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Photography studio hire liverpool

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Sir Ian McKellen London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Sir Ian McKellen London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

William Hague PoliticianRory Lewis has spent over a decade honing his craft to become one of the UK’s finest portrait photographers, offering his services to a wide variety of clients. Rory is available throughout the year for portrait sittings in Central London & in his home town of Liverpool, and several times a year in Los Angeles California.  Rory’s portfolio of portraiture represents Actors, Corporate Directors, Generals, Admirals, Sports Personalities, Politicians, Doctors, Ambassadors, Prime Ministers and many more. His Portraiture  has been acquired by  in London, and his work is published and exhibited worldwide. With such a diverse portfolio Rory can tailor his services to fit your needs or the needs of Brands & Editorial & Commercial Clients. Companies and organisations such as , , , and have all commissioned portraiture from Rory Lewis. Alternatively you are an Actor, Lawyer, Commercial Manager, Doctor, or Professional in need of a new headshot. Rory’s portraits represent hundreds of Professionals on , corporate literature and websites and  on and many other casting directories.

Sir Patrick Stewart London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis


Natalie Dormer Rory Lewis London Portrait PhotographerRory Lewis takes the time to produce the finest Portraits, with “NO TIME LIMIT SESSIONS” which enable him to create images that display the character, expression, personalty and mood of each sitter. Using expert lighting techniques, direction and inventive scenarios, Rory will create the very best in Portraiture. Rory is no stranger to working with Celebrities, CEO’s, Politicians, , Musicians and Professionals. Using the finest of equipment, medium format digital cameras and top of the range , you can be assured of the very best quality of photography.

Chef Portrait London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Chef Jack Day Portrait London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Political Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis


“Unique Portraiture using ‘direction’ and inventive ‘scenarios’, Rory easily encourages clients to express themselves, creating natural, thought provoking portraits” 

Photo Professional Magazine Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer Editorial





Alternatively To Book Editorial, Political or any other forms of Portraiture. Please  or Call +44 07717 139 637  For Availability. Sessions available at Studios UK Wide and in Several Times Per Year.

Toby Jones London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis


Email:  Mobile 07717 139 637

Portraitist by Rory Lewis Photographer, learn lighting setups & all the secrets behind the shoots, view unseen portraits.

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