Oxygen produced during photosynthesis comes from

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History of Oxygen

Philo of Byzantium, a Greek writer and engineer in the second century, conducted the first experiment of the relationship between air and combustion. He found that if you take a burning candle on a dish full of water and invert a cylindrical container over it, the surrounding water will rise into the neck of the vessel.

The first discovery of oxygen in the 1600s, by the Polish alchemist Sedziwoj, was not published. Scheele then rediscovered oxygen, followed by Priestly in the 1770s.

Later, the French chemist Lavoisier renamed the compound oxygen because of its ability to form acids. The term oxygen comes from the Greek word 'oxygenes' meaning 'acid producer.'

In the nineteenth century, scientists realized that by compression and cooling, they could liquefy oxygen. By 1891, scientists could produce enough liquid oxygen for research. Four years later, the first process to generate liquid oxygen was commercially viable.

Industrial Use of Oxygen

More than 50% of the Earth's steel production uses the basic oxygen process (BOP), which employs pure oxygen to convert scrap and iron into steel.

Other applications of oxygen in the industrial setting include making or processing new compounds such as plastics, paper, glass, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, and petroleum.

Liquid oxygen is combined with liquid hydrogen to make rocket fuel.

Medicinal Use of Oxygen

Oxygen has various uses in health care-treatment is flexible enough for use in inpatient, outpatient, and in emergency settings. It treats ailments such as heart disorders, pneumonia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders (COPD).

The circulatory system is interconnected with the pulmonary circulation. Treatment not only increases the oxygen saturation of the blood but also can ease cardiac workload.

When providing life support, airway care and rescue breaths improve a person's chance for survival. Other life support use includes oxygen supplementation for astronauts and scuba divers.

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