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Olympic crotch photos 2018

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When Mario for , it almost broke the internet (OK, it didn't, but work ground to a halt in the Nintendo Life office, we can assure you of that).

Now, we're seeing a discussion occur online that could potentially dwarf "nipplegate", and - as usual - it's Mario's lanky sibling who is stealing all of the column inches (no pun intended).

Artwork for the forthcoming shows Luigi in a pair of particularly tight shorts - so tight in fact that they proudly show the unmistakeable outline of his . Any normal person would simply brush this off as Nintendo striving for a little anatomical accuracy, but c'mon guys - this is the internet we're talking about here.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 16.30.40.png

Some people have actually gone to the length (again, no pun intended) of estimating the size of Luigi's nether regions. We won't repeat what is said here, but feel free to click at your own risk.

In fact, outside of merely acknowledging this truly bizarre discussion we're going to leave it there, because some things are sacred - and that includes the contents of Luigi's shorts.

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