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Shipping Related Links

Here is a list of some useful websites. If you know of any other websites of interest or find a broken link, please .

Featured Website Societies Ports & Shipping Movements

- The tug enthusiasts society.

- Database of 20th C war casualties.

- Ship Society in New Zealand.

- For those interested in liners and cruise ships.

- For Ship Enthusiasts & Photographers.

- Worldwide society for shipping enthusiasts (WSS).

- WSS Mid-Essex branch homepage.

- Rotterdam Info from the WSS.

- Southampton Info from the WSS.

- South and West Wales WSS Branch.

- WSS Branch from Zeeland, Southern Holland.




















Ship Enthusiasts Websites

- Photos from the Nord-Ostsee Kanal.

- Shipping photos from Jim Prentice.

- Shipping & Seascape Photos from Chris Jones.

- Coastal Shipping Forum.

- Transport Photos from David Dixon.

- Steven Bruijneel's photos featuring the port of Antwerp.

- Ship Photos from Sweden.

- History of this Mersey based tug.

- photos from Germany by Oliver Mohrbeck.

- Paintings of Falmouth Docks by Jamie Boyd

- Photos from the Manchester Ship Canal and Mersey

- Terneuzen and Gent Canal.

- Ship Photos

- Maritime Photography from Holland.

- Quality Maritime & Aviation Art - Jonathan Margetts

- Memoirs of Cruise Ships.

- Photos from Wim Kosten in Holland.

- Gary Davies's Maritime Photography site..

- Dutch & ex-Dutch Cargo & Sea-River Ships.

- Photos from Den Helder by Ron Damman.

- Photos by Christian Costa from Germany.

- from the River Thames, including Weekly Market Report.

- by Mike Roussel

- Photos from Auckland, Melbourne & Southampton

- Mark Prummel's European Sea-River ships site.

 - including Sharpness by Jim Rothwell.

- Gwil Jones's ship photos from Liverpool. 

- Pierre-Alfred Caille's site with lots of great photographs.

- Faith Jordan's ship photos from the Solent.

- Edward's Ship Photo Site.

- from Pixelate Studio, Terneuzen.

- from Michael Elias in Ostend, Belgium.

- Marcel & Paul van Luik's website.

- Photos from the Mersey by Alan Faulkner.

- Photos by George Carr.

- by Sean McCafferty from Northern Ireland.

- Dutch website by Huug Pieterse.

- CDs of shipping interest which are sold for charity.

- Books for the Ship Spotter.

Ship Photographs from the Gulf of Naples.

- Dutch website all about tugs.

- Maritime Paintings and Photos from Holland.

- Shipping Photos by Allan Wright.

- Warship Photos by Allan Wright.

Shipping Companies Shipping Databases

Shipping Agency, Tuzla

BP Shipping




Ship Agency Paranagua

AIS Sites



Shipping News Webcams








Magazines Preserved Ships Miscellaneous



- Maasluiss, Holland

- Hamburg

- Greenwich

- Liverpool

- Maasluiss, Holland

- Maasluiss, Holland

- Holland

- Medway

- Thames

- Belfast

- Rotterdam

- Southampton

- Hamburg

- UK

- Create your own photo mousemats.

- Quality CD & DVD Duplication

- Music school in Newport, South Wales.

- W Packard

- Vintage Shipping Postcards

- WW1 and WW2 military photo albums.



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