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  • Club President and Financial Services Manager. This is Kaitlyn Akers lifesaving pathway.
  • Gary Ferriera is a Rescue Water Craft Operator and member of the Australian Defence Force.
  • Firefighter and Sports Official. This is Simon Johnstone's pathway.
  • Chief Training Officer & Helicopter Crewman. This is Andrew McNeilly.
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Entry roles
Patrol Member – Bronze
Patrol Member – First Aid
Patrol Member – Radio Operator
Patrol Member – Resuscitation
Patrol Member – Surf Rescue Certificate
Junior Activities (Nippers) roles
Age Manager
Canteen and BBQ Coordinator
Club Photographer
Fundraising Coordinator
Gear Steward
Junior Activities Chairperson
Junior Registrar
Uniform Officer
Water Safety
Water Safety Supervisor
Operations Support (Jet ski, helicopters, rescue boats, etc.) roles
Duty Officer
Helicopter Crew
Offshore Rescue Boat
Peer Support Officer
Rescue Water Craft Operator
SurfCom Operator
Sports roles
Club Photographer
Development Coach
Event First Aid
Foundation Coach
High Performance Coach
Performance Coach
Sports Official
Sports Official – Level 2
Sports Official – Level 3
Surf Sport Athlete
Team Manager
Water Safety
Club Management roles
Chief Training Officer
Club Administrator
Club Captain
Club President
Club Secretary
Club Treasurer
Deputy President
Director of Lifesaving
Director of Surf Sports
Junior Club Captain
Youth & Membership Development Officer
Further Education roles
Community Awareness Presenter
Inflatable Rescue Boat Crew
Inflatable Rescue Boat Driver
Patrol Captain
Patrol Member – Advanced Resuscitation
Patrol Member – Pain Management

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