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is planning on a life of luxury when he gets home from prison ... Exhibit A -- his wedding registry. 

The Situation is marrying college sweetheart Lauren Pesce, November 1 (he has 60 days to turn himself in) and they're asking friends and family to spare no expense when it comes to wedding gifts. 

Only the best for Mike when he's done with his for tax evasion ... the Sorrentinos want a 0 blender, 0 juicer, 0 dutch oven, 5 knife set and 0 pasta press ... 'cause he'll be tired of those cheap prison meals by the time he's a free man again.

The Sitch is probably dreading his jail cot ... but there's light at the end of the tunnel, because he and Lauren are asking for a 3 down comforter and 9 ivory sheepskin rug. Super comfy. 

No more mopping floors when he gets home either ... they want a 0 robot to mop and a 0 robot to vacuum.

And, if you splurge on the 0 flatware sets (they want 3), don't expect the newlyweds to use any of it to prepare an avocado ... no, they need a special tool for those pesky fruits.



's pals from 'Jersey Shore' aren't going to leave him hanging now that he's been sentenced to hard time.

, , , Vinnie, , and all showed up at Sitch's apartment in Long Branch, NJ Saturday to show him some love and support ... just like they did Friday outside the courthouse in Newark.

We got video of the cast -- sans Mike -- leaving the complex to go their separate ways ... but not before a round of hugs. Although ... JWoww says they won't be apart for long.

As we reported ... The Situation to 8 months in prison in his tax evasion case, along with 2 years of supervised release. His attorney told us, "Mike accepts the Court's judgment. He is looking forward to marrying his college sweetheart, Lauren Pesce, next month and moving forward together after he serves his sentence."

Situation's brother, Marc -- who was also indicted at the same time on tax fraud charges -- was sentenced to 2 years and a k fine.

Mike responded to the sentencing on social media, saying they're happy to put this behind him.

He must surrender to authorities in 30 to 60 days. Until then ... we're sure he'll get a lot more visits from his friends.


6:41 PM PT -- The Sitch responded to his sentencing on social media, saying ... "We are very happy to put this behind us. Thank you So much for all the Love & Support."

10:43 AM PT -- Situation was sentenced to 8 months behind bars and two years of supervised release. His attorney, Henry Klingeman, tells TMZ, "Mike accepts the Court's judgment. He is looking forward to marrying his college sweetheart, Lauren Pesce, next month and moving forward together after he serves his sentence."

Mike looked relaxed on his way out of court, holding Lauren's hand and flashing a peace sign to the group gathered outside.

9:45 AM PT -- Situation's brother, Marc -- who was also indicted at the same time on tax fraud charges -- has just been sentenced to 2 years and a k fine.

It's D-Day for  -- who just arrived at federal court in Newark, NJ to find out if he's going to prison for evading his taxes -- and he's got the whole 'Jersey Shore' crew with him.

The 'Jersey Shore' star is set to be sentenced Friday for tax evasion. As we reported, Sitch  way back in January. He could be looking at a max of 5 years in prison, but even prosecutors have been pushing for the judge to .

Pauly D, Ronnie, JWoww, Vinnie, Snooki and Deena were all at the courthouse bright and early to show some love to their friend.  

Since entering his plea, Mike got the court's approval to travel to Florida and Nevada to shoot .

Mike's sentencing was originally scheduled for April 25, but his lawyer was able to while resubmitting docs as part of his plea deal.

His sentence should be handed down shortly. Stay tuned ...

Originally Published -- 10/5/2018 7:39 AM PDT 



You gotta give it up to  and Jen Harley for going to hell and back without losing their sense of humor. 

Ronnie and his baby mama have been through more ups and downs than every boardwalk roller coaster on the Jersey Shore, but that didn't stop them from poking fun at their problems during a family stroll through Central Park.

Check out Jen's shirt ... she's sending a clear message with the laundry portion of Ronnie's GTL routine. 

It's true ... Ronnie and Jen could give anyone a run for their money when it comes to relationship issues.  

Quick recap of their last few months ... Jen allegedly , resulting in  and a . But, like they always do, Ronnie and Jen kissed and .

Laughter really heals all wounds. 


Breaking News

9/28 -- Roger posted a video vowing to win his wife back.

The next season of 'Jersey Shore' just got real interesting ... is divorcing her husband, Roger Mathews ... TMZ has confirmed.

JWoww -- aka Jenni Farley -- filed docs in Ocean County, NJ 2 weeks ago. The split comes just shy of the couple's third anniversary. She cites irreconcilable differences, and says their marriage has been on the rocks for at least 6 months.

Roger occasionally appeared on episodes of the original 'JS' run, but he has not been involved with the most recent tapings of the rebooted version of the show ... "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation."

It's unclear what's at the center of their marital strife -- but earlier this year Roger kinda poured his heart out on social media ... admitting he and Jenni went through several ups and downs. He said, "Some days it’s a struggle to stay together. Some days she calls me a fking dk head (cause I am). Some days the grass looks greener on the other side. We aren’t even close to perfect and I have no intention on pretending that we are."

JWoww and Roger have 2 kids -- a 4-year-old daughter, Melani, and a 2-year-old boy, Grayson. 

The divorce was first reported by Jersey's .


from 'Jersey Shore' ain't sweating a reboot of 'The Hills' ... 'cause, as far as reality TV reboots go, she's adamant the 'Shore' will leave 'em eating dust.

We got the cast of 'Jersey Shore' -- well, most of the cast -- leaving NBC Studios Thursday in NYC and our guy wanted to know ... is "The Hills: New Beginnings" gonna be better than 'Jersey Shore'?

'The Hills' has a tough hill to climb to get there. Remember ... the 'Jersey Shore' reboot was a monumental success for MTV with millions of viewers tuning in for some much needed GTL. 

As far as Angelina's concerned, well, she's not. But, she does have a soft spot for . And,  agrees. BTW ... noticeably absent from the bunch was , who is still dealing with tons of . It was just a couple months ago when Jen Harley  with her car ... leaving him bloody. He's tried with Jen, but we've heard that before. 



'Jersey Shore' star is truly a man of forgiveness -- breaking bread with his baby mama and friends -- like their bloody domestic dispute never even happened.

Ronnie was at a Friday's in NJ Thursday with Jen Harley, their 3-month-old daughter and several friends. As we reported, Jen flew up from Vegas a few days ago to spend the Fourth of July holiday with Ronnie. 

A witness tells us the couple seemed calm, cool and relaxed ... and Jen mostly tended to their kid.

TMZ broke the story -- Jen was last month in Vegas -- after she allegedly attacked Ronnie in their car and out the passenger's side. 

Prosecutors ultimately decided to -- due to lack of evidence. Seeing as how they're , doesn't seem like Ronnie would be in a hurry to testify against her, either.  



's hanging with his baby mama a little more than a week after she allegedly dragged him with her car ... but it's not all amoré just yet.

Sources close to the on-again-off-again couple tell TMZ the 'Jersey Shore' star and Jen Harley were spending time together this week, including on the 4th of July. We're told Jen flew out to Jersey earlier this week, and the pair's been kickin' it for a few days now.

All that said ... our sources say Ronnie and Jen are not officially back together at this point. They're simply working things out for the sake of their daughter, Ariana.

We broke the story ... Jen after getting busted at the end of last month for allegedly bloodying Ronnie up during a fight in the car.

The incident left  behind, inside the car and out.

Despite Ronnie's close friends wanting him to  out of fear for his safety, he seems to be doing things his way. So far, so good -- we're told he and Jen have had no major issues this week.

Ronnie still wants a formal child custody agreement though -- he .



12:25 PM PT -- A rep for the Clark County District Attorney's office tells us they dropped the charges due to insufficient evidence.'s baby mama won't face domestic violence charges for allegedly dragging him outside their moving car ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the Las Vegas Justice Court tells TMZ ... Jen Harley's domestic violence case will be officially dropped in court later this month. According to court officials, prosecutors haven't yet revealed why they're not moving forward with the case.

As we reported ... Jen was arrested last month after allegedly  when they got into a fight on their way back from a BBQ. Jen allegedly hit him in the face and he asked to get out ... but when he got caught in his seat belt, she drove off anyway.

Their 3-month-old daughter, Ariana, was in the car at the time.

TMZ broke the story ... Ronnie's since decided to .



's 3-month-old daughter has been primarily in his care since the violent car dragging incident with his baby mama ... and we're told he's got custody on his mind.

Sources close to the 'Jersey Shore' star and Jen Harley tell TMZ ... their baby girl, Ariana, has been staying with him since the ex-couple's nasty fight last weekend in Vegas, for which Harley was .

We're told Ronnie's mother has been helping with the babysitting and they are still allowing Jen to see Ariana ... but Ronnie and Jen aren't talking much unless it's about their daughter's needs.

Our Ronnie sources say he's considering getting a family attorney involved because, so far, there's absolutely no formal custody arrangement. We're told Ronnie wants 50/50 joint custody ... something he'd probably get. 

We broke the story ... Harley told police  multiple times during Sunday's domestic dispute, but cops determined she was the primary aggressor and arrested her.

According to the police report, both sustained minor injuries ... but  afterward show it was a pretty bloody mess.



'Jersey Shore' star 's baby mama told cops the reality star struck her multiple times during their domestic dispute ... but cops concluded she was the one in the wrong.

Jen Harley was in Vegas for domestic battery after she allegedly attacked Ronnie while the two were driving home and then dragged him with her car.

According to the police report -- obtained by TMZ -- cops say they found Harley on the side of the road after a passerby called in to report a fight between the two.

Harley told cops she was driving and Ronnie was in the passenger's seat. She says Ronnie became aggressive, reaching for the steering wheel and hitting her multiple times. Harley claims she pulled over, took their 3-month-old daughter out of the car and tried waving down other drivers for help. 

The police report states officers observed minor cuts, scratches and dried blood on Jen. The report also details ... saying he sustained cuts to his mouth, arms and road-rash. Ronnie told officers Jen struck him 2 to 5 times with her fist, he got in the driver's seat once she got out and took off.

After taking statements from both Jen and Ronnie -- the cops determined a mutual battery did occur -- but Jen was . 



left a mess behind after his baby mama allegedly dragged him with a car ... and TMZ has some bloody shots of the vehicle.

In the photos, blood streaks can be seen on the outside of the ride we're told Jen Harley was driving when she and the 'Jersey Shore' star got into a fight Sunday coming home from a Vegas BBQ. You'll recall ... Jen allegedly hit Ronnie in the face, then when he tried to get out.

As you can see ... the vehicle also suffered a flat tire, which we're told was the result of Jen driving over the median when she took off ... with their 2-month-old daughter, Ariana, in the car.

There's also a shot of the interior console covered with blood ... possibly from Ronnie's injuries after being struck in the face.

Harley was arrested for domestic battery and booked at the Clark County Detention Center. She was also the suspect in a battery investigation for on and hitting Ronnie 3 weeks ago during another argument.

We broke the story ... Ronnie's friends if he goes back with Jen, and are equally concerned about the well-being of their daughter.



's friends are warning the 'Jersey Shore' star to cut ties with his baby mama, out of fears her latest domestic violence arrest is a bad omen of what's to come if he stays with her.

Sources close to Ronnie tell us he's been trying hard to have a good relationship with Jen Harley because he's worried she'll take full custody of their daughter. We're told that's the only reason he was at a BBQ with her Sunday, hours before she allegedly dragged him outside their car. 

Ronnie's friends are telling him it's time to quit playing family man and look out for his safety and his daughter's, and they say that means staying away from Jen. We're told friends are also advising him to handle the custody situation in court, because there's no upside to reconciling with Jen at this point.

TMZ broke the story, Harley allegedly on the way home from a Vegas BBQ. We're told their 2-month-old daughter, Ariana, was in the car at the time ... and there's growing concern she could be caught in the middle of any future fights. 

Harley was also named the  after she allegedly spit on and hit Ronnie 3 weeks ago during an argument over their daughter and dead dog. 

'Jersey Shore' cameras weren't rolling during Jen and Ronnie's latest incident, but we're told their constant fighting will be a featured story line on the show. 


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