Noel [1961]
DTL-824 - LP - Laff of the Party, Volume 9 - Billy Allyn [1961]
DTL-825 - LP - Bold Hattie Noel - Hattie Noel [1962] The Man I Want/Haircut With A Hole/Something To Play With/Sadie's Plan/The Sterile Santa/The Cutest Tummy/The Sexy Nobleman/Pokum Smokum/The Nasty Speech/The Party/On A Drunk/The Surgeon/King Farouk/Nervous Sheep/The Little Queer/The Southern Part/Party Toasts/The Dentist//Two Old Maids/The Tight Jersey/The Bottomless Bucket/Smelling Hair/I'm A Coming/Tired Of Candles/Hot Lips & 7 Kisses/Hocus Pocus/The Stiff Pajamas/Having A Ball/Alaskan Dog Lover/My Sweet Harmony Man
DTL-826 - LP - Earthy Mirth - Billy Allyn [1962] Hen Lay Odds/Getting A Red Head/People Fashion/The Stinky Breath/Kinfolks Taking Off Everything/Fortune Telling Waitress/Bosom Sugar/Scratching What You Eat/Picnic Pregnancy/Baby Talk/Smart Aleck/Peaches Not Cucumbers/Going Over/The Wet Uniform/Mounting & Stuffing/Love 69 Ways/Bear Players/The Impressive Reverend/Working Tails//Business Before Pleasure/Mother Worship/Laughing At Policeman/I Got/Bookies/Tough In Mississippi/Friend In New Orleans/Gambling In Vegas/The Hard Way/Glad You Came/Smokey The Bear/Credit In Mississippi/Wagon Train/Cold Weather/Greyhound Bus/Rooming In L.A./Misconception/Not Too Young To Do It/The Naval Base/Automobile Repair/Catching Fish/Tricking The Interne/Love Once A Year/The Pole Vaulting Bridegroom/Element Of Doubt
DTL-827 - LP - Crazy Night Court - Gene & Freddy [1962]
DTL-828 - LP - Hearty Party Laffs - Redd Foxx [1962]
DTL-829 - LP - The Tickled Soul of Hattie Noel - Hattie Noel [1962]
DTL-830 - LP - The New Fugg - Red Foxx [1962] Lucky Loan/Pain In The Neck/Beauty Parlor/The Black Tongue/The Job Interview/The Native Guide/Broken Wine Bottle/Slandered Wife/The New Fugg/Cowboy Pronounciation/The Drinking Curse/The Conscientious Objector/Lie Detector/Ex- Wife/The Tree/St. Louis/Two Ends/Grow/Down South/Lot's Wife/Lover's Memory/Election/The Town/Capital Punishment/The Bus/The Judge/Smoke Rings/My Wife/Rape/Cutting Liquor/Love Credit/Bar Girl/Hit Song
DTL-831 - LP - Martin Luther King at Zion Hill - Martin Luther King [1962] Narration by Bolt DeCay. The Negro Dilemma (The Old And New Slavery, The Challenge, Dignity And Self Respect)/Excellence (A Good Job, The Street Sweeper, Be The Best)/Fun Town USA (My Little Girl)/The Three Words/The Ballot (Danger Of Black Supremacy, The Better Way)/We Shall Overcome (The Price Some Must Pay, The Greater America)
DTL-832 - LP - Laff Along with Foxx - Redd Foxx [1962]
DTL-833 - LP - Laff of the Party, Volume 10 - Hattie Noel [1963] Hustle For Democracy/Kissing Dicks/Sixty-Twenty/Nine Inches/Under The Kilts/Sex Joker/The Nut Cracking Trick/Around The World/The Jewish Virgin/Chinese Sex Race/Soft Off Hard On
DTL-834 - LP - Crack Up - Redd Foxx [1963]
DTL-835 - LP - Funny Stuff - Redd Foxx [1963] Expensive Toilet Paper/My Wife's Moustache
DTL-836 - LP - The Battle of Sex - Redd Foxx vs. Hattie Noel [1963]
DTL-837 - LP - Sex Is Funny - Ray Scott [1963]
DTL-838 - LP - Naughties But Goodies - Redd Foxx [1965]
DTL-839 - LP - Sex Cracks - Rozelle Gayle [1967]
DTL-840 - LP - Adults Only - Redd Foxx [1967] The Preacher's Ass/Commiting Adultery/Let's Go Peter/Stiff And Hard/Adam's Hard One/The Bad Ass/Cheating Deacons/Down Mexico Way/Raped By Bandits/The Rape Rap/The Whore House/Shoe Shine Boy/The Hula Dancer/Stray Pussy/The Royal Thighs
DTL-841 - LP - The American Dream - Martin Luther King [1967]
DTL-842 - LP - Low Down and Dirty - Richard & Willie [1967] Ventriloquist Richard Sandfield and his pal Willie.
DTL-843 - LP - Willie & Rising Dick - Richard & Willie [1967]
DTL-844 - LP - Big George's Party Jokes - Big George [1967]
DTL-845 - LP - Jokes I Can't Tell on Television - Redd Foxx [196?] The Bus/EF and FF/The Fairy V.P./Anniversaries/Bed Deadline/Fallen Wings/Sisters Crabs/Advantage/Cross Eyed Rooster/Wise Crack/Thrill/Movement/Coughs/Balls/Over Forty/Dizzy/Quickie/Stone/Black Eye/Slingshot/Pregnant/Bad News/Disturbing the Piece//Guarding Clothes/Divorce/Poem/Women vs Sleep/Moo/Pitch a Boogie/It Won't Hurt/Red Riding Hood /Meat Lifting/Confucius Say/Backward Nurse/Why Men Get Up/Pea/Stinker/Poem/Cuddle Up Closer/Hollywood Playboy/Play Tonic/Tide Us Over/Sex Pill
DTL-846 - LP - Shed House Humor - Redd Foxx [196?]
DTL-847 - LP - Favorite Party Jokes - Redd Foxx [19??]
DTL-848 - LP - The Race Track - Richard & Willie [1970]
DTL-849 Stereo - LP - Funky and Filthy - Richard & Willie [1970]
DTL-850 Stereo - LP - Let's Come Together - Rudy Ray Moore [197?]
DTL-851 Stereo - LP - Nasty and Naughty - Richard & Willie [197?]
DTL-852 Stereo - LP - The Forbidden Black Tales - Third World Theater Starring Robo Roberts and Flash Gorden [197?]
DTL-853 Stereo - LP - Sanford and Foxx - Redd Foxx [1972] Issued with the brown Dooto label. "Stereo" is achieved by a music track which wanders from channel to channel in the background, and by balance changes to the mono vocal track. The basic skits, including the audience, are in mono. This album is banded, but there are only two bands on each side. Alligator Dog-Private Eye-The Lost Wallet-Dental Care-Childless Couple/Bravery- Television-Christmas Hardtimes-Shower Stall-Voting-Cheap Accident-Scarce Dogmeat//Union Man- Whiskey Sales-Sleepy Deacon-My Son-Missionary On The Menu-Wino DTs/Sales Manners-Gift Pajamas-The Parlay-Ugly Women-Happy Couple-Funerals
DTL-854 Stereo - Redd Foxx and All That Jazz - Redd Foxx [1972]
DTL-855 - LP - The Oldies - Various Artists [1972] This was issued with the old Dootone maroon label. Monaural. Please Mr. Junkman - Penguins/So Long Daddy - Souvenirs/My Heart's Desire - Pearls/Flee Oo Wee - Calvanes/Be Fair - Pipes/Jump & Hop - Romancers//You Are My Girl - Silks/Pushbutton Automobile - Medallions/This Must Be Paradise - Meadowlarks/Dingaling - Crescendos/Baby Doll - Crescendos/Magic Mountain - Medallions
DTL-856 - Jazz West - Various Artists [1972]
DTL-857 - LP - Vernon Green and the Medallions - Vernon Green & Medallions [1973] Monaural. Give Me The Right/She's The One/Someone For Me/I Want To Be Your Lover Man/I'm In Love With You/Lover's Prayer/Unseen/Behind The Door/Rocket Ship/The Letter/Can You Talk/You Don't Know
DTL-858 Stereo - LP - Dirty Redd - Redd Foxx [1973]
DTL-860 Stereo - LP - Funky Tales from a Dirty Old Junk Man - Redd Foxx [1974]

Special Dooto Issue:

DTL-01 - LP - The Best of Laff! - Redd Foxx [1960] Special Redd Foxx issue with selected "clean" humor. This album is banded, although each side only has two bands. The Dear John Letter and Others//Childless Couples and Others

Dooto DTL-500 Series (Reissues of Authentic Label LPs:)

DTL-501 - Rhythm 'N' Blues Hit Vocal Groups - Various Artists [196?] Speedin' - Medallions/The Telegram - Medallions/My Pretty Baby - Medallions/Did You Have Fun - Medallions/Coupe DeVille Baby - Medallions/Mary Lou - Medallions//Be Mine or Be a Fool - Penguins/So Tough - Cufflinx/It's Too Late Now - Cufflinx/House Cat - Romancers/Let Me Cry Willie Headen and the Birds /I Love You Bobby Sox - Willie Headen and the Birds
DTL-502 - Jump 'N' Hop Dance Party - Ernie Freeman, Joe Houston, Chuck Higgins, & Roy Milton [196?]
DTL-503 - Cooking with Jazz - Dexter Gordon, Carl Perkins, & Leroy Vinegar [196?]
DTL-504 - The Fun Ticklers - Redd Foxx, Allen Drew, Don Bexley, & Dave Turner [196?]

Albums of Questionable Authenticity:

Dootone 203 - LP - Don Julian and the Meadowlarks - Don Julian & Meadowlarks [1970s?] This is a 16-track bootleg LP pressed on colored vinyl.
Dootone 400 - The Best of the Medallions - Medallions [1970s] This album has a Dootone label. Although some dealers in the collectors' market insist that this is a original Dootone release from the fifties, and we have seen it listed with prices ranging from 200 to 700 dollars, we have a copy of the album and believe it to be either a Dooto release from the 1970s or a 1970s-vintage bootleg, probably the latter. Bootleg copies of doo-wop and early R&B albums (that never were legitimately released) were rampant in the 1970s and available at most collectors' record shops. These bootlegs usually had original looking labels and used artwork from other albums or just lettering on the front. One thing that argues against this being a legitimate release is that the catalog number 400 conflicts with the number of a single, and Dootsie Williams was careful about his catalog numbering (we know of no other conflicts, and the LP series jumped from 300 to 801 to avoid re-using numbers). The cover is a 12 inch version of the original cover of the Medallions' EPD-202 (with a blue background instead of the original pink). It also has "Vocal Group Series Album #2" on the cover, as did EPD-202, but there is no known 12" album corresponding to "Vocal Group Series #1," another inconsistency Dootsie Williams was unlikely to make if this were a legitimate album. In any case, it's a nice Medallions' compilation, but we would advise against paying big bucks to get a copy of it. Want A Love/The Telegram/Dance And Swing/Coup Deville Baby/Edna/ Speedin'/Don't Shoot/Mary Lou/Dear Darling//Shedding Tears For You/Magic Mountain/For Better Or For Worse/Pushbutton Automobile/The Letter/Buick 59/Volvo/Unseen/A Lover's Prayer
Dooto D-1000 - Best of the Cufflinks - Cuff Links [197?] This is a bootleg pressed on red wax. Guided Missles/My Heart/It's Too Late Now/A Fool's Fortune/Trick Knees/Chancing My Love/I Don't Want Nobody//How You Lied/The Winner/Lawful Wedding/Zoom/My Love Is With You/So Tough

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